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Linked in for Recruiters
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Linked in for Recruiters


Social recruiting is on the rise. Learn how LinkedIn can help you compete in this space and how it helps you find the right job candidates. This presentation offers a look at why LinkedIn is relevant …

Social recruiting is on the rise. Learn how LinkedIn can help you compete in this space and how it helps you find the right job candidates. This presentation offers a look at why LinkedIn is relevant and reviews the FREE and PAID recruiting tools available.

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  • SR is a contested term – no standard definition
  • To give you an idea of how rich the new area of recruiting is…. Let’s look at how many tools can be used for social recruiting….TOOLS GRAPHIC2
  • In the social recruiting space, LI is arguably the most visible tool.
  • In the social recruiting space, LI is arguably the most visible tool.
  • How many of you are using it?Personally – for branding, professional networking? Recruiting – free toolsRecruiting - Paid tools?
  • What do you look for when you search in LinkedIn?Basic facts: Job titles/roles, work history, skills, key words, …RecommendationsAssignments/ProjectsAwards
  • What is your budget?What social tools/sites do you use?What are your recruiting goals?
  • What did you hear today that was new to you that you will try out?What other tools compliment LinkedIn? (Do you search FB, twitter to get a sense of a candidate? Do you use other tools with LI?)


  • 1. LinkedIn For Recruiters From Suzette Conway at Spirit SpotCopyright 2013 Spirit Spot™
  • 2. Agenda  A look at Social Recruiting  Why is LinkedIn Relevant in Social Recruiting?  Reasons to Use LinkedIn  Recruiting Trends  Free Tools  Paid Tools  Resources & Sources
  • 3. Social Recruiting
  • 4. Social Recruiting  Using Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. to source and recruitcandidates for employment -- Allison Doyle, Job Search & Employment Expert at About.com  Aconcept not a defined technique; has 3 primary activities: Push, Pull, and being Genuinely Social. -- Matt Adler, Strategy Consultant for HR and Founder of MetaShift  A proactive process for job seekers and recruiters to search, converse, share, engage and refer each other using social media, web-based and mobile platforms -- Robin Richards, CEO of CareerArc, TweetMyJobs, and Internships.com
  • 5. Social Recruiting
  • 6. Why is LinkedIn Relevant?  Executives from all 2013 Fortune 500 companies are members  Corporate talent solutions used by 90 of the Fortune 100 companies  More than 3 million companies have LinkedIn Company Pages ** These are your competitors. They’ll find the candidates if you don’t  238 million members in over 200 countries (65% outside the US)  30 million students and recent graduates - fastest-growing demographic  More than 2.1 million Groups  In Q2 of 2013, 33% of visitors came through mobile apps, up from 21%
  • 7. What Kind of Users are On LI?  20% actively seeking new positions  20% happy in their jobs  60% are passive job seekers  Care about the RIGHT job  LI tries to predict that & shows it as “people you might like to hire”  Example: LinkedIn knows sales professionals often move into marketing jobs.Recruiters often ignore sales professionals when filling marketing spots. LI shows these untraditional matches through “people you might like to hire”  It‟s easy to find active job seekers on online posting boards, but passive candidates expand the pool. The Power is in the Passives
  • 8. Why Use LinkedIn?
  • 9. Why Use LinkedIn?  Profiles are easily comparable and searchable  Profiles are accurate – Research has shown they are more accurate than resumes. Because profiles are seen by so many colleagues it‟s much harder fake information  LI can help identify when someone is about to start looking – Signals they‟re about to enter “job search mode”: updating profile, joining new groups, becoming a LI answer “top expert”, increasing other networking activities, etc.  LinkedIn makes it easy to apply – Allows people to apply instantly without having to update a resume. Some firms even accept a LI profile (at least initially) as a substitute for a resume. Just add an “Apply with LinkedIn” button to your job postings.
  • 10. Why Use LinkedIn?  More Passive Candidates – Engaging active seekers requires little more than a job posting. THEY find YOU on job boards or your career site. Passive candidates are harder to find and engage. There are fewer sourcing choices because they are not looking at job postings.  Fortunately, employed and not-looking candidates are the majority of LinkedIn members.  LI is better than other communities dominated by non-lookers (i.e. Facebook and Twitter) because its content focuses exclusively on professional contacts, sharing, and communication.  It has a job-posting capability  It provides recommendations and facilitates introductions
  • 11. Why Use LinkedIn?  It offers many professional learning groups – Members share and learn through more than a million professional groups  It supports employer brand building – essential to attract the very best; you can create a “company page” to convey your brand  It is integrated with many other services – Integrated with sites like SlideShare so you can also view the presentation work of a prospect; users can share links to their blogs; it is partially integrated with many other vendors including Twitter and more.  It has InMail for communications – Its own e-mail tool for sending messages. Note: be careful to script strong messages and avoid spamming  It provides an advertising capability – Can strategically place ads covering your products or jobs. How many of you are using it?
  • 13. 2013 Recruiting Trends LinkedIn conducted a survey of global recruiting trends
  • 14. 2013 Trends – Social Prof. Networks  Fastest growing source of professional hires – up 11% over last year  2ndmost common place to find new hires, behind Internet job boards and slightly above recruiting agencies, employee referrals, and internal hires.  How can you join this trend?  Train your team and employees to be effective on social media networks  Adequately invest in social and professional networks for the long run. i.E. use paid recruiting tools on LinkedIn.
  • 15. 2013 Trends – Employer Branding  A competitive threat and advantage  Threat lies in not improving your brand, not knowing how to use social media effectively, and not retaining your employees.  Advantage: 83% of those surveyed think a strong employer brand affects ability to hire quality talent. Do you agree?  How can you join this trend?  Understand your company brand and how it sets you apart  Engage candidates& employees (ambassadors of your brand)  Upgrade your employer brand on LI – stay current and relevant  Determine your company's most effective marketing channels and incorporate them into your employer brand strategy
  • 16. 2013 Trends – Using Data  The most successful employers use data to measure their talent brands qualitatively and quantitatively and to make hiring decisions  Regularly survey new hires to understand brand position  Regularly measure employer brand in a quantifiable way  How can you join this trend?  Start or expand data gathering  Implement surveying What Data Do You Gather?
  • 17. 2013 Trends – Hire Internally  Best-in-class employers prioritize internal hiring and support employees who want to move within  92% are investing in it more or the same compared to 2012  Why?  Retain top talent  Develop talent  Improve productivity (less ramp up time)  Higher quality of candidate  Lower hiring costs  Proactive sourcing  How can you join this trend?  Encourage employees to look internally  Use data to get buy-in and increase awareness.  Survey new hires regularly to get a qualitative review of your talent brand.  Create a structured internal hiring process and supportive culture
  • 18. 2013 Trends – Mobile Recruiting  Candidates use mobile to learn about opportunities and to apply  Most organizations aren‟t investing enough to meet candidate demand for recruiting on the go  Need mobile-friendly ways to find, manage and nurture talent, ways for candidates to easily access jobs on mobile devices  Remember stats from earlier: In Q2 of 2013, 33% of visitors came through mobile apps, up from 21 % a year ago  Implementing a mobile strategy can expand your talent pool and  How can you join this trend?  Start researching mobile strategies and selling the idea internally  Add this to your next budget
  • 19. 2013 Trends – Passive Recruiting  Not a top 5 trend but still a fast growing trend  LinkedIn supports passive recruiting with their subscription based products; search all profiles, filter the searches to target results, and more.  How can you join this trend?  Connect with people completely out of your network by joining the groups they are in  Send Direct messages or direct invitations to connect with those people
  • 20. Recruiting with LinkedIn For FREE
  • 21. Recruiting with LinkedIn – For Free  Start with YOUR OWN PROFILE  Make sure you can be found – put “recruiter” and other key words in your own profile  Check your privacy settings  Turn ON Activity Broadcasts so others can see your posts in their updates  Who can see your Activity Feed (everyone, network, only you..)?  What can others see when viewing your profile (name or anonymous) and who can see your profile (your network, everyone)  Show/hide the "Viewers of this profile also viewed" box  Display your Twitter account on your LinkedIn profile  Who can send you invitations to connect?  Is your contact info available? Email, twitter, IM, phone, website?
  • 22. Recruiting with Linked In – For Free  Expand your LinkedIn Network with quality contacts:  People in your industry, including industry experts  Those actively engaged in their networks,  Those with connections you need to find better candidates.  Clients and current and former employees  Other recruiters, learn from them in groups, share tricks of the trade, send referrals
  Direct Candidates to your LinkedIn Profile: Direct potential candidates to your LinkedIn profile by sharing your link or username, include it in job ads andcommunications
  • 23. Recruiting with Linked In – For Free  Share Information and Content: Increase your networking ability without being overly sales-y; share articles, blog posts, and even social media posts  Establish your Brand:When candidates see listings they like one of the first things they do is view the company‟s Website. What image do you (want to) project? Tech companies are good at branding: Pages of spoof videos, photos of employees wearing funny outfits at company parties, and pictures of employees at company volunteer days… all conveying a quirky culture. Good.Co is a new job site helping job seekers and employers find the right cultural fit.
  • 24. Recruiting with LinkedIn – For Free  Experiment with Keywords: Try different combinations of key words and filters (i.e. experience levels, business school…) to see which produce the best results.  Put Your Employees to Work:  Encourage employees to keep their LinkedIn profiles current and to share your updates on their personal pages. Their posts of new titles, job openings, accounts landed, etc.. Reach their networks and draw attention to your company  When vetting candidates, look for those with connections to your employees and ask their opinions.
  • 25. Recruiting with LinkedIn – For Free  Check who has viewed your profile – are they potential candidates, connections, links to others?  Join Groups  Those relevant to your company, the job families, and HR & Recruiting  Contribute to the conversations in groups  Use the NEW “mention” feature to engage people directly (can even mention non-contacts who are already involved in a conversation)  Post Jobs for free in groups  Share jobs in status updates  SEARCH for candidates
  • 26. Recruiting with LinkedIn – For Free  Search - Basic and advanced options  Updated: Search on people, jobs, companies from a single field  Choose your focus (company, group…) as you type in the search term or just search, hit enter, and then filter the results…
  • 27. Recruiting with LinkedIn – For Free
  • 28. Recruiting with LinkedIn – For Free  Check who has viewed your profile – are they potential candidates, connections, links to others?  Join Groups  Those relevant to your company, the job families, and HR & Recruiting  Contribute to the conversations in groups  Use the NEW “mention” feature to engage people directly (can even mention non-contacts who are already involved in a conversation)  Post Jobs for free in groups  Share jobs in status updates  SEARCH for candidates
  • 29. Recruiting with LinkedIn – For Free  Creative searching Idea  A company called Opower holds Talent Tuesday  Employees bring their laptops, enjoy free pizza and iTunes, comb through their personal LinkedIn networks for friends and former colleagues matching Opower openings.  If the referral is hired, the employee receives $1,000.  Opower also recruits in other ways:  Using RECRUITER from LinkedIn  Advertising on Glassdoor  Opower spends $165k a year on recruiting “It sounds like a lot, but if we were still using search firms to fill most of our six-figure openings, we‟d be spending millions.”
  • 30. Recruiting with LinkedIn with PAID TOOLS
  • 31. Recruiting with LinkedIn – Paid Tools  LinkedIn has a set of tools under the “Talent Solutions” product.  Talent Finder  Recruiter  Jobs page  Company Page  Work with Us  Mobile App
  • 32. Recruiting with LinkedIn – Paid Tools TALENT FINDER  Advanced People Search  Focus your search and reach out to people beyond your immediate network, including passive candidates:  Zero in on candidates with premium search filters, including years of experience, function, industry, education, company  Get richer search results: see full profiles for members in your 3rd degree network  Contact anyone with InMail: send messages or request introductions – from the entire LinkedIn network  Saved searches and automatic search alerts send you email notifications when new profiles meet your criteria  Easy tools: Profile folders and notes, to keep on top of candidate outreach
  • 33. Recruiting with LinkedIn – Paid Tools RECRUITER – Access passive candidates  Expand Your Reach with powerful search: More results per search and exclusive, fully customizable refinement filters to find exactly the right professionals  Contact Anyone with InMail: Drive efficiency with message templates and one to many InMails  Manage Your Pipeline - Build, track and manage talent with folders, reminders and smart to do lists.  Collaborate and synchronize team activities with shared projects, searches, profiles, and candidate notes.  Boost productivity with daily search alerts and saved templates  Saved sourcing activity history  Get dedicated support and training from the LinkedIn team
  • 34. Recruiting with LinkedIn – Paid Tools RECRUITER – Access passive candidates  New homepage: A dashboard for quick glance at key data points  Tailor a status update feed to monitor individual candidates and news related to particular jobs being filled.  Has a recommendation engine to suggest people who might be good for hiring, based on past browsing history.  Get updates on particular jobs you are tracking  Look at who‟s been checking out your profile.
  • 35. Recruit er Home Page
  • 36. Recruiting with LinkedIn – Paid Tools New navigation bar has the Notifications feature – a flag icon located -- at the top right corner of the home page  Job applies  New results for saved searches  Completed hiring manager reviews and completed bulk resume uploads.
  • 37. Recruiting with LinkedIn – Paid Tools Smart To Do List  create to-do items that connect with a profile, project or jobby using the „@‟ symbol.  Unchecked items stay at the top until done  Profile Reminders you set in Recruiter will move directly into your Smart-To-Do list
  • 38. Recruiting with LinkedIn – Paid Tools Access Saved Searches and search history
  • 39. Recruiting with LinkedIn – Paid Tools JOBS PAGE  Reach the best active& passive candidateswhile saving time & money  Automatic job matching to top candidates: Job slots let you share personalized jobs when members visit their Home page, an employee profile, or your Career Page. Target relevant candidates  Sponsor your job to drive more visibility  See full LinkedIn profile for each applicant  One click filtering of applicants  Up to 24 profile matches, top candidates from across all of LinkedIn  Get 5 InMails to contact Profile Matches  Job post visible to entire LinkedIn network, 225+ million  See who's viewed your job by company, region, source and more  Seamless mobile experience so your jobs to reach candidates 24/7 Good Examples: Google, BP, 3M
  • 40. Recruiting with LinkedIn – Paid Tools COMPANY PAGE  Centralized location helps members stay in the loop on your company news, products & services, business opportunities, and job openings.  Easily build up product/service recommendations & promote career opportunities  Status updates let you engage directly with customers and prospects.  Start a conversation around a hot topic in your industry, or share an interesting article or video.  Use analytics to find out who‟s visiting your page, who‟s attracted to your company, and what visitors and followers are interested in learning about you.  Use these insights to hone your messages, drive more traffic to your page, and create new leads & customers.  Brand your company on LinkedIn
  • 41. Recruiting with LinkedIn – Paid Tools WORK WITH US Page  Engage candidates as they interact with your employees on LinkedIn  Own the ad space on all of your employees‟ LinkedIn profile pages  Reach talent in the context of their relationship with your employees  Create custom ad content or use LinkedIn features to grow your follower base and showcase career opportunities.  Strengthen your talent pipeline:  Feature your most relevant jobs with jobs personalized to each viewer  Work with Us‟ engagement rates far exceed those of typical banner ads, driving more relevant professionals to your jobs, Career Page and other destinations. Yields click-through rates of 10x to 50x typical banner ads.  Reach top passive talent in context: Join the conversation every time a potential candidate researches or connects with one of your employees.
  • 42. Recruiting with LinkedIn – Paid Tools MOBILE APP  New “Apply” button lets members easily apply to jobs, if you collect applications in LinkedIn Recruiter  If you collects applications through an ATS system, candidates can click on “Apply on Company Website” and apply outside of LinkedIn.  Leverages rich professional information members include in their profiles to simplify the application process down to a few simple steps.  Start the application by clicking “Apply”  Apply with profile – Members will be prompted to apply with their LinkedIn member profile.  Confirm contact info and submit- Applications submitted via “Apply” are saved within Recruiter.
  • 43. RESOURCES  http://business.linkedin.com/talent-solutions/index.html info about all of LI‟s solutions (including pricing) and helpful data like the 2013 recruiting trends report  LinkedIn Blog: http://talent.linkedin.com/blog/
  • 44. SOURCES  http://www.smartrecruiters.com/blog/question-what-is-social-recruiting/  http://providepeople.com/social-recruitment-compass-infographic/  http://www.slideshare.net/linkedin-talent-solutions/global-recruiting-trends-2013-global-final  http://help.linkedin.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/181  http://www.bostonglobe.com/business/2013/01/13/linkedin-becoming-tool-choice-for-job- recruiters/dC5eoYkMsPyC7FxltkqL6O/story.html  http://www.ere.net/2012/07/02/20-reasons-why-linkedin-will-be-the-1-recruiting-portal-of-the-future/  http://talent.linkedin.com/blog/index.php/2013/08/candidates-can-now-apply-for-your-jobs-anywhere-on-any-device/  http://business.linkedin.com/talent-solutions/products/work-with-us.html  http://business.linkedin.com/talent-solutions/products/jobs.html  http://www.linkedin.com/company/1337/linkedin-job-posts-22306/product?trk=extra_biz_prod_details  http://www.linkedin.com/company/1337/linkedin-companypages-1349/product?trk=extra_biz_prod_details  http://business.linkedin.com/talent-solutions/products/career-pages.html  http://www.linkedin.com/company/linkedin/products?trk=top_nav_products  http://business.linkedin.com/talent-solutions/index.html  http://business.linkedin.com/talent-solutions/products/recruiter.html  http://www.linkedin.com/company/linkedin/linkedin-talent-finder3437/product?trk=redir_from_talentfinder  http://www.linkedin.com/company/1337/linkedin-company-pages-1349/product?trk=extra_biz_prod_details  http://info.recruitingdivision.com/blog/bid/274900/5-Tips-for-Recruiting-with-LinkedIn  http://www.washingtonpost.com/business/capitalbusiness/linkedin-has-changed-the-way-businesses-hunt-talent/2013/08/04/3470860e- e269-11e2-aef3-339619eab080_story.html