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Be More in SENCQ with LinkedIn
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Be More in SENCQ with LinkedIn


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This presentation takes a look at the following LinkedIn features: Skills & Expertise, Endorsements, News (LinkedIn Today), Company pages, and Questions & Answers. If you'd like to hear the …

This presentation takes a look at the following LinkedIn features: Skills & Expertise, Endorsements, News (LinkedIn Today), Company pages, and Questions & Answers. If you'd like to hear the presentation you can access a recording of it's original presentation here: Go to the presentation on 12/7/12.

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  • Bullet 1 - 2: numbers from Erik Qualman’s Socialnomics video – he’s the author of a book by the same nameRest come from; bullet 6 is as of Aug 2012
  • Transcript

    • 1. Be More in SENCQ with LinkedIn - Keep up With What’s New And Cool -Copyright 2012 Spirit From Suzette Conway at Spirit SpotSpot™
    • 2. Agenda Quick Reminders: Stats and Profiles Get in SENCQ  Skills & Expertise page (cool)  Endorsements (new)  News from LinkedIn (cool)  Company Page (cool and new)  Questions & Answers Feature (cool) Other new things with LinkedIn As time permits: How to engage your connections
    • 3. Why LinkedIn? 80% of companies use social media to recruit 95% of those use LinkedIn World’s largest online professional network: 175 million members in over 200 countries & territories (62% non US) 2 new members join every second Executives from all 2011 Fortune 500 companies as members LI hiring solutions used by 85% of the Fortune 100 companies Hundreds of thousands of job applications have been submitted using Apply With LinkedIn > 2 million Company Pages > 1 million Groups
    • 4. Quick Reminders Everything in LinkedIn hinges on a well built profile and connections LI is more powerful if these two things are in place Make the PROFILE your starting point, work toward 100% --- 40% more likely to receive opportunities Already have 100%? Review regularly to ensure it is current, accurate, targeted CONNECT and STAY CONNECTED (be active)
    • 5. ProfileMake it 100% - Past 100% - Today Complete  Current position  Your industry and Personal  Two past positions location Easy to Read  Education  An up-to-date current position (with a Relevant  Profile summary description) Secure  A profile photo  Two past positions  Specialties  Your education  At least three  A profile photo recommendations  Your skills (min. of 3)  At least 50 connections  Profile Freshness – be active
    • 6. Skills & Experience
    • 7. Skills & Expertise Search for Skills & Key Words (More >> Skills) See and add skills to your profile See things related to the skill:  People in your network  Companies needing the skill  Jobs for that skill  Groups related to the skill GREAT Growth/Size/Age graph at top of skill page – helps you fine tune the key words you use
    • 8. Endorsements
    • 9. Endorsements Different than recommendations, which are a written endorsement, usually specific, tied to a certain role/job; can be requested and proactively offered Can endorse your 1st degree connections skills and expertise with one click and they can endorse your skills &expertise No automatic way to request an endorsement (can do so personally) In THEORY…Your connections can endorse you for a skill or expertise that isnt listed on your profile. Youll see these skills in a blue box at the top of your profile.  Click the X for you dont want to add, click Add to Profile otherwise  These items wont be visible to others until you choose to add them to your profile.
    • 10. Endorsements Hide an endorsement:  Click the arrow next to endorsements for a skill, click Hide Endorsement, Click Close.  The person who endorsed you will not be notified  Note: Theres no way to unhide an endorsement or remove the Skills &Expertise Retract an endorsement  From your connections profile, move your cursor over the name of the skill and click Undo.
    • 11. Endorsements Email Notifications:  You’ll receive these for skill endorsements from your connections by default.  Can change notifications: Under your name in the upper right of your homepage, and select Settings >> Email Preferences >>Set the Frequency of Emails>> Scroll to Endorsements and select No Email Maximum of 50 skills on your profile  If you remove skills to make room for others, related endorsements are removed too  If you re-add the skill the endorsements will reappear Cannot currently opt out of endorsements
    • 12. News
    • 13. News: A Reverse Search Let Information come to YOU instead of looking for it “Settings” control email frequency (LI Today option) Other “Reverse Searches”? Emails about LI Groups, Connection Updates  Comment on what’s going on with others, offer advice, ask questions, start a discussion, provide resources… Provides a constant stream of things to share on LI…  Helps you stay active on LI  Demonstrates your knowledge and desire to stay current in your industry (share and comment on the news or articles you see)  Share the info with individuals, groups, or as a general update. Great way to “give” without having to find something of value all on your own
    • 14. News: A Reverse Search News >> LinkedIn today:  Stop sorting through blogs and twitter 2 hrs a day  Customize the news LinkedIn sends you (gear icon or customize link), stay current on your industry  Can add or remove industries/topics  Can Like, Comment, Forward, & Save articles  Can follow industry leaders  See the source of the news and that helps you hone in on which sites and blogs you might want to review regularly
    • 15. Companies
    • 16. Companies GOOGLE Search “Top 100 companies in [your city or industry]” Identify the top 25 you are interested in Research them… starting on LinkedIn Note:  This section has changed recently.  Companies can customize the pages – examples: Dell and USAA look very different
    • 17. Companies Search Company for actionable information:  Overview: Products, services, size, location,  FOLLOW the company  JOBS –based on relevance to your profile  Insights tabs have very cool information  See people in your network with a link to the company  Find related companies  Who got promoted, who left, and where did they go? (shows related prods, industries, skills – other places for you to look)  Where employees of the co. are located  What skills they commonly have  Your connection graph  “Companies affiliated with” = other companies to research
    • 18. Questions & Answers
    • 19. Questions and Answers Connect with others who share interests and expertise Answer questions to share your expertise and experience, contribute to your brand Ask questions – can be public or private
    • 20. Questions and Answers Public questions:  Show up on open questions page for others to answer  Are visible to all LI members  Appear in your profile  Show up in updates sent to your connections when asked and answered  Show up in search engine results  Open to responses for up to 7 days or until you close the question
    • 21. Questions and Answers Private questions:  Sent as a private message to the inbox of the selected connection  Responses show up in your private inbox  Do not appear in your profile  Do not show up in updates sent to your connections when asked and answered  Do no show up in search engine results  Do not expire since they are a private message
    • 22. Other New Things WithLinkedIn Twitter >> LinkedIn is not available  Can still post LinkedIn >> Twitter  As of 6/29/12  Your Twitter account will continue to appear on your LinkedIn profile page. Shut off the LinkedIn Events application effective November 26, 2012.  Investing development dollars on apps that are more popular  You can always share links about events from your hope page or in relevant groups. News Module on Company Pages is no longer supported
    • 23. Resources LinkedIn blog: LinkedIn Help System:
    • 24. Bonus Discussion How to engage your connections• Stay active; awkward to ask favors of people you haven’t engaged in 5 years• Mimic your real life network -- We ask and offer things and it’s harder to do if you don’t know someone• What not to ask for: a job• What to ask for: info that leads to the job (email of the hiring manager, info on company culture…), recommendations, introductions, resources, company info, cultural info, interviewing tips…• How to ask for it: • Be clear on what ask of the person • Make it easy for the other person (give all the necessary info, multiple ways to contact you, clear deadlines for when you need things…) • Can be direct or indirect (OWB story)