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Social media tools Presentation Slides

  1. 1. SOCIAL MEDIA TOOLS #acwebmedia
  2. 2. REVIEWHow’s your blog doing?First blog post complete: “Why is social mediaimportant?”$20 for “Content Rules” books? #acwebmedia
  3. 3. TODAY’S CLASSOverview of social media toolsIntro to “Content Rules”The importance of listeningUsing Google Tools to Set up Listening PostsBlog Assignment and Assignment #2 - ListeningStrategy #acwebmedia
  4. 4. THIS WEEK INSOCIAL MEDIA #acwebmedia
  5. 5. COMMON SOCIAL MEDIA TOOLSBlogging Facebook TwitterPodcasting Google + Webinars e-Books LinkedIN YouTube #acwebmedia
  6. 6. BLOGGINGPublishing of audio, video and imagesAbility to subscribe (via RSS)Ability to commentCommon Blogging tools: Wordpress Blogger Tumblr #acwebmedia
  7. 7. FACEBOOKMore than just a space to hang out with your friendsFacebook is used for businesses, organizations, events andmoreHow are pages different than profiles? #acwebmedia
  8. 8. TWITTERMicroblogging platform (140 characters or less)It’s not just about what you had for lunch (unless it is.)Twitter lingo: Tweet: a post on Twitter @reply: how you talk to people on Twitter RT: Retweet (tweeting a post while giving the original tweeter credit) #: hashtag - how information is categorized on Twitter #acwebmedia #acwebmedia
  9. 9. PODCASTINGRecorded audio or video contentFree to downloadPeople can subscribe and get updatesPlayable on computers, smart phones, iPods, and more #acwebmedia
  10. 10. GOOGLE +The newest social network ( layout to Facebook, longer form postsYou can “Circle” your friends, so you can post filteredmessagesGoogle Hangouts - multi-way video chat and meetingtool #acwebmedia
  11. 11. WEBINARSEducational contentOnline seminarsPopular with businessCommon tools include GoTo Meeting, Google Hangouts,Skype #acwebmedia
  12. 12. E-BOOKSe-Books are downloadable content (usually in PDF orePUB format)Can be read on a computer screen, smart phone, iPodTouch, tablet or e-ReaderPopular with businessContent can be free or pay per downloadAmazon, Gutenberg Press #acwebmedia
  13. 13. LINKEDINOnline professional networkNot just for posting your resumeMake professional contacts, research companiesLinkedIN Groups and LinkedIN Answers a valuableresource for job hunters #acwebmedia
  14. 14. YOUTUBEEveryone knows YouTubeCreate and customize your own channelUpload and edit your videosWorld’s 2nd largest search engineWhy not Vimeo? #acwebmedia
  15. 15. #OVERWHELMEDSocial media can be pretty overwhelmingSo many tools, so little timeWhere’s the best place to start? #acwebmedia
  16. 16. Grow big ears. #acwebmedia
  17. 17. SAY WHAT???If you want to learn more about social media, youneed to LISTEN.But what do you listen to? There’s a lot of stuffonline. #acwebmedia
  18. 18. HOW TO BE A GOOD ONLINE LISTENERGoogle has some great tools to make listening easierDon’t waste time searching for informationHave it delivered to you #acwebmedia
  19. 19. GOOGLE READERGoogle Reader is going to change the way youconsume information on the WebYou can find interesting content, subscribe to it andhave it delivered to one placeHow does it work? Let’s take a look! #acwebmedia
  20. 20. GOOGLE ALERTSGet Google working FOR you.Google Alerts automate Google. You can set upsearches and have any new results delivered to you.Works via email or with Google ReaderLet’s see how it works. #acwebmedia
  21. 21. WHAT SHOULD YOU SEARCH FOR? #acwebmedia
  22. 22. WHAT TO SEARCH FORInformation and news related to web design,developmentSocial media news and informationCompanies you are interested in working forTypes of jobs/industries you’re interested inFun stuff - hobbies, interests #acwebmedia
  23. 23. YOUR TURNYou are going to set up Listening Posts using up an account if you don’t already have one (orlogin with your Gmail)Search for sites to subscribe to, and click “Subscribe”on anything you’re interested inPut things in folders to keep it all organized. #acwebmedia
  24. 24. SETTING UP GOOGLE ALERTSGo to for topics of interestSet alerts on anything that produces good resultsHave the alerts go to your Google Reader FeedIt takes a while for them to show up! #acwebmedia
  25. 25. REMEMBER...Your listening post is a living thingYou can add to it, remove things, tweak as you goMake a habit of visiting it every day (with yourmorning coffee)Listen, connect and LEARN! #acwebmedia
  27. 27. UNTIL NEXT TIME....Review videos on Web Media blog: Using GoogleReader and Setting Up Google AlertsBlog post #2: What is your favourite social media tooland why?Start working on Assignment #2: Your ListeningStrategy (due in 2 weeks) #acwebmedia