The new order and the holocaust


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The new order and the holocaust

  1. 1. The New Order and The Holocaust “For your benefit, learn from our tragedy. It is not a written law that the next victims must be Jews” –Simon Wiesenthal
  2. 2. Resettlement  Hitler’s quest for “living space” for the Germans led to the “resettlement” of conquered territory.  Heinrich Himmler-SS leader- carried out resettlement plans in Eastern Europe  Slavs-Czech, Polish,Croatian,Slovene, and Ukrainian-moved out and replaced with Germans-2.2 mil move into Poland  Slavs and others were sent to slave labor camps  By 1944-7 mil European worker were laboring in Germany
  3. 3. Final Solution  The hatred of Jews became the key element in Hitler’s New Order.  Viewed Jews as parasites who were trying to destroy the Aryans.  Himmler and the SS shared Hitler’s racial ideas.  Himmler and the SS were in charge of the Final Solution.
  4. 4. Final Solution-Holocaust of the Jews The “Final Solution”  Holocaust- a sacrifice comes from the Wannsee wholly consumed by fire Conference were Hitler or a great destruction of met with Himmler and life, especially by fire. other top aids to discuss  The Jewish term for the what would be “the Final Holocaust is Shoah. Solution to the Jewish  Genocide-the systematic question.” The answer extermination of a was genocide. particular racial or ethnic group.
  5. 5. The Final Solution  Reinhard Heydrich- head of SS’s Security Service-in charge of administering Final Solution.  Created Einsatzgruppen- mobile killing units  Einsatzgruppen put Jews into ghettos- mainly in Poland
  6. 6. Einsatzgruppen June 1941-Einsatzgruppen were given orders to act as mobile killing units.  Followed the army into conquered lands and rounded up Jews and other “undesirables” and executed them-buried them in mass graves usually dug by the victims themselves.  Estimated 1million Jews were killed by the Einsatzgruppen  Proved to be too slow of a method for the Nazis-in 1942 the death camps opened.
  7. 7. Einsatzgruppen
  8. 8. Concentration and Death Camps There were 25 concentration camps across Europe and 6 death camps in Poland Auschwitz-largest camp-30% of arrivals went to work camps and the rest to the gas chambers. The ghettos in Poland were emptied and the Jews were sent to the death camps.
  9. 9. Transportation to Concentration Camp
  10. 10. Arrival at Concentration Camp
  11. 11. Life in the Concentration Camp
  12. 12. Death in the Concentration Camps
  13. 13. Death Toll 6 million European Jews- 2 out of 3 European Jews Another 9-10 million non-Jewish people  Gypsies (Roma)  Mentally handicapped  Homosexuals  Europeans of African decent  Slavs, Poles, Ukrainians, Belorussians  3-4 million Soviet soldiers (pow)
  14. 14. HolocaustMany ordinary Europeans saved Jewish lives by hiding Jews in their homes or helping them to flee Nazi controlled areas.Others collaborated or helped the Nazis hunt down Jews.
  15. 15. Holocaust in Pictures Gallery of Holocaust Images