Acid Reflux Treatment


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A universal truth: all drugs, ALL drugs, have side effects. But humans have been using natural remedies for thousands of years. So why not try a gentle acid reflux treatment first? Your body may thank you.

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Acid Reflux Treatment

  1. 1. How To Find The Perfect Acid Reflux Treatment For YOUAcid reflux or GERD isnt a one-size-fits-all ailment because the symptomsexpress themselves in different ways fordifferent people. One sufferer might beextremely sensitive and be vulnerable toserious episodes at any moment. Yet,another patient might have a very milddisorder that only reacts to very specificsituations. Thus, finding the best acidreflux remedies for your particularsymptoms is complicated by the manydifferent ways that this disordermanifests itself.However, you will eventually find the right treatment, and once you dothings your life becomes much simpler. The odds are that you cancontrol your acid reflux disorder with one or more of the following fourstrategies.1. Over-the-counter antacids are a very common treatment, yetthey often make things worse for acid reflux sufferers. What anantacid does is reduce the amount of acid in the stomach. Since GERDmanifests itself by sending stomach acid up the esophagus, this wouldseem to make sense. Yet, the stomach needs acid to efficiently digestfood and if all of the acid is removed, digestion becomes muchtougher making the stomach more liable to send undigested food upthe digestive track.2. A GERD diet is often very effective. In fact, if we had to choosethe single best treatment, it would be concentrating on the foods youeat. Green leafy vegetables and some fruits are great, whereas dairyproducts, high-fat foods and soft drinks are a disaster.3. A favorite acid reflux medication is Prokinetic which doesnt tryto affect the production of stomach acid or bile. Instead, itstrengthens the sphincter. This helps to keep the sphincter closed so
  2. 2. that none of your stomach acid is released into the esophagus. Acidreflux attacks will be reduced in frequency since the stomach canprocess its food faster and empty itself out more quickly.4. A minority of patients cant treat their acid reflux with any of thethree solutions above because their problem is not with their stomachor a malfunctioning esophagus. For these folks, the problem is thattheir stomach has shifted internally and comes to rest above thediaphragm. Sometimes this can only be corrected surgically.However, this is rare and is always a last resort before every otherpossible acid reflux solution has been tried.Your lifestyle is THE most important consideration when figuring outyour acid reflux treatment. Your body chemistry and physique,though, can definitely contribute to the misery of GERD. Be patientand know that it may take some time to find the right treatment, butonce the habits are developed you will lead a perfectly normal life. Sofocus on your desired outcome and dont get depressed or give uphope.