Intro to Web Media

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  • 1. INTRO TO WEB MEDIA MTM 4085 Susan Murphy @suzemuse #acwebmedia
  • 2. CLASS RULESLateness makes me :(No personal texting or phone calls during class.Please don’t talk or otherwise disrupt the classduring lectures (unless you want to ask questions,which is always encouraged!)and don’t forget.... #acwebmedia
  • 3. CLASS RULESTaking photos, shooting video, tweeting, Facebookupdating, and live blogging of class activities areALLOWED and ENCOURAGED.(just as long as you’re still paying attention!) #acwebmedia
  • 4. WHAT WILL YOU LEARN?This is NOT a technical courseCommon social media and online collaboration tools and their usesHow to use social media for schoolHow to use social media to find a job after you graduateHow to use social media in businessCreating a social media strategyYou will be blogging AND podcasting! #acwebmedia
  • 5. WHAT WILL YOU LEARN?Goal: To prepare you to interact personally andprofessionally in the online world, and equip youwith the knowledge to help you and your futureemployers succeed with online tools andtechnologies. #acwebmedia
  • 6. THE ASSIGNMENTSAssignment #1: Blog (Individual) - 60 marksAssignment #2: Online Listening Strategy(Individual) - 30 marksAssignment #3 - Podcast (Group) - 30 marksAssignment #4 - Social Media Strategy - 60 marks #acwebmedia
  • 7. THE BOOKReading assignmentsevery weekTwo multiple-choicequizzesLots of discussion!Where to get your book #acwebmedia
  • 8. THE REASON THIS CLASS IS COOLYou are free to express yourself online during class,outside of class, and learn more about how to makesocial media tools work for you.We have a secret Facebook Group!We have a hashtag! #acwebmediaWe have a blog! #acwebmedia
  • 9. BLACKBOARD #acwebmedia
  • 10. ?What is social media? #acwebmedia
  • 11. WHAT IS SOCIAL MEDIA?It’s more than Facebook and TwitterIt also includes blogs, podcasts, video, webinars, ande-Books.It’s about sharingIt’s about conversationIt’s about PEOPLE. #acwebmedia
  • 12. A LITTLE HISTORY LESSON 1997 1998-2002 2002-2004 2004-2007 2007-2012SixDegrees LiveJournal MySpace YouTube FourSquare Friendster Flickr Twitter Groupon Delicious Facebook Google+ Second Life Digg ???? Wordpress LinkedIN #acwebmedia
  • 13. In Plain English #acwebmedia
  • 14. LET’S MAKE ICE CREAM! #acwebmedia
  • 15. SOCIAL MEDIA IS ABOUTListeningHaving conversationsSharingCollaboratingLearning #acwebmedia
  • 16. Why does ?social media matter? #acwebmedia
  • 17. The Social Media Revolution #acwebmedia
  • 18. SOCIAL MEDIA IS A HUGE DEAL96% of people online who are under 30 have joined a social networkYears for radio to reach 50 million users? 38. Facebook reached 500 millionusers in 1 year.80 of companies use social media for recruitment. 94% of those useLinkedIN.YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine.There are over 200 million blogsKindle e-Books have outsold paper books the past two Christmas seasons. #acwebmedia
  • 19. Still think social media is a FAD? #acwebmedia
  • 20. It’s a fundamental shift... the way we communicate. #acwebmedia
  • 21. It’s how YOUR future employersare doing business. #acwebmedia
  • 22. ?How do I use social media? #acwebmedia
  • 23. It’s not about the tools. #acwebmedia
  • 24. It’s about the conversations. #acwebmedia
  • 25. Listen Talk Learn ShareHow do I use Collaboratesocial media? #acwebmedia
  • 26. Listen What do people care about? What issues matter to them? What do they need? #acwebmedia
  • 27. What stories can I tell? What information do I have?How can I encourage others to share too? Share #acwebmedia
  • 28. TalkHow can I engage people?What conversations should I have?How do I get others talking? #acwebmedia
  • 29. How do I educate others?How do I understand what’s important to people?What teaching tools are available to me? Learn #acwebmedia
  • 30. Collaborate How do I get new ideas? How do I encourage others to get involved? How do I tap into the strengths of others? #acwebmedia
  • 31. L E T ’ S G E T S TA RT E D !Right after the break..... #acwebmedia
  • 32. THIS WEEK INSOCIAL MEDIA #acwebmedia
  • 33. YOURHOME BASESetting up your blog #acwebmedia
  • 34. WHY DO I NEED A BLOG?Your blog is your home base.It’s where your content lives.Blogs can be written or video.We’re going to use Wordpress.You’re being marked on it. #acwebmedia
  • 35. WHAT DO I NEED TO DO?Set up a Wordpress for hosted to install on your own web spacePick a template, or custom design one (you’re notmarked on your design)Create an “About Me” page #acwebmedia
  • 36. WHAT DO I NEED TO DO?You’ll be submitting 5 posts total (but feel free to blogmore often if the urge hits!)Topics for your 5 posts are assigned by meLet’s review the assignment in BlackBoard #acwebmedia
  • 37. BLOG INSPIRATIONMitch Joel - Six Pixels of SeparationChristopher S. Penn - Awaken Your SuperheroLiz Strauss - Successful and Outstanding Blog(gers)Amber Naslund - Brass Tack Thinking #acwebmedia
  • 38. #OVERWHELMEDSocial media can be pretty overwhelmingSo many tools, so little timeWhere’s the best place to start? #acwebmedia
  • 39. Grow big ears. #acwebmedia
  • 40. SAY WHAT???If you want to learn more about social media, youneed to LISTEN.But what do you listen to? There’s a lot of stuffonline.Next week, we are going to learn to LISTEN. #acwebmedia
  • 41. UNTIL THEN....Publish blog post #1 - “Why is social mediaimportant?” (and post the link to the assignment inBlackBoard)Purchase your text book, “Content Rules”. #acwebmedia