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Suyati has strong app development skills, which are designed to ride the mobile and other handheld devices wave. They include Android OS up to 4.2 (Jelly Bean), Windows Mobile OS up to 8 Mango, and iOS up to version 6.1.

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Apt Apps - Suyati Technologies

  1. 1. Apt Apps http://suyati.com
  2. 2. Entrepreneurial Spirit Exponential Growth • Over 5 decades of cumulative management experience in creating and delivering technology solutions to its clients Expert Breakup Person years Software Developer 17 66 • Serving satisfied clientele across India, US & Europe 63 Architects 37 • Dynamic growth driven by a young, vibrant force of 70+ employees Sr.Software Developer 49 Sr. Architects
  3. 3. • Caters to Publishing, Retail, Insurance and Telecom verticals • Microsoft Certified Gold Partner • Over 200 person years of experience in Microsoft Technologies
  4. 4. Maximizing investments Multiplying profits Customized collaboration • Empowering our partners to leverage technical, managerial and research talent at competitive costs through various collaborative models Enhanced value • Offering top value in collaborative software and product development with the most dedicated and talented teams in India – perfect for small & medium technology or service companies Smart solutions • Predictability and sustainability is an assured part of our solutions – innovative, with flexible engagement models, and skilled experts
  5. 5. Android mobile OS platform Android • Software platform and smart operating system for mobile/ tablet • Open sourced software stack Key features • Linux based operating system, superior security • Power development framework, rich Java library • Multiple tools for custom application development, ideal platform for inter-application integration • Open source, royalty free and license free • App store - Google Play, accessible through phone and web
  6. 6. Android mobile OS platform Our Android App capabilities include OS versions up to 4.2 (Jelly Bean) • • • • • • • Web services, database management Mapping integration, GPS tracking and integration Client-server communication GSM, EDGE, CDMA, EV-DO, UMTS, Wi-Fi & Bluetooth integration Networking & sensor technology Image/ barcode recognition Game development and animation
  7. 7. Windows Mobile OS platform Windows Mobile • OS for mobile devices; scaled down version of Windows OS Key features • • • • .Net based; easy to use .NET libraries Supports multiple languages Highly secure and reliable User familiarity with windows applications
  8. 8. Windows Mobile App Development Expertise Our Windows Mobile App capabilities include OS versions up to 8 Mango • • • • • • Web services , database management and networking Client server communication Enhanced UI features Mapping integration and GPS tracking Sensor technology Game Development and Animation
  9. 9. iOS Mobile Platform iOS • Smart operating system for iPhone/ iPad Client server communication • Combine internet with multi-touch technology Key features • • • • • Faster and smoother application development More than 1500 APIs Secure and reliable; robust application framework iCloud Storage, Newsstand Kit, Core Image, GLKit, Game Center APIs Apple App store
  10. 10. iOS App development expertise Our iOS application capabilities: Our iOS App capabilities include OS versions up to iOS 6.1 • • • • • • • • Web services Database management Networking Client server integration Enhanced UI Sensor technology Animation, 2D/3D Graphics Game Development
  11. 11. Success Story Key challenge: • Time and manpower issues due to an inconsistent waste management process Technology employed: • Developed an efficient waste collection and disposal system using Android Key solution features : • With the new operational capabilities enabled by our solution, the client has comprehensive visibility across the entire chain, with reduced costs and increased efficiency in the collection and disposal process. Plot optimized routes • Best possible route plotted with respect to the coordinates provided for each collection point and depending on the volume of waste to be collected Track route deviations • Tracking of predetermined route • Alert generated in case of deviation
  12. 12. Success Story Track container status: • Quantity of waste collected at each point monitored using WSN (Wireless Sensor Network) and RFID technology • Incidents related to containers such as damages, cleanliness etc. also monitored via Bluetooth communication Invoicing : • Delivery notes generated at the waste disposal centers which are further dispatched to the central server Proper resource allocation: • System enabled automatic redirects of valuable resources like drivers and trucks to mapped routes daily without direct supervision resulting in a drastic reduction in the costs related to planning activities
  13. 13. “Suyati is our preferred partner for our outsourced development work to supplement our own offshore teams. We love working with Suyati and constantly look for new opportunities to expand our partnership.“ Matthew | President Retail Fulfillment Service Provider Suyati Technologies Private Limited US +1 317 353 3082 http://suyati.com INDIA 2nd Floor, B-Wing, Thapasya Bldg. Infopark, Kakkanad Kochi – 682 030 +91 484 424 2800 US 47,South Pennsylvania Street Suite 700 Indianapolis, IN 46204 +1 313 427 1816 GERMANY (Business Partner) Consulting Team Hoeltgen GmbH Bussardweg 31 30880 Laatzen +49 511 9 82 52 81