Path to WWII


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How did WWII happen??? Wasn't the Treaty of Versailles suppose to stop this?

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Path to WWII

  1. 1. PATH TO WAR
  2. 2. German Path to WarMain Ideas- Hitler’s theory of racial domination laid the foundation for aggressive expansion of Germany - Needs more land for Aryan empire (lebensraum) - looks toward Soviet Union - Needs slave labor to build Third Reich - Turns to the Slavic people- Hitler violates the Treaty of Versailles, forms new alliances, makes demands, and invades countries
  3. 3. Hitler violates the Treaty of VersaillesHitler Italy, Great Britain, and France • Condemned Hitler’s actions and warned• Begins military draft and no more but were busy with internal, has plans for air force economic problems and do nothing• Sent German troops into • France cannot act without Great Britain’s support who feels Hitler is only Rhineland acting in retaliation but decide to let it go and keep Hitler happy
  4. 4. APPEASEMENT• In an attempt to avoid war, little was done to stop Hitler.• The thought was…give him what he wants and he will be happy. video
  5. 5. Alliances with GermanyMussolini (Italy) Japan Austria• Wants to create a new •Makes alliance • Creates union with his Roman empire one month after native land (Anschluss)• Invades Ethiopia Italian alliance • Threatens to invade• Aligns with Germany • Forces chancellor to put after Great Britain and •Anti – Comintern Austrian Nazis in charge France are angry with Pact against of gov’t invasion Communism • New gov’t allows Hitler• With Hitler, sends and troops to enter support to Franco in • Annexed Austria to Spain Germany• Made alliance with • The West did NOTHING Germany called Rome- to stop this – further Berlin Axis APPEASEMENT
  6. 6. Demands and Appeasement• Goal: destroy Czechoslovakia• Demands to be given Sudetenland – Land were many Germans were already living – Said he would go to war if needed
  7. 7. Munich Conference• Munich Conference – Great Britain, France, Germany, and Italy meet in Munich and made an agreement that met most of his demands – Hitler promises no more demands – Chamberlain says this is “peace for our time” and believes Hitler – Height of AppeasementResults: German troops are allowed to occupy Sudetenland, and Czechs are helpless without allies. Video
  8. 8. Winston Churchill• Member of Parliament• VERY suspicious of Hitler – does not trust him• When Chamberlain claims the Munich Conference has achieved “peace in our time” Churchill responds with:• “Britain and France had to choose between war and dishonor and they chose dishonor. They will have war.”• He will become PM in 1940
  9. 9. Hitler and European Powers• Hitler feels invincible • France and Great Britain and unstoppable – Realizes Hitler lied – Western Czech – Great Britain offers to • Invades and takes over protect Poland from Bohemia and Moravia Hitler’s demand of – Eastern Czech controlling Poland’s port • Slovakia becomes puppet – France and Great Britain state turn to Soviet Union and Stalin for assistance
  10. 10. Hitler Continues on His Path to War• Hitler – Believes Western powers will not step up to help Poland • Britain did promise to defend Poland if invaded – Does not want a two-front war if Great Britain and France do make an alliance with Soviet Union so he makes the alliance first • Nazi-Soviet Nonaggression Pact – 2 nations promised not to attack each other – Hitler promises Stalin control of eastern Poland and Baltic states (SHOCKER: He was lying again) HippoCampus
  11. 11. Germany Invades PolandBlitzkrieg • World is shocked by Nonaggression Pact – Fear of war increases • Germany invades Poland – Blitzkrieg • Two days later Britain and France declared war on Germany Video Video 2
  12. 12. The least you need to know:• Hitler’s idea of the Aryan race being superior brought about WWII• Hitler wanted to expand east• Treaty of Versailles limited GER military power – Hitler ignored it • GB – policy of appeasement• Rome-Berlin Axis – Hitler & Mussolini• Hitler wanted Sudetenland• Chamberlain – “peace for our time”• Nazi-Soviet Nonaggression pact – no fighting btw USSR & GER – Gave GER chance to invade Poland