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3 Job Hunting Super powers with LinkedIn
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3 Job Hunting Super powers with LinkedIn


Looking for a job these days means being a super hero. In this presentation you'll learn about 3 super powers that can help you use the strength of LinkedIn to find success in your job search …

Looking for a job these days means being a super hero. In this presentation you'll learn about 3 super powers that can help you use the strength of LinkedIn to find success in your job search efforts!

Published in Career , Technology , Business
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  • Bullet 1 - 2: numbers from Erik Qualman’s Socialnomics video – he’s the author of a book by the same nameBullets 3-6 come from; bullet 6 is as of Aug 2012
  • Bullets 1-4 are as of Aug 2012


  • 1. 3 SUPER POWERS OF LINKEDIN JOB HUNTING HEROESCopyright 2012 Spirit From Suzette Conway at Spirit SpotSpot™
  • 2. What is LinkedIn? Connect to people you know and people they know Share your professional background, brag about your accomplishments Research and follow companies Share your expertise Look for jobs & help recruiters/jobs look for you
  • 3. Why LinkedIn? 80% of companies use social media for recruitment 95% of those use LinkedIn World‟s largest online professional network: 175 million members in over 200 countries & territories (62% non US) 2 new members join every second Members made nearly 4.2 billion professionally-oriented searches in 2011, to surpass 5.3 billion in 2012 Over 20 million students & recent college graduates (fastest-growing demographic on LI) If that’s not enough….
  • 4. Why LinkedIn? Executives from all 2011 Fortune 500 companies as members LI hiring solutions used by 85% of the Fortune 100 companies Hundreds of thousands of job applications have been submitted using Apply With LinkedIn > 2 million companies have LinkedIn Company Pages Share insights & knowledge in > one million Groups >75,000 developers use APIs to create tools & services
  • 5. Why LinkedIn? Everyone’s doing it. You know you want to. You know you have to.
  • 6. Are You a Super Hero?These days we need to be a super hero when job hunting. We need… Super human amounts of time… Secret handshakes in back room deals… Special powers to open doors of opportunity…. How do you become a job seeking super hero with LinkedIn? You develop 3 critical super powers …..
  • 7. Are You a Super Hero? SECRET SAUCE SEARCHING SHOWING OFF Discover the hidden formula in the secret sauce used by powerful jobseekers, harness your keen searching abilities, and learn to show off like only the finest of super heroes knows how to do
  • 9. SECRETSecret Sauce SAUCE Everything in LinkedIn hinges on a well built profile and connections LI is more powerful if these two things are in place Make the PROFILE your starting point Already have 100%? review it regularly to ensure it is current, accurate, targeted CONNECT and STAY CONNECTED
  • 10. SECRETSecret Sauce - Profile SAUCEMake it Complete Personal Easy to Read Relevant Secure
  • 11. SECRETProfile - Complete SAUCE Complete core sections (see next slide) Add sections that highlight something extra (Add Sections is near the “Summary” header)  Read a lot of business books? Add the reading list.  Attend tons of industry conferences? Add events info.  Have a killer online portfolio? Add the portfolio app You‟re 40% more likely to get opportunities with a 100% complete profile You rank higher on searches and are easier to find TIP: Use the “Improve your profile” button
  • 12. Profile – Complete SECRET SAUCEMinimum information for your profile? Name & headline Work history Easy to ready Summary Certifications & Education Skills & Expertise – these ARE key words and they come with analytics about their value Tip: Include key words in every section
  • 13. Profile – Complete SECRET SAUCE Other things you can add  “Additional Information” = websites, honors/awards  “Personal info” at the bottom of your profile; I add email but not phone or IM, birthday, or marital status Tip: Be smart about what private information you include in any online profile, even LinkedIn. I include email but not phone, birthday, or marital status. Why? Email is a great way to make initial contact, after which I can provide a number. Also, age (birthday) and marital status shouldn‟t factor into someone‟s impression of me professionally, so I don‟t include them.
  • 14. SECRETProfile - Personal SAUCE Create a vanity URL  Easier for others to find you  Improves Google searches on your name by drawing people to your LI profile  Where to do this? Edit Profile Section >> Edit link >> Lower right corner of page >> Link to “Customize your public profile” Use a professional picture  People connect better psychologically if they can see you  Don‟t use one from the wild holiday party or your last vacation
  • 15. Profile – Easy to Read SECRET SAUCE Not too wordy Use bullets Use the sections LI gives you instead of cramming all the details into your summaryTip: Stay current. LI adds new sections from time to time. Latest addition? ENDORSEMENTS  Different than Recommendations – more casual  Go to SKILLS in your profile to see your endorsements  LI is prompting people to do this, it’s super easy  Can’t do it if you don’t have skills defined  Not sure yet if this impacts search rank results
  • 16. Profile – Relevant SECRET SAUCE Focus on skills and accomplishments Use Key words related to your skills, industries, and target jobs Research by pulling information from job descriptions Do key word analysis – LI helps you with the “Skills” feature in the “More” menu Remember this is part of your brand; Don‟t have to include everything – include what‟s relevant to your career goals
  • 17. Profile – Secure SECRET SAUCE Settings - under your name in upper right corner Control privacy, types of notices, frequency of emails, who can view what in your profile There are more settings then there used to be – check them all You decide what‟s right – I leave mine very open
  • 18. SECRETSecret Sauce - Connections SAUCE Use the tools LI provides  Import address book (Contacts >> Add Connection)  “People you might know” list (home page >> upper right) – LI knows your potential network better than you  Review the connections of your connections and reach out  Join and participate in groups and meet people. After a few good interactions, connect to people who appeal to you. Ask for introductions  Be clear on what ask of the person connecting you and the person you are connecting to Connect to (follow) companies, too; See news, job openings, who‟s been hired; follow them on Twitter, too
  • 19. SECRETSecret Sauce - Connections SAUCE LI connections should mimic your real life network  We ask and offer things - recommendations, introductions, resources; hard to do if you don‟t know someone  My exceptions:  Groups: If you‟ve had a particularly good conversation with group members, regularly interact with them, and they or you want to connect, do it. Just one more way to meet  Industry leaders: Full of information, contacts, industry news, etc. Rule of thumb: I expect a personalized invitation message. If I don‟t know you and you don‟t explain who you are or why we should connect, it looks like random spam. If I‟m unsure, I check the profile.
  • 20. SECRETSecret Sauce - Connections SAUCEStay Connected by Being Active On The Site.The last thing you want is to build a network you don‟t interact with. You can‟t just add people and only speak to them when you need something. Like all social networks, LinkedIn is largely about giving (information, resources) and relating. How do you do this? ……
  • 21. SECRETSecret Sauce - Connections SAUCEStay Connected, Be Active Give and ask for recommendations (profile >> recomds) Offer congrats on new jobs or other news Post articles, comment on other‟s posts Share tips & resources, thank people when you use the ones they share Thank folks for job leads and share your own Request introductions Check in periodically just to ask what they are up to professionally Go beyond LI - Follow people and companies on twitter
  • 22. SECRETSecret Sauce - Connections SAUCEStay Connected, Be Active To do this, and really leverage the power of LI, you have to get over your fear of „asking favors‟. People on LI expect to be asked for connections, recommendations, tips, etc… It‟s all about HOW you do it.
  • 23. SECRETSecret Sauce Summary SAUCE 100% complete is the goal  Requires 50 connections  Makes you 40% more likely to receive opportunities  Helps you rank higher in results Recruiters search by key words - Make sure your profile has what they want “Jobs you may be interested in” is based on your profile Companies find talent in the context of their relationship with employees – the more relationships you have the more connections you have to companies looking for rock stars like YOU. Connect and stay active
  • 24. Are You a Super Hero? SECRET SAUCE SEARCHING SHOWING OFFHarness your keen searching abilities to build your job seeking strength!
  • 25. Search SEARCHING Jobs Companies Skills People Reverse search – let info come to you
  • 26. Search - Jobs SEARCHING Search by job title, key words, and skills Refine the search with filters to the left to help target your time and efforts Can use the “Advanced Search” tab also Things to notice:  See who in your network is connected to the company  Can connect or see who you both know and ask for introductions, information, etc… TIP: Don‟t ask for a job. Ask for the info that leads to the job (email of the hiring manager, info on company culture…)
  • 27. Search - Jobs SEARCHING See the variety of companies offering the kind of role you want (note industries, Co. names, connections… add to your list of companies to search) Use Similar Company link for each company name (link when hover over name) Note HOW a job is described; use that to describe skills the way companies do and they‟ll find you Save the jobs that interest you (link on hover if paid member) Look for similar jobs (link on hover) Use the “jobs you may be interested in” on your home page
  • 28. Search - Companies SEARCHING GOOGLE Search “Top 100 companies in [your city or industry]” Identify the top 25 you are interested in Research them… starting on LinkedIn
  • 29. Search - Companies SEARCHING Search Company for actionable information:  Overview of Company/Products/Services  JOBS –based on relevance to your profile  Use the Insights tab for very cool information  See people in your network with a link to the company  People who looked at this company also viewed….  Who got promoted, who left, and where did they go? (shows related prods, industries, skills – other places for you to look)  Where employees of the co. are located  What skills they commonly have  Your connection graph  “Companies affiliated with” = other companies to research
  • 30. Search - Skills SEARCHING Search for Skills & Key Words (More >> Skills) See and add skills to your profile See others you are linked to with the skill – where do they work, who do they know? See companies associated with this skill – helps you know which companies to look at! Shows groups related to that skill and consider joining them GREAT Growth/Size/Age graph at top of skill page – helps you fine tune the key words you use
  • 31. Search - People SEARCHING Before an interview - search the person interviewing you, company executives and department managers After you meet at networking events, through friends, online… As you research companies – find the job you want, research your connections to the job (see their skills, titles, background)  Know the the kind of people they look for  Help find common ground or past or future projects to to highlight in an interview or cover letter or email
  • 32. Search - People SEARCHING More than just typing a name into the search box Use “People you may know” on home page – click SEE MORE and notice company logos on top row – click aname to see who you know at those companies who you aren‟t connected to Import address book (Contacts >> Add Connection) Review connections of your connections and reach out Check “Who‟s viewed your profile”;  What should you do with this information? Do you want to connect to them, get to know them, join the groups they are in, follow their companies?  You see more info here if you pay for premium access
  • 33. Search – A Reverse Search SEARCHING Let Information come to YOU instead of looking for it “Settings” control how often the summary come to you Gives you a constant stream of things to share on LI…  Helps you stay active on LI  Demonstrates your knowledge and desire to stay current in your industry (share and comment on the news or articles you see)  Stay in touch with connections (comment on job changes, articles posted, books read)  Share the info with individuals, groups, or as a general update. Great way to “give” without having to find something of value all on your own Where/How? LI Groups, Connection Updates, & News
  • 34. Search – A Reverse Search SEARCHING News >> LinkedIn today:  Customize the news LinkedIn sends you, stay current on your industry  Stop sorting through blogs and twitter 2 hrs a day  See the source of the news and that helps you hone in on which sites and blogs you might want to review regularly
  • 35. Are You a Super Hero? SECRET SAUCE SEARCHING SHOWING OFF Put on that cape so people notice you for the hero you are!
  • 36. Showing Off SHOWING OFF Share your Expertise, Interests, and Experiences Showing off is about BRANDING YOURSELF.The brand of YOU is the same as the brand of a product. It‟s about thepromise you make to potential customers (employers) about what you offer and why you are valuable. Help people know who you are, what you are about Clearly define your skills and what you can contribute Define your space of expertise Get over your doubts about bragging.YOU are the one responsible for making yourself stand out in a crowded marketplace.
  • 37. Showing Off SHOWING OFF Share your expertise  Slideshare  Answer questions (and become an “expert” – LI even calls you that!)  More >> Answers or Search box >> Answers –  I believe you rank higher in searches if you are marked as an expert  Gives credibility and visibility to your area of expertise  Be active in groups  Integrate with other social media tools (twitter, Slideshare)
  • 38. Showing Off SHOWING OFF Share your interests and how you stay current  Share what you‟re reading (share yours, see what your network is reading, and see what‟s hot in your industry!)  Events you host and attend Share your experiences  Get and give recommendations  Share articles, links, videos, other resources  Comment (intelligently) on news & resources that others share
  • 39. Are You a Super Hero? SECRET SAUCE SEARCHING SHOWING OFFYou‟ve picked up some pretty strong super powers….. But what about the accessories?
  • 40. Super Hero AccessoriesWonder woman has her bracelets, invisible plane, and alasso; Batman has the carFrom what you‟ve learned, what are some Super HeroAccessories you should have in your Job Seeking Efforts? Great profile 50+ connections Time spent (re)searching people, jobs, companies The gift of sharing (your expertise and activities) Integrate LI and TwitterPlus…
  • 41. Super Hero Accessories Consider the job seeker premium account  Starts at $25 a month  Direct connections available with InMail  Let‟s recruiters message you for free  See who viewed your profile (follow up with them!)  Search jobs by salary  Apply for jobs through LI & be featured applicant  Access to Job seeker community on LI and to webinars  Get a JS badge Use the Job Insider tool bar  Add to browser, see connections when viewing jobs outside of LI  More >> Learning Center >> Job Seekers >> Bottom….
  • 42. QUESTIONS? FIND ME… ON LINKEDIN: HTTP://WWW.LINKEDIN.COM/IN/SUZETTECONWAY ON TWITTER @SUZETTECONWAYCopyright 2012 Spirit 3 Super powers of job hunting heroesSpot™