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Creating 3-D Effects In Photoshop
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Creating 3-D Effects In Photoshop


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Looking For Minisite Graphics? …

Looking For Minisite Graphics?
2.3GB Of Unflattened PSDs To Download

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  • 1. ==== ====Looking For Minisite Graphics? 2.3GB Of Unflattened PSDs To Download... ====Creating 3-D Effects In Photoshop3-D or three dimensional effects is something that is unique to create for your graphic projects.Using this technique will allow you to see your graphics differently.Using Photoshop is a great way to create 3-D effects and other related images. You can start withsomething as simple as a cube. You want the cube to been seen from three different angles, top,left and right. You would then include different effects on the cube to make it stand out. UsingPhotoshop for this technique allows you to use your imagination and creativity.Using the 3D Transform is used to create 3-D effects in Photoshop. You can also use it to createdifferent images into a 3D shape. If youre just looking for a basic image, then you can chooseSelect and Direct Select. You can move objects with the Select function, while you can change theimages by dragging with the Direct Select function.To create shapes in 3-D, you will have to create a new layer. Then you can use color to fill in thewhite space. To step it up a bit, you may want to add darker colors or shadows. Using fillers canhelp you to better see the 3-D effects in Photoshop.You can also create text using 3-D effects in Photoshop. With the Alt key, and E/F, and the Ctrlkey (hold down), you can use the dragging method to do what you wish.With the text layer, you will need to convert your image to make it look presentable for people tosee on the monitor prior to you including filters or layers. The text will be changed to where youcan edit it as needed. Prior to completing the conversion, create an extra copy. After theconversion, you are not allowed to edit any text.To get different image creations, it is probably a good idea to test out some image effects. Createsome where you can do 3-D images with shapes, text and other effects.==== ====Looking For Minisite Graphics? 2.3GB Of Unflattened PSDs To Download... ====