Topic3 how to dress up on first date


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this is about the guidance of first date outfits.

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Topic3 how to dress up on first date

  1. 1. Topic 3: How to Dress Up on First Date? a) First Date Outfit Ideas that Guys Love b) 5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect First Date Outfit c) Women‟s First Date Dress for Success Guide d) What Should Women Wear on a First Date? Introduction: Going on a first date soon? Don‟t be nervous. Here are few of useful guidance and tips to give you more first date outfits idea! In this topic-How to Dress Up on First Date, you will be learned what kind of first date outfit ideas that guys love, tips for choosing the perfect first date outfit and the useful yet successful guidance for ideal first date outfit. Figure 1.1 Figure 1.2 Figure 1.3
  2. 2. A) First Date Outfit Ideas that Guys Love How to make a good impression on your first date? Is that difficult to choose the most appropriate outfit for your first date? Don‟t worry about it; here are some useful guy-approved outfit ideas to share with you! This kind of attire is absolutely simple. However, this is what do men love. You will give off your girl-next-door beauty with this simple yet fresh outfit those catching men‟s eyes. Choose a medium heel shoes to make you look more confident and gorgeous. Make sure you put on your comfortable heel shoes to avoid the sense of unease. Jeans: Seven for All Mankind Gwenevere Super Skinny Jeans Top: Quicksilver Bay Stripe Tee Shoes: Pierre Hardy Neon and Patent Leather Platform Sandals Bag: Niia Borsa Arancio Shopper with Zipper Closure Watch: Michael Kors Slim Runway Bracelet 1. Guys Like Canvas Shoes and Dresses? Who Would Have Thought? Although sometimes men prefer high heel, but they actually also like to see their dates put on girly dress with comfortable canvas shoes. This outfit idea is very suitable for active and athletic girls. Apparently, if you are choosing this outfit on your date, it indicates you aware off your qualities, inner beauty. -Combination on the left: Red Valentino Donna Dress and Chuck Taylor Converse All Star Sneakers -Combination on the right: Hollister Co Boneyard Beach Dress and TOMS Classic Canvas Navy Slip-On Women
  3. 3. 2. Over the Knee Boots You can combine your incredible leather boots with jeans, skirts, dresses, leggings and whatever you love. Shoes: Sergio Rossi Leather Over the Knee Boot – Black Jeans: Acne Kex Low-rise Skinny Jeans Top: Tinsel Chiffon Tunic Blouse Lined Holiday Top Bag: Miu Miu Shoulder Bag Watch: Frédérique Constant Classic Manufacture Automatic Watch 3. The Perfect Date Night: Dinner and a Movie A „Dinner and Movie‟ date is a precious chance to show your feminine side with this elegant outfit. It is recommendable not to choose an outrageous or exaggerating outfit for your date if you are not sure the venue of your dinner. Men love classic and elegant outfit. So, go for something subtle, delicate and romantic outfits such as the little black dress, polka dot dress, red dress and so forth. Dress: Black Cross-Back Ottoman Rib Dress Shoes: Jimmy Choo Anouk metallic leather pumps Clutch: JIL SANDER Black Plastic Envelop Clutch Accessorise: Folli Follie Fireworks Ring and Loren White Zircon Sterling Silver “Door Knocker” Earrings
  4. 4. 4. Shoes, Shoes, Shoes Wear an eye-catching, vibrant color yet incredible high heel on your date. Believe it or not, guys do frequently notice the shoes you put on. -BADGLEY MISCHKA Gelsey Evening Sandal Silver Leather -Jimmy Choo Anouk patent-leather pumps -Bottega Veneta -Lady Peep 150 Glitter Peeptoe-Pumps -Christian Louboutin Filo 120 patent-leather pumps -PRADA Rose Gold Strappy Sandal Lisa. (July 6, 2012) First Date Outfits Ideas That Guys Love, Retrieved June 6, 2013 from
  5. 5. B) 5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect First Date Outfit Tips 1: Wear a dress or skirt on first date. These outfits are able to make you boost and show off your feminine side, from men‟s perspective. Tips 2: Wear an appealing pair of heel to help you in flattering your lower half. It is important to make sure that you find heel that are comfortable and suitable to walk in. Tips 3: Choose a pastel or pale soft color to have a more feminine look. Choose the appropriate color that suit to your complexion. Favorite color for men such as turquoise, coral Tips 4: Care less about the label or brand of outfits. Be concerned with outfits that showing off your best feature. Richards, J (n. d.) 5 Tips for Choosing The Perfect First Date Outfit. Retrieved June 3, 2013, from
  6. 6. C) Women’s First Date Dress for Success Guide 1. Dress Appropriately It will confuse your date if you dress inappropriately. So, to create more good impression to your date, you should put on a comfortable wearing on date. You should also consider the venue, time, weather and tone of date. E.g. if just taking lunch, you should only dress up casually; or if you are going for jogging, bike riding, make sure you put on comfortable yet simple outfit. 2. Show off YOUR Style Your wearing style represents who you are and your first date outfit will show your first impression to your date. Dress your style differently to fit the occasion you are in and show off your taste based on your personality. Be confident in wearing something that you feel „you‟ in. Your confidence will be noticed or felt by him. 3. Dress to be feminine and attractive, not to tempt or tease Dress less revealing to avoid the misguiding that you are selling yourself to him. Don‟t emphasize too much in the way you dress. So, you should be dressed up feminine, smell nice, well-groomed from head to toe. If you are looking for serious, long-term relationship or marriage, show your interest with seriously attractive yet respect-worthy woman. This definitely would make him feel more affectionate to you. 4. Less is More Wear accessories that look simple yet beautiful to boost your appearance. In term of makeup, you should always try to stay on the less rather than more end of spectrum because men love a natural beauty. In brief, remember do not put on so thick makeup on your face so you can stand out your natural beauty and let him know what is your „true color‟.
  7. 7. Gardner, S. (July 12, 2010) Online Dating-Women First Date Dress Success Guide. Retrieved June 9, 2013 from 6373394.html?cat=41 D) What Should Women Wear on First Date 1. Show off Your Best Side Choose the outfit that flatter/ highlight your best assets and also don‟t draw attention to area you are insecure about. Make sure whatever you are wearing is well-fitting, neither too loose/large nor too small/tight. 2. Nothing New It is advisable not to make any changes to your own appearance or buy any brand new clothes on the day of your date. New clothes need an adjustment period for the wearer and it should be also laundered ahead of time. The best way for dating outfit is to stick on your look and remain your appearance that represents „yourself‟. 3. Accessorizing Flatter your natural beauty with minimum of makeup and accessories. For example, you can choose a series of colorful of jewelry to dress up a plainer outfit. If your outfit has its own embellishment, it is reasonable to skip jewelry. 4. Modesty There are a few of thought to keep in mind for modesty on your dating outfit. If you wear a skirt, make sure it is long enough and „safe‟ that your date don‟t see anything that you don‟t want to show. Be confident in dressing up to avoid any wardrobe malfunction.
  8. 8. 5. Comfort It is important that you are comfortable with your outfit on your first date. Imagine, it would be worst if you are uncomfortable with your attire, you double up your „degree of nervousness‟. So, it is a good idea to select the comfortable outfit that able to make your date and yourself feel at ease. Frisoni, E. (July 24, 2009) What To Wear On A First Date? 5 tips For Women, Retrieved June 6, 2013, from Video Tutorial: 1. First Date Outfits 2. What Should you Wear on a First Date?
  9. 9. Reference of Images: Figure 1.1 The Dating Pond Show By Author & Blogger Kris Anderson. (2012). Retrieved June 30, from Figure 1.2 Next Edition Fashion. (n.d). Retrieved June29, 2013 from Figure 1.3 DatingCOACHKK. (n.d). Retrieed June 29, 2013, from intervention-first-date-outfits-dress-your-best/