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Social Networking For Success
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Social Networking For Success


A talk given to the Xerox Women's Alliance on social networking. Where do you start? How do you build a positive online brand? How do you be human without getting personal?

A talk given to the Xerox Women's Alliance on social networking. Where do you start? How do you build a positive online brand? How do you be human without getting personal?

Published in Business , Technology
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  • how to get started without being overwhelmed, the key channels on which everyone must be well versed, how to counsel clients on social media, basic social media strategy.


  • 1. Social Networking for Success
    Xerox Women’s Alliance
    Suzanne E. Henry
  • 2. “Everyone tells you that social media is a unicorn, but it’s really just a horse.”~ Jay Baer, Convince & Convert
  • 3. Understanding: General know-how of social networking channels
    Planning: How to build a positive online presence
    Managing: Tools, tips, techniques
    What’s the Deal Today?
  • 4. What Are We Talking About, Really?
    Social Media: The tools and channels that allow people to connect and share online
    Social networking: The activity on social media
    The 6 Behemoths:
    Wildcard: Google+
  • 5. Do you engage in professional social networking, using any of these channels, presently?
    Yes, I feel quite engaged
    Yes, but I just use social media “lightly”
    No, I do not engage in social networking at all
  • 6. Get educated
    Have a Strategy
    Know your personal brand
    Identify the channels and tools
    Monitor, contribute, manage
    How Do I Get Started?
  • 7. The Maze
  • 8. Don’t Panic!
  • 9. What is your number one objection to engaging professional social networking?
    I don’t have time
    I don’t see the value
    I don’t really know how to use it well
    I am concerned about privacy
    I am concerned about doing something wrong
  • 10. Two Steps:
    Sign up and listen
    Educate yourself:
    SmartBrief on social media: http://www.smartbrief.com/socialmedia/
    Your industry’s media
    Blogs on social media
    Mashable: http://mashable.com/
    Global Neighborhoods: http://globalneighbourhoods.net/
    Convince & Convert: http://www.convinceandconvert.com/
    How Do I Learn?
  • 11. Day to Day Management
    Ongoing Monitoring of Personal Brand
    Klout / Peer Index scores
    Google alerts
    Personal goals / metrics
    Networking/Finding people
    Personal sphere
    WeFollow / IceRocket
    Suggestions by sites themselves
    Tools, Tips, Techniques
  • 12. What will you strive for? Determine your goals
    Who will you be? Identify your personality/tone of voice
    How do you want to be known? Determine your ideal reputation
    3 word exercise
    Who Will I Be Online?
  • 13. Use an authentic voice, be “relatable”
    Avoid “ranting”
    Common sense rules: Avoid posting overly personal information
    Personal interests are okay (if your boss’ mother would approve)
    Case Study: MarijeanJaggers
    Be Human, Not too Personal
  • 14.
  • 15.
  • 16.
  • 17. Specific action items
    Determine the level of activity for you and your goals
    Design a strategy
    Who will you be?
    What will you contribute?
    Know who you are trying to network with and why
    Develop a schedule
    Engage, monitor, repeat (yes, it’s relentless)
    Planning Your Presence
  • 18. Google Profile
    LinkedIn Profile
    Klout and PeerIndex score
    Google Alerts on your name
  • 19. Google Profile
    LinkedIn Profile
    Join and monitor groups
    Answer questions
    Klout and PeerIndex score
    Google Alerts on your name
    5 Key Blogs
  • 20. Google profile
    LinkedIn Profile
    Engage groups
    Answer questions
    Connect your blog, Twitter feed and other channels to profile
    Twitter /Yammer/Chatter
    Klout and PeerIndex score
    Google Alerts on your name and others who you follow
    Write a blog
    Read and comment on key blogs
  • 21. Being There  Strategy
    Social Media Strategy
  • 22. What will you contribute?
    Most professional social networkers define their content mix:
    Thought leader (original content) – 20%
    Curator (sharing others’ content/repository) – 50% to 70%
    Entertainer/personality – 5 to 10%
    “Customer” service rep – 10%
    Advertiser/sales – 0 to 10%
    Design a Strategy
  • 23. Deploying robust content
    Over the right channels
    With high engagement
    Social Networking Means:
  • 24. Who do you want to follow? Follow back?
    Who do you want to engage?
    Who do you want to impress?
    Who do you want passing on your content?
    Know With Whom You’ll Network
  • 25. One Week, 3 hours
    Update your statuses (at least 3x a week)
    Comment on 1 - 2 blogs
    Answer a question or 2 (Quora, LinkedIn)
    Post 3 - 5 links to interesting content on Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
    Connect with 1 - 2 new people (LinkedIn, Google+)
    Follow 1 - 2 new people (Twitter, Google+)
    Recommend someone on LinkedIn (and/or ask for a recommendation)
    Check your Peer Index and Klout score
    Remove or add to YouTube subscriptions
    Remove or add to RSS feeds
    Read Google alerts related to your personal brand
    If you blog – blog 1 to 3 x a week
    Schedule Engagement
  • 26. Questions/Comments
  • 27. Let’s Connect
    Suzanne E. Henry
    Four Leaf Public Relations LLC
    +1 434-972-7278 - office
    Twitter: @SuzanneHenry
    LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/suzannehenry
    Blog: http://tinyurl.com/FourLeafBlog
    Google Profile: http://www.google.com/profiles/SuzanneHenry86