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Best web sites

  1. 1. Best web sites Suzanne Kart, CeP, M.A. Associate Vice President LERN #lern13 @suzannekart
  2. 2. Challenges of web design • Seldom do we have complete control over what it will look like. – May have to conform to style of an umbrella site • Don’t always have access to a professional web designer • Time is at a premium #lern13 @suzannekart
  3. 3. BEST SITES SHARE COMMON ELEMENTS #lern13 @suzannekart
  4. 4. Original, Fresh Content • Content is king. • People visit for the primary purpose of finding information – make sure you deliver. • Your content should be: – Up to date – Unique – Fresh – fresh content will keep visitors (and search engines) coming back #lern13 @suzannekart
  5. 5. Austin Community College • They’re telling us what’s happening right now #lern13 @suzannekart
  6. 6. City of Mountain Home (Idaho) Parks and Recreation Department • What’s working here is that they are updating their content every couple of days, resulting in higher SEO #lern13 @suzannekart
  7. 7. Target Audience • A good website will have headlines and text that speak to the target audience’s needs and wants. #lern13 @suzannekart
  8. 8. Bucks County Community College “Whoever you are and wherever you are in your career/life, learning will always be a step that leads to growth. Training which results in certificates and credentials can lead to great success in many fields. Bucks County Community College provides various areas of training to individuals seeking to improve, and propel themselves into tomorrow’s jobs.” #lern13 @suzannekart
  9. 9. The Learning Oasis • Career resources for women • Very clear how they can help you • They have a great blog with lots of inspirational and useful information for women #lern13 @suzannekart
  10. 10. Simple layout • Pages read straight forward from top to bottom • Less eye skipping • Solid browsing experience #lern13 @suzannekart
  11. 11. Okanagan College #lern13 @suzannekart
  12. 12. Milwaukee School of Engineering #lern13 @suzannekart
  13. 13. User-friendly Navigation • A good website has content that’s easy to find. • Navigation should be consistent from page to page. • Make sure all your links are working. #lern13 @suzannekart
  14. 14. Castro Valley Adult & Career Education #lern13 @suzannekart
  15. 15. Autry Technology Center #lern13 @suzannekart
  16. 16. Design the content, not the page • Don’t decorate, communicate • Softer, receding page “furniture” (permanent elements) • Strong color and 3D effects that draw attention to the content itself #lern13 @suzannekart
  17. 17. Alaska Bar Association #lern13 @suzannekart
  18. 18. Icons, used sparingly • Icons can convey a message quickly #lern13 @suzannekart
  19. 19. College of Southern Idaho #lern13 @suzannekart
  20. 20. Nice big text #lern13 @suzannekart
  21. 21. #lern13 @suzannekart
  22. 22. North Berwyn Park District #lern13 @suzannekart
  23. 23. Your print catalog still generates 75% of registrations • DO NOT ELIMINATE THE PRINT CATALOG #lern13 @suzannekart
  24. 24. Mobile optimization • Over 34% of all mobile users have gone online from their phone. They do so at least once a week. • 85% of people between 18 and 26 go online regularly from mobiles, with that number being as high as 91% in Asia. • 40 to 50 year olds are just as likely to go online as people aged 30 to 40. • 29.80% of mobile shoppers abandon poor mobile sites before completing purchase or research #lern13 @suzannekart
  25. 25. Drake University #lern13 @suzannekart
  26. 26. Canadian Marketing Association #lern13 @suzannekart
  27. 27. eMarketing strategies that work Brochure/Web Mix • Picture of brochure on Home Page • URL on cover and back cover of your brochure • Encourage people to go to your web site • Sign up for mailing list on your web site • Encourage people to register online #lern13 @suzannekart
  28. 28. Hawaii Community College #lern13 @suzannekart
  29. 29. Web site strategies that work • Multimedia and interactive features enhance interest • Video clips, audio, color, pictures, animation, photographs, all generate more interest • Polls, blogs, social networks and other interactive features get people involved, which leads to more registrations • Live Person and other ways to communicate all help #lern13 @suzannekart
  30. 30. Orange Community Education & Recreation When you hover over these local pictures, they take you to different pages like “snowboarding” #lern13 @suzannekart
  31. 31. YouTube • 70% of Americans use YouTube • Allows your customers to actually see something about your program #lern13 @suzannekart
  32. 32. Schoolcraft Community College #lern13 @suzannekart
  33. 33. Some other great web site techniques #lern13 @suzannekart
  34. 34. Promote online registration • Online registration is more cost effective • It allows you to respond better and faster • It creates more services and benefits for learners • It will lower staff time • It is the way people purchase in the 21st century • Eventually 90% of registrations will be online #lern13 @suzannekart
  35. 35. University of Wisconsin Parkside #lern13 @suzannekart
  36. 36. Search pages • Recommend at least four ways to search: – Location – Category – Course number – Key word search • The more ways to search, the better. #lern13 @suzannekart
  37. 37. University of New Mexico #lern13 @suzannekart
  38. 38. Ways past participants can help improve your web site. #lern13 @suzannekart
  39. 39. Post past participant work on your web site • It shows potential participants what others have done. • The message is “you too!” can do this. • It is peer-to-peer marketing. #lern13 @suzannekart
  40. 40. Langara College #lern13 @suzannekart
  41. 41. Have your customers create content – that’s web 2.0! Think - – Surveys – Feedback – Preferences – Learner projects – Comments – Pictures – Video clips #lern13 @suzannekart
  42. 42. Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service • Video • Pictures • Social Media #lern13 @suzannekart
  43. 43. Thank you! • Suzanne Kart • • Connect with via social media at #lern13 @suzannekart