Fat Loss Workouts


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If we put in the time to do a workout to lose weight, we darned well ought to get some great results! Right? But fat loss workouts are a waste of time if we don't know what we're doing, alas.

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Fat Loss Workouts

  1. 1. Properly Doing Fat Loss WorkoutsMost of us assume that the how-to of working out is well known andwe are pretty knowledgeable. We think that because we know aboutleg lifts, sit-ups, weight lifting andrunning that were qualified tocreate an exercise program,including one for losing weight.But the truth is that if you dont goto a gym or club, doing fat lossworkouts properly can beiffy.There are lots of extremelycommon workout maneuvers thatindividuals do incorrectly. If youarent doing your workoutproperly, you wont lose any fat and wont get the results yourecraving. It is very easy to become furious - or totally discouraged -when you think that you are doing everything right ... but nothinghappens. The reason youre not getting the results you expected justmight be because youre doing your workouts all wrong.Here are a few typical exercise mistakes people make and how youcan avoid them.1. You already know that squats are great for firming up the backsideand the legs and that is a problem area for most of us. But, are youexecuting them properly? Most individuals believe that the knees doall of the work in the squat. If you use your knees to try and do thisfamous exercise, you end up grinding your joints without toningyour muscles - the very same muscles that inspired you to do theexercise in the first place.Instead, when you bend your knees, it is advisable to push your hipsback. This way you no longer grind the joints and you squat down farenough that your muscles get the workout you crave.If youve ever seen the episode of "Friends" when Joey puts on all ofChandlers outfits you have seen someone do a lunge before. Lunges
  2. 2. seem pretty uncomplicated. Just step forward and lower your body asyou bend your knee. It looks like it must be pretty easy.The simple fact is that most people dont keep their calves straightand they also end up pushing their knees frontward over their feet.You have got to keep the calf straight to ensure that it forms a ninetydegree angle together with your thigh. Practice this by letting yourback knee to go completely down to the floor when you practice theform of your front leg.2. Pushups are usually taken for granted. Who doesnt know how todo a pushup? Actually, lots of us. Here are common mistakes:* Most individuals allow their hips to sink a bit.* They put their hands too far apart thinking the distance make thepushup more effective.* They dont lower themselves sufficiently.Your total body should preferably get worked while you do a push up.Not executing the exercise correctly only puts tension on your arms,elbows and shoulders.Actually, yogas "plank" pose may be the easiest way get started on apush up. The idea, of course, is that your body should be like a plankor totally straight with no sagging and bending. As you raise andlower your body, keep your entire body in a straight line. The workoutseriously isnt as good if you let your body curve even a little bit.All too often we dont perform exercises correctly and so dont get theresults we were hoping for. The best way to work out safely is to learnfrom an expert like Scott Sonnon who is such a superb athlete andteacher that he has trained REAL James Bond spies.