EEF Annual Giving (past work)


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EEF Annual Giving (past work)

  1. 1. 2005-2006 • Foundational – logo, tagline, messaging (“E” vs “W” discussion) • 1st organized AGC with campus reps • 1st AGC slides – used to train Board, reps & educate parents • EOFY result: 45% increase over last year’s grant (Granted $725K in Sept ’06, $500K in Sept ’05)
  2. 2. EISD Points of Pride (2004-2005) Westlake included in Newsweek’s top 100 public high schools in America. Westlake’s Physics program recognized as best in world. Out of 124 Hill Country and West Ridge students who took the SAT, 65 qualified for state recognition and 4 for national. Multiple honors at elementary schools, including Math Olympiad, Word Masters, inventions and community service projects. On TAKS, EISD students surpassed state averages in all subjects at all grade levels. EISD teachers average 14.2 years of experience; 31.8% have advanced degrees.
  3. 3. Inflation-Adjusted to 2005 Dollars Taxes We Kept in EISD State Recapturing’s Effect on EISD Property Tax Revenue (Budgeted 2004-2005) Taxes We Kept in EISD 700 750 800 850 900 950 1000 1995- 96 1997- 98 1999- 00 2001- 02 2003- 04 EISD Teacher/Staff Positions (1995-2005) EISD Challenges (1995-2005) $52m 59% Receiving District EISD Schools $37m 41% $89m EanesTaxOffice EISDPropertyOwners
  4. 4. State-Required Education As Defined by the Texas Education Agency The following are not required by the state of Texas; they are considered extras or luxuries: Nurse, Librarian, Co unselor Nurse, Librarian, Counselors Nurses, Librarians, Counselors GT Teacher GT Teacher(s) GT Teacher(s) Specials Teachers Electives Teachers Electives Teachers Advanced Math, LA Advanced Math, LA All AP classes 5th gr class size limit Class size limits Class size limits All sports programs All sports programs Electives: foreign language, band, choir , orchestra, drama, te chnology Advanced electives: calculus, statistics, biology II, chemistry II Electives: debate, creative writing, countless fine arts & technology electives Choice of >1 foreign language; choice to take >3 years of it Elementary Middle School High School
  5. 5. Athletic Programs – except staff Band, Choir, Orchestra – except staff Tech Theater, Forensics, Drama - “ Hyline and Cheerleading – except staff Teaching Tools and Supplies Technology Upgrades Campus Enhancements On-Campus Volunteers EEF: Funding the Gap Between Adequate and Excellent Nurses, Librarians, Counselors Smaller Class Sizes Gifted and Talented Teachers Electives Teachers (academic, fine arts, sports, technology, etc) Advanced Academic Electives Advanced Placement Programs Required Core Subjects Core Electives Special Education Programs District-Designated Funding (Staff) Extracurricular- and Campus- Designated Funding State-Required Funding for Adequacy EanesExpectations Funded by Booster Clubs, PTOs, Student Fees, Extracurricular Groups Funded by EISD with EEF & other local dollars Funded by EISD with property tax dollars
  6. 6. Dear friends, Some of you may know that I have been volunteering with the Eanes Education Foundation’s Annual Giving Campaign as a marketing resource since last May. Please allow me to share why I hope you will consider giving to our school district during this EEF campaign, which runs from Oct 1 – Nov 15. The main reason I believe in this cause is that the money EEF raises this school year goes directly to fund teacher positions and salaries in EISD for the 2006-07 school year. When I think of all of the wonderful teachers my children have known (and loved) in their years at Eanes Elementary, Hill Country and now Westlake, I know how important it is to keep those experienced teachers, and hopefully, to add to their ranks. I have visions of smaller class sizes dancing in my head! [Yes, I would say this to my friends - but insert your own vision!] Also, even though the campaign’s goal is to raise $1 million to save 20 teacher positions, a more important goal, in my opinion, is to increase donor participation. So please, KNOW that every dollar counts and every gift makes a difference. Imagine what a powerful message of support we could send to EISD teachers and students if every family in the district were to participate in this campaign! Please join me in giving generously to EEF to fund EISD teachers and staff. You should have already received a donation request in the mail last week. If it’s more convenient, you can just print out the donation form from the web at and mail it in. Or, to make an online donation, go to Thank you for your time and consideration! Best regards, Suzanne
  7. 7. 2006-2007 • New color brochure over summer 2006 • Launched Convio-based website •EOFY result: 17.9% increase over last year’s grant (Granted $855K in Sept ’07, $725K in Sept ’06)
  8. 8. See real estate brochure See website draft
  9. 9. • 1st video at Back-to-School events (created by student) • New “brag” sheet as handout & insert for AGC Ask letter • 1st Marketing ‘Rule Book’, including elevator pitch, tagline, etc • In Feb, HEB 50-50-50 launch • In Apr, 1st-time press release that AGC was down & EEF needed help • 1st time to show photos of EEF-funded teachers in Annual Report • EOFY result: 6.4% decrease from last year’s grant (Granted $800K in Sept ’08, $855K in Sept ’07) 2007-2008
  10. 10. See brag sheet (and thought process) See marketing rulebook
  11. 11. Please Join Us For the Cedar Creek 2007 EEF Annual Giving Campaign Family Picnic! Free buffet for kids under 12; musical entertainment, bounce house, football, frisbee, hula hoop, volleyball, temporary tattoos, general merriment! Date: Sunday, December 2, 2007 Time: 4:30 – 6:30 p.m. Place: Rudy’s Country Bar-B-Q on 360 Hosts: Kathryn and husband Ross, Kathi and husband Haralson, Lori and husband McDaniel, Leane and husband Heldenfels Cheryl and husband Morse, Myra and Blaine Bull Please RSVP to ________ at _____________ and Let us know how many kids under 12 you will be bringing! Funding the gap between adequate and excellent
  12. 12. It’s not too late to give to EEF! The sooner you make your donation, the better it is for our teachers. In March, EEF will give the EISD School Board an estimate of its grant. Staffing will be planned based on this estimated grant, so please make your donation today and have it counted in the estimate! We know you’ve been meaning to do it! Let’s face it, we all lead busy lives and sometimes our best intentions get pushed to the side. Give to EEF today and help support staffing for the 2008-09 school year!
  13. 13. Our teachers and staff Help Keep All of Our Teachers! The Eanes Education Foundation’s Annual Giving Campaign, which helps fund teacher and staff salaries and positions in all EISD schools, is down this year – for the first time ever. To keep all of the EEF-funded teacher positions next year, please donate now to EEF’s Annual Giving Campaign at To the many families who have given so far – THANK YOU! Our teachers and kids benefit tremendously from your support. EEF is funding 17 positions in our schools now in ’07-08, thanks to your generosity during last year’s Campaign. As of late March this year, we estimate that EEF will be able to fund only 14 teachers in ‘08-09, based on year-to-date Campaign results. It is not too late to give!
  14. 14. Grand Opening this Friday, March 28, Noon – 7 p.m.! In-store shoppers who donate $50 to EEF receive a $50 gift card to the new Westlake Market H-E-B In celebration of EISD’s 50th anniversary! What a generous promotion from H-E-B! Help our schools and feed your family for the same $50! 1. Plan grocery shopping trip for this Friday at new H-E-B. 2. Look for EEF table near H-E-B entrance. 3. Donate $50 to EEF and receive a $50 H-E-B gift card, while supplies last. 4. Use gift card either that day or anytime within the next year at the new Westlake Market H-E-B! For more info, please see
  15. 15. 2008-2009 • New video for Back-to-School events (parent prof created it) • 1st AGC Corporate Giving Society (Kaye) •1st time to have matching donor push • 1st time setting & tracking AGC campus $ and participation goals • Improved segmentation for ask letters • 1st organized phone-a-thon • 1st time office staffed Dec 29-31 to take year-end donations • EOFY result: Flat from last year’s grant. (Appears we granted $800K again in Sept ’08)
  16. 16. Ask us about EEF! Look for a letter from EEF in September asking for your gift to again fund teacher salaries and positions. We hope you’ll be generous. Please contact us with any questions - We want to hear from you! Monte and Amy Gomillion 329-6780 Last year at Cedar Creek, your donations helped to fund our Librarian, Shannon Foley, and our Campus Technology Coordinator, Debbie Smith. We’re your EEF Cedar Creek campus reps Shannon Foley (Librarian), Debbie Smith (CTC) and Lisa Streun (Principal) The 2008-09 Annual Giving Campaign is generously underwritten by Independence Title Company. The Eanes Education Foundation dedicates the net proceeds of the Annual Giving Campaign to fund extra teachers in our 9 EISD schools.
  17. 17. Property Taxes* + CCE Booster Club + Eanes Education Foundation Who is EEF? The Eanes Education Foundation is the fundraising arm of the Eanes ISD. Over the last ten years, our district has been required by state law to give away on average over half of our property tax revenue each year, totaling over $400 million. EEF asks the community for donations every year so the district can maintain and enhance its programs and staffing levels. When I give to EEF, where does my money go? When you give to EEF’s Annual Giving Campaign, net proceeds of your donation go directly to funding teaching positions in our nine schools for the next school year. Your donations from last year are now funding 16+ teaching positions in our schools. How does my EEF donation help Cedar Creek Elementary? Campaign donations from the entire community are pooled together, and the net proceeds are granted to EISD in August. EISD then distributes money on a per-pupil basis to each school. Our principal decides how best to deploy those extra EEF-funded teachers at Cedar Creek. How do I learn more? At or call or email us (Amy or Monte)! Funds “stuff” Funds staff * By law, less than half of property tax revenue stays in our district. Also, your property tax payment includes debt service for bonds, which fund “big stuff” such as buses and building improvements.
  18. 18. Allison de Young (Reading), Lesley Foyt (Math), Jan Geraci (Reading) EEF-Funded Teachers at BPE in ’07-’08
  19. 19. Double Your Gift – At No Cost to You! Attention New Donors! From now until October 31, your gift will be matched by a generous, anonymous district parent, dollar for dollar, up to $30,000. Take advantage of this first-ever donor matching gift opportunity – Help us earn that $30,000 for our teachers! 1,070 families gave to EEF last year. Thanks to their generous support, EEF was able to fund 16 teachers in our nine EISD schools! Net proceeds of this year’s Annual Giving Campaign will again fund additional teacher and staff positions for next year. It’s easy – just give online at or return the donation form on back. Our database will tell us if you are a new donor. If you work for a company that also matches gifts, you can even triple your gift! Questions? Call Kaye Kelley at 732-9065. Never given to EEF before?
  20. 20. It’s not Avon calling!! On November 18th and 20th, we will be calling all district parents who have not yet donated to the Annual Giving Campaign. This will be a fantastic opportunity to learn more about EEF and its proven history of supporting teacher positions, and perhaps even make your donation. If you give before 11/18, we’ll remove your name from our list of parents to call. Of course, we always welcome your calls to EEF directly at 732-9065. P.S. Giving online is easy & convenient at! It’s a fellow parent volunteering at the Eanes Education Foundation… As soon as the above is finalized, put the same thing here.
  21. 21. Thank You, EEF Donors! During this season of giving, we want to recognize and thank all of you who have given to EEF this fall. If you have yet to give…please know your gift is also needed and appreciated! We are just $______ away from our campus’ contribution to the overall district goal of funding 20 teachers. Every gift, no matter the size, makes a difference! • The EEF office will be open December 29-31 to help with any end-of-year giving you wish to make for tax purposes. Please call 732-9065 if you have any questions. • Donations postmarked on or before December 31, 2008 will be recorded and receipted for the 2008 tax year. • All donors who give before December 31 will be thanked and recognized in the Picayune after January 1.
  22. 22. A Shortened EEF Elevator Pitch The Eanes Education Foundation helps the Eanes Independent School District in several ways, but primarily by funding additional teaching positions in our nine EISD schools. Librarians, Reading and Math Specialists, and Social Studies and Language Arts teachers are some of the positions that are funded in part by donors to EEF’s Annual Giving Campaign. Net proceeds of your donation to EEF’s Annual Giving Campaign go directly to funding additional teaching positions across our nine schools. The “Official” EEF 2008-09 Elevator Pitch The Eanes Education Foundation is the fundraising arm of the Eanes ISD. Over the last 10 years, our district has been required by state law to give away on average more than half of our property tax revenue each year, totaling about $400 million. EEF helps ease the burden of the millions of dollars our district has lost, and we ask the community to give every year so that the district can maintain and enhance its excellent programs and staffing levels. For 08-09, we granted $925,000 to EISD, which is now funding 16+ additional teaching positions in our nine schools, along with partial scholarships for ten teachers to pursue their master’s degrees and a study to investigate adding foreign language instruction in our elementary schools. AGC concluding ask: [Optional: We ask parents to give to two causes every year: to EEF, which funds teacher positions or “staff”; and to your campus Booster Club, which funds tools and supplies or “stuff”.] Donating to EEF’s Annual Giving Campaign is the only way we can help fund teacher/staff positions that the district would otherwise not be able to afford. The Campaign is going on now, and we need your support! Net proceeds of the Campaign fund teacher and staff positions district-wide. Gala (or other non-AGC) concluding ask: We are looking for table sponsors, etc. and we need your support. Net proceeds of the Gala help improve the educational opportunities available to our children.
  23. 23. See handoff/transition materials prepared for the AGC team & my replacement