Hemorrhoids Treatments


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Here's what you absolutely do NOT want to do if you're trying to choose among hemorrhoids treatments!

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Hemorrhoids Treatments

  1. 1. Hemorrhoids Treatments You Don't Want If you're looking for hemorrhoids treatments to relieve the agonizing pain then you need to know that effective hemorrhoid cures fall into three main categories. 1. The first kind of hemorrhoid treatments are administered by medical professionals. These are the most drastic 'cures' and may involve "hemorrhoidectomy" surgery which cuts off your hemorrhoids (ouch!). The least invasive medical intervention is the 'banding' process which places a rubber band around your hemorrhoids so that they will eventually fall off from lack of circulation. Listen to this description of the procedure: "The patient is laid down on the left side, with knees drawn up and buttocks projecting over the operating table. A proctoscope is inserted into the anal opening. The hemorrhoid is grasped by forceps and maneuvered into the cylindrical opening of the ligator. The ligator is then pushed up against the base of the hemorrhoid, and the rubber band is applied." The humiliation must be beyond belief - and the worst part is that the band can slip or break and the procedure must be repeated. That's a risk with any surgical hemorrhoid cure: the hemorrhoids can grow back. In addition, there are multiple risks from any surgery, even banding, like pain, bleeding, infection, "sepsis" (blood poisoning) or the development of an anal fissure, meaning Hemorrhoids Treatments: Natural & Guaranteed!
  2. 2. cracks in the anal area. Another possibility is "fecal incontinence", which simply means that you will no longer have control over your bowels. 2. A less invasive, but very common treatment, is using over- the-counter hemorrhoid remedies like creams, salves and wipes. These are certainly less risky and painful than surgery or banding, but they have their disadvantages, too. * They're expensive. You must keep buying again and again and again. Expect to spend at least $100-$200 per year. * Their pain relief effect is only temporary and they must be used repeatedly. This can be quite a problem if the pain begins at your kid's soccer game and you're sitting in the stands on wooden bleachers. * They may have unfortunate side effects, like itching and burning - especially with repeated use. * Most importantly: these concoctions are only about relief - not cure! Even if everything goes well, your hemorrhoids won't go away - they simply won't hurt. It's great to get rid of the vile pain but we need to solve the problem. It's critical to choose hemorrhoids treatments that focus on CURE as well as relief. 3. Lastly, there are home remedies for hemorrhoids and they're a great option. They're much less expensive than doctor-assisted treatments or over-the-counter medications and they're a lot less dangerous. The chances of developing anal fissures or bleeding is much reduced. Also, many of them are focused on cure, not simply eliminating pain. However, there is one strong drawback for most home Hemorrhoids Treatments: Natural & Guaranteed!
  3. 3. remedies: time. Yes, they may work but they're aren't immediate and often take longer than more drastic methods. And the hemorrhoid sufferer hurts NOW. Sitting down is excruciating Now and he wants relief immediately, not in a few weeks. Like most things in life, every method for healing hemorrhoids has its strengths and weakness. For most of us, pain is an incredibly strong motivation for change but we need to make wise choices about how we relieve it. So consider the three main types of cures for hemorrhoids above and decide what is most important to you. A hasty decision might have sad consequences. The best answer? Try a hemorrhoids home treatment that is inexpensive, painless, safe, works fast, is guaranteed - and, most importantly of all - is a cure, rather than eliminating pain and leaving the hemorrhoid intact. Hemorrhoids Treatments: Natural & Guaranteed!