This is Rotary - Club Orientation 2013 to 2014


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This is rotary
club orientation 2013to2014
9 oct 2013 update
Prepared by Debbie High

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  • This Beautiful logo was drawn for us by Joe McInnis. 
    Joe was a member of Southside Rotary many years ago. 
    He was in a wheelchair and had almost no use of his arms or hands. 
    He drew the boat with his mouth and teeth. 
    We remember...
  • This Beautiful logo was drawn for us by Joe McInnis. 
    Joe was a member of Southside Rotary many years ago. 
    He was in a wheelchair and had almost no use of his arms or hands. 
    He drew the boat with his mouth and teeth. 
    We remember...
  • This is Rotary - Club Orientation 2013 to 2014

    1. 1. This is Rotary (An Orientation for New Members) Rotary Club of Southside CC District 5930 ~ 2013-2014
    2. 2. What is Rotary Rotary International is a service organization whose stated purpose is to bring together business and professional leaders in order to provide humanitarian services, encourage high ethical standards in all vocations, and help build goodwill and peace in the world. It is a secular organization open to all persons regardless of race, color, creed, religion, gender, or political preference.
    3. 3. Rotary is an International Organization  There are over 34,000 clubs grouped into 537 districts in over 200 countries throughout the world. Membership is over 1.2 million.  Our club, The Rotary Club Southside CC is in District 5930 which is comprised of 56 clubs with 1,850+ members.  The district covers South Texas (Victoria, Corpus Christi, Brownsville, McAllen, Laredo)
    4. 4.  Rotary International is governed by a president and a board of directors elected from all over the world. 2013-2014 Rotary International President Ron Burton  Annually each district elects a District Governor 2013-2014 District Governor 5930 – Maxie Houser
    5. 5. In the beginning… Rotary Founder Paul Harris  The first Rotary club was organized in Chicago in 1905, by Paul P. Harris.  The club, with four members, met in rotation at the offices of the members - thus the name Rotary.  Growth began immediately. Less that 15 years later there were over 1,000 clubs around the world.
    6. 6. Service Above Self  Rotary was not long to recognize that fellowship alone would not keep a group together — there needed to be a purpose.  The first service project was a to buy a new horse for a preacher whose horse had died in Chicago.  Rotary became the world’s first service club.
    7. 7. Rotary International Significant Dates – Early Years     1905 1908 1910 1912 First Rotary club organized in Chicago, Illinois, USA Second club formed in San Francisco, California, USA First Rotary convention held in Chicago, Illinois, USA The Rotary Club of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, becomes the first club outside the United States to be officially chartered. (The club was formed in 1910.)  1917 Endowment fund, forerunner of The Rotary Foundation, established  1932 4-Way Test formulated by Chicago Rotarian Herbert J. Taylor  1945 Forty-nine Rotarians help draft United Nations Charter in San Francisco
    8. 8. Rotary International Significant Dates – Recent Years  1985 Rotary begins PolioPlus program to immunize all the children          of the world against polio 1989 Rotary opens membership to women worldwide 1990 Rotary Club of Moscow chartered first club in Soviet Union 1994 Western Hemisphere declared polio-free 1999 Rotary Centers for International Studies in Peace and Conflict Resolution established 2000 Western Pacific declared polio-free 2001 30,000th Rotary club chartered 2002 Europe declared polio-free; first class of 70 Rotary Peace Scholars begin study 2003 Rotarians raise more than US$118 million to support the final stages of polio eradication 2005 Rotary Celebrates centennial in Chicago, Illinois, USA
    9. 9. The Rotary Club of Southside Corpus Christi
    10. 10. The Rotary Club of Southside Corpus Christi History  Chartered June 2, 1955   Presidents serve a one year term 3 District Governors from our club  Including First woman DG in our District  DG 2015-2016    2 LT Governors Multiple Assistant District Governors 48 members – as of July 1, 2013
    11. 11. Current Officers & Board of Directors President: President-elect: Vice President: Past President: Secretary Treasurer: Executive Secretary Sergeant At Arms Nancy Foster Joe High PDG Marilyn Spencer Suzanne Guggenheim John Owen David Walker Erasmo Nava Michelle Maresh-Fuehrer Rod Vaughn Matt Beavers Fred Hayden Board of Directors: Debbie High PDG Don Ratcliff Plus the Chairpersons for each of the Avenues of Service & Committees Officers are elected to take office on 1 July of each year. Board of Directors hold their position for three years.
    12. 12. The Rotary Club of Southside CC Major fund-raisers are: The Administrative Professionals Day Luncheon Hometown Hero (October) “Pass the Hat”
    13. 13. Object of Rotary  The Object of Rotary is to encourage and foster the ideal of service as a basis of worthy enterprise.
    14. 14. Object of Rotary  First. The development of acquaintances as an opportunity for service;
    15. 15. Object of Rotary  Second. High ethical standards in business and professions; the recognition of the worthiness of all useful occupations; and the dignifying by each Rotarian of his or her occupation as an opportunity to serve society; Kathy Funk-Baxter 2013 Y Women In Careers Award
    16. 16. Object of Rotary  Third. The application of the ideal of service by every Rotarian to his or her personal, business and community life;
    17. 17. Object of Rotary  Fourth. The advancement of international understanding, good will, and peace through a world of fellowship of business and professional people united in the ideal of service.
    18. 18. We implement the Object of Rotary through the Five Avenues of Service • • • • • Club Service Vocational Service Community Service International Service New Generations
    19. 19. The Rotary Club of Southside CC Club Service  Flags for Patriotic Holidays - BSA Troop232          Flag subscription service is a source of charitable funds. It generally brings in about $4K a year. RAMPS – Building of Residential Wheelchair Ramps Food Bank & Scouting for Food Supply Our Schools Girl Scouts Unsung Heroes Awards Administrative Professional Day Luncheon Student Achievers of the Month Scholarships to TAMUCC & Moody High School “Service Above Self”
    20. 20. The Rotary Club of Southside CC Vocational Service  President Elects attend the multi-district Lone Star President Elect Training Seminar  Members attend District Conference, Assembly, Foundation and Membership Seminars  Vocational Visits to members places of business such as MedSafety Central and TAMUCC College of Business “Service Above Self”
    21. 21. The Rotary Club of Southside CC Community Service           Flags for Patriotic Holidays with BSA T-232 RAMPS (minimum 6 per year) Food Bank & Scouting for Food Supply Our Schools (Rose Shaw Elementary) Christmas Toy Drive (Rose Shaw Elementary) Scholarships to TAMUCC & Moody High School Flags for Eagle Scouts – BSA T-232 Beach Clean-up with TAMUCC Rotaract Club Area Adoption Awareness Picnic Salvation Army Bell Ringing “Service Above Self”
    22. 22. The Rotary Club of Southside CC International Service  Peace & conflict prevention/resolution  Disease prevention & treatment  Water & Sanitation  Maternal and child health  Basic education & literacy  Economic & community development “Service Above Self”
    23. 23. The Rotary Club of Southside CC New Generations  Moody HS Student Achiever Awards  RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards)  District wide Adoption Awareness Picnic  Four-Way Test Speech Competition  Ambassadorial Scholar (2013-2014) Megan Crawford-Grime (UK)  TAMUCC Rotaract Club  Moody HS Interact  EarlyActFirstKnight “Service Above Self”
    24. 24. The Benefits of being a Rotarian  The benefit of FRIENDSHIP WITH LEADERS:  in our community  in neighboring towns and counties  around the World
    25. 25. The Benefits of being a Rotarian  The opportunity of GIVING SERVICE to your community.  The opportunity of DEVELOPING INTERNATIONAL GOODWILL and understanding.  The opportunity of helping BUILD HIGHER ETHICAL STANDARDS within your vocation through the common bond of Rotary.
    26. 26. Your Responsibilities as a Rotarian Participation  To be a Rotarian you must give of your time and talents:  Support ethical business practices  Support The Rotary Foundation  Pursue new members to be the hands of Service     in our Club in community work in fellowship and social functions in club and district activities.
    27. 27. Your Responsibilities as a Rotarian Attendance  Attendance at the weekly meetings is a benefit of Rotary. A minimum of 60% is expected.  You can easily maintain your attendance levels by attending another Rotary club meeting (including an online club [], participating in club service projects, and activities.
    28. 28. Your Responsibilities as a Rotarian Attendance – Makeup While Traveling  There is a directory available on the Rotary International web site. (  “club locator,” as well as a “ClubRunner mobile App for most smartphones. Visit a club while on vacation or during a business trip. You will immediately be introduced to a room full of friends who want to make your visit to the area enjoyable. Our members have visited clubs all around the world.
    29. 29. Your Financial Obligations  One time Membership Fee  District fee $100 $2  Current Expenses  Meals - $16/$11/$3 Only when you attend  Every Rotarian Every Year ~ The Rotary Foundation $100/year (27cents/day)*  $2.74 a day you would be a Paul Harris Fellow  Optional, but highly encouraged  Dues are invoiced in July & Jan. $100 every 6mo * Club will match your Paul Harris Contribution of $50 if paid with first invoice
    30. 30. THE FOUR-WAY TEST of the things we think, say or do 1. Is it the TRUTH? 2. Is it FAIR to all concerned? 3. Will it build GOOD WILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS? 4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned? 5. Is it FUN?
    31. 31. The Rotary Foundation “World Peace through Understanding”
    32. 32. Five Reasons to give to the Rotary International Foundation      5. 4. 3. 2. 1. Fighting hunger Reducing child mortality Promoting peace & conflict resolution Basic education and literacy Eradicating Polio
    33. 33. Paul Harris Fellows & The RI Foundation  Southside CC Rotary has 104 members and partners (past and present) that are Paul Harris Fellows ($1,000 or more donated) and many Paul Harris Sustaining Members ($100 per year).  8 Rotarians and spouses are Benefactors of the Permanent Fund of The Rotary Foundation (TRF). (This simple step of support for the Rotary Foundation donates $1000 to TRF on your death)  We have 6 Bequest Society Members (Individuals or couples who have made commitments of $10,000 or more in their estate plans) and 2 Major Donors (individuals or couples whose combined personal outright or cumulative giving has reached $10,000)
    34. 34. Paul Harris Fellows and Benefactors  Methods of donating include:  donating a small amount each month, quarter, or annually through “TRF-Direct” (TRF’s Credit card auto-withdrawal program) see
    35. 35. The Rotary Club of Southside Corpus Christi New Member Packet Items           Certificate of Membership Object of Rotary The Four-Way Test Getting Started in Rotary The ABC’s of Rotary Constitution & Bylaws of the Club Rotary Avenues of Service Southside CC Rotary Club Committees Process for Sponsoring New Members Club Membership Roster
    36. 36. The Rotary Club of Southside Corpus Christi’s Commitment to you  We will provide you with opportunities to participate in     club activities, socials, and projects. We will encourage you to aspire to club leadership and committee roles We will provide you with a mentor We will provide you with opportunities to “build goodwill and better friendships” through Rotary We will provide you with opportunities to have FUN!
    37. 37. “Service Above Self”
    38. 38. “Service Above Self”
    39. 39. Welcome to the Rotary Club of Southside Corpus Christi District 5930
    40. 40. Resources  RC of Southside Corpus Christi Your sponsor, club president, mentor, & members Facebook (Rotary Club of Southside Corpus Christi)  District 5930   Facebook (Rotary District 5930)  Rotary International  yBasics/Pages/ridefault.aspx  Facebook (Rotary International)   