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  • Thank you Mary for inviting me to speak today. I’ve got about 20 minutes with you, so I’d like to share with you a little bit about me and my business and what I do, then dive into the topic of LinkedIn and then spend some time answering your specific questions. This is extremely informal, so please feel free to ask questions as they come to you.
  • I offer a variety of services to primarily small business owners. The majority of my time is spent helping businesses become found online through social media coaching – teaching them how to blog, use FB, Twitter, LinkedIn strategically and basic website development. I also help them prepare marketing plans so their social media and website have focus and are in line with their additional marketing tactics. I also do event planning and promotion.
  • LinkedIn is a social media platform that has a purely professional lean. LinkedIn is the suit/tie, FB is the button up/khakis and Twitter is the flip flops/tank top How many of you don’t have a LinkedIn profile? Your homework is to get one and get your profile to 100% completion. Let's talk about what goes into creating an amazing LinkedIn profile:
  • But first, let’s go over some of the ways to supersize your existing LinkedIn profile Include a professional headshot If you have a tagline or slogan, attach it to your name Include keywords in the bio field Solicit people for recommendations Instead of including your “website” include it’s name Add board positions and volunteer activities Customize your public profile link Add sections to reflect achievements and experiences Do not include your home address Include your birth date instead of your birth day DO include your email address Arrange the blocks in order of importance
  • Use your Connections – ask your first connections to introduce you to a second connection; add connections and then ask for recommendations Update your status once/week. Most LinkedIn users receive a weekly update sent to their email listing what their Connections have been up to. This is a great form of drip marketing Add Apps – WordPress, Amazon Reading List, SlideShare presentation integration Become a member of LinkedIn Groups and begin engaging (local or national) Begin answering questions posted by other LinkedIn members to demonstrate that you are an expert (show on LinkedIn)
  • I know this is a lot to take in. Send me an email if you have a specific question that we don’t get answered here today. I keep office hours to answer questions you might have. And it's FREE!!! I’m at Smokey Row here in Des Moines on the second and fourth Thursday from 9-11am. Office Hours dates/times are listed on my website as well Who has the first question?
  • East Polk Rotary

    1. 1. LinkedIn 201 Suzanne Hull, “Get It Done Girl” Contemporary Business Solutionssuzanne@contemporary-business-solutions.com Twitter: @GetItDoneGirlIA
    2. 2. If you have a tagline or slogan, attach it to your name Include keywords in the bio fieldInclude your birth date instead of your birth day Instead of including your “website” include it’s nameAdd board positions and volunteer activities Solicit people for recommendations Do not include your home addressCustomize your public profile link Include a professional headshot DO include your email address
    3. 3. Add Connections | Ask for RecommendationsUpdate your status (at least) weeklyAdd Apps (under “More” Tab)Join Groups and begin engagingAnswer questions (under “More” Tab)Use your Connections
    4. 4. contemporary-business-solutions.com/resources Suzanne Hull, Get It Done Girl Contemporary Business Solutions www.contemporary-business-solutions.com suzanne@contemporary-business-solutions.com Twitter: @GetItDoneGirlIA Facebook: ContemporaryBusinessSolutions Free Newsletter: http://eepurl.com/gIRG Phone: 515-250-6366