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101 Awesome Marketing Quotes
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101 Awesome Marketing Quotes


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Published in: Business, Economy & Finance

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  • 1. 101!!Marketing!Quotes!@HubSpotTWEET EBOOK!!
  • 2. SETH GODIN!KEYNOTE SPEAKER!AUTHOR OF PERMISSION MARKETING!“If you wait until!there is another!case study!in your industry,!you will be "too late.!Image Credit: Josep Ma. RosellTWEET EBOOK!!
  • 3. People share, read and!generally engage more with!any type of content when!it’s surfaced through friends "& people they know and trust.!“ MALORIE LUCICH!FACEBOOK SPOKESPERSON!Image Credit: Fr. Stephen, MSC
  • 4. CHRIS BROGAN!KEYNOTE SPEAKER!FOUNDER, NEW MARKETING LABS!No matter what, !the very first piece of!social media real estate!I’d start with is a blog.!“Image Credit: Colette Cassinelli
  • 5. DAVID MEERMAN SCOTT!MARKETING STRATEGIST!AUTHOR OF THE NEW RULES OF MARKETING AND PR!Instead of !one-way interruption,!Web marketing!is about delivering!useful content!at just the precise!moment that!a buyer needs it.!“Image Credit:By SeLmAn pInArLI
  • 6. Image Credit: FishTechIncreasingly, the massmarketing is turning into!a mass of niches.!“CHRIS ANDERSON!AUTHOR OF THE LONG TAIL!
  • 7. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GUY KAWASAKI!FORMER CHIEF EVANGELIST, APPLE!CO-FOUNDER, ALLTOP.COM!When you enchant !People, your goal !is not to make money !from them or to get them!to do what you want, !but to fill them "with great delight.!Image Credit: Purple Phoenix“
  • 8. BRIAN CLARK!FOUNDER, COPYBLOGGER!Remarkable social !media content and!great sales copy are !pretty much the same"—plain spoken words!designed to focus !on the needs!of the reader, listener, !or viewer.!“Image Credit: Chiceaux
  • 9. “The next time you hear "a social media myth, question it. !Ask for the proof,!and ask out loud.!DAN ZARRELLA!SOCIAL MEDIA SCIENTIST!HUBSPOT!
  • 10. “Bring the best of your authenticself to every opportunity.!JOHN JANTSCH!AUTHOR OF DUCT TAPE MARKETING!Image Credit: snre“
  • 11. DARREN ROWSE!FOUNDER, PROBLOGGER!There are no magic wands,!no hidden tricks,!and no secret handshakes!that can bring you!immediate success,!but with time, energy, "and determination!you can get there.!“Image Credit: Hryck!!
  • 12. TONY HSIEH!CEO, ZAPPOS.COM!Your culture is your brand.!Image Credit: TerryJohnston TWEET EBOOK!!
  • 13. LAURA FITTON!FOUNDER, ONEFORTY.COM!Focus on the !core problem !your business !solves & put out!lots of content "& enthusiasm,!& ideas about how !to solve that problem.!!“Image Credit: Machine Project
  • 14. You can’t just ask!customers what!they want and!then try to give!that to them.!By the time you get it!built, they’ll want!something new.!Image Credit: Kevin N. Murphy!!!STEVE JOBS!CEO, APPLE!
  • 15. TIM O’REILLY & SARAH MILSTEIN!CO-AUTHORS OF THE TWITTER BOOK!Image Credit: LarimdaMEThe biggest mistake we see !companies make when they first!hit Twitter is to think about it !as a channel to push out information.!“
  • 16. DR. FLINT MCGLAUGHLIN!DIRECTOR, MECLABS!Clarity trumps persuasion.!“Image Credit: fox_kiyoTWEET QUOTE!!
  • 17. “Don’t be afraid to get!creative and experiment !with your marketing.!MIKE VOLPE!CHIEF MARKETING OFFICER!HUBSPOT!
  • 18. STEVE WOZNIAK!CO-FOUNDER, APPLE!You need the kind of !objectivity that makes !you forget everything !you’ve heard, !clear the table, !and do a factual study !like a scientist would.!“
  • 19. TWEET QUOTE!!“Make the customer!the hero of yourstory.!ANN HANDLEY!CHIEF CONTENT OFFICER!MARKETINGPROFS!Image Credit: Fotographia GuerillaTWEET EBOOK!!
  • 20. …the Internethas turned whatused to be acontrolled, one-way messageinto a real-timedialogue withmillions.!“DANIELLE SACKS!WRITER, FAST COMPANY!
  • 21. In today’sinformation ageof Marketing andWeb 2.0, acompany’swebsite is thekey to theirentire business.!“Image Credit: BethanMARCUS SHERIDAN!AUTHOR OF THE SALES LION BLOG!MARKETING SPEAKER!
  • 22. DANAH BOYD!SOCIAL MEDIA RESEARCHER!MICROSOFT!The way you can understand!all of the social media!is as the creation of!a new kind of public space.!“Image Credit: ghirson
  • 23. NANCY DUARTE!PRESIDENT AND CEO, DUARTE DESIGN!“TWEET QUOTE!!Presentations!are the most!amazing persuasiontool available inorganizations today.!Image Credit: AJC1
  • 24. D!!!!!!!!!Image Credit: xJasonRogersx“ GAIL GOODMAN!PRESIDENT & CEO!CONSTANT CONTACT!What makes content engaging isrelevancy. You need to connect !the contact information with the !content information.!
  • 25. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Give them quality.!Thats the best kind of advertising.!MILTON HERSHEY!FOUNDER!THE HERSHEY CHOCOLATE COMPANY!Image Credit: Bob.Fornal
  • 26. GARY VAYNERCHUK!AUTHOR OF THE THANK YOU ECONOMY!More contact means more sharing ofinformation, gossiping, exchanging,engaging—in short, more word of mouth.!“Image Credit: questin
  • 27. MATT CUTTS!GOOGLE!Thinkaboutwhat!a user !is going !to type.!TWEET EBOOK!!“Image Credit: TheGiantVermin
  • 28. For corporate marketers,podcasting is low-hanging fruit.!“ PAUL GILLIN!AUTHOR OF THE NEW INFLUENCERS!
  • 29. Image Credit: Pedro Moura Pinheiro“STEVE GARFIELD!VIDEOGRAPHER AND VIDEO BLOGGER!AUTHOR OF GET SEEN!!!!!!Video is just!one part of a !marketing plan.!!It fits certain!messages & people !better than others.!
  • 30. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ANDREW NACHISON !FOUNDER, WE MEDIA!Institutions thatonce had to gothrough media!to deliverinformation !are nowthemselvesmedia.!“Image Credit: chris.corwin!
  • 31. “Before you createany more “greatcontent,” figure outhow you are goingto market it first.!JOE PULIZZI & NEWT BARRETT!AUTHORS OF GET CONTENT GET CUSTOMERS!Image Credit:cadfael1979!
  • 32. If you have more money than brains,you should focus on outboundmarketing. If you have more brainsthan money, you should focus oninbound marketing.!“GUY KAWASAKI!FORMER CHIEF EVANGELIST, APPLE!CO-FOUNDER, ALLTOP.COM!Image Credit: RangerRick!
  • 33. “People shop and learn "in a whole new way "compared to just a few "years ago, so marketers needto adapt or risk extinction.!BRIAN HALLIGAN!CO-AUTHOR OF INBOUND MARKETING !CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER, HUBSPOT!
  • 34. D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!D!!!!!!!!!!!BRIAN REICH & DAN SOLOMON!AUTHORS OF MEDIA RULES!!Understand why and how "your audience uses technology!and then start trying to align!your communications efforts.!“Image Credit:!notashamed!
  • 35. Audiences everywhere are tough. They donhave time to be bored or brow beaten byorthodox, old fashioned advertising.!CRAIG DAVIS!
  • 36. Image Credit: Sidereal!The attention economy is notgrowing, which means we have tograb the attention that someoneelse has today.! BRENT LEARY!CO-FOUNDER, CRM ESSENTIALS!“
  • 37. D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GEOFFREY MOORE!AUTHOR OF DEALING WITH DARWIN!We have embarkedupon the world’slargest and longestcocktail party, !and every issueimaginable is up !for grabs.!“Image Credit:!Jeremy Brooks!
  • 38. !!!!!!DAVID MEERMAN SCOTT!MARKETING STRATEGIST!AUTHOR OF THE NEW RULES OF MARKETING AND PR!“Social media are tools.!Real time is a mindset.!Image Credit: stockerre!
  • 39. Increasingly, search is our mechanismfor how we understand ourselves,our world, and our place within it.!JOHN BATTELLE!FOUNDER!FEDERATED MEDIA PUBLISHING!Image Credit: !MicMacPics1!
  • 40. Either write something worth reading ordo something worth writing about.!BENJAMIN FRANKLIN!“ Image Credit:!lhalstead!
  • 41. Search, !a marketingmethod thatdidn’t exist adecade ago,provides the mostefficient andinexpensive wayfor businesses tofind leads.!“JOHN BATTELLE!JOURNALIST!FOUNDER, FEDERATED MEDIAPUBLISHING!!
  • 42. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!D!!!!!!!!!!!LARRY WEBER!AUTHOR OF MARKETING TO THE SOCIAL WEB!For the past 10years, corporationshave been trainedthat they should useall the differentmedia... !But the Internet isbecoming theumbrella.!“Image Credit:!♥ Unlimited!
  • 43. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AARON WALL!AUTHOR OF THE SEOBOOK BLOG!“Doing well with blogging!is not about writing one keypost, it is about performing dayafter day and helping a fewpeople at a time.!!
  • 44. You can’texpect!to just write and!have visitors!come to you"—that’s toopassive.!!!“Image Credit: Aunt Owwee!ANITA CAMPBELL!FOUNDER & CEO,!SMALLBIZTRENDS.COM!
  • 45. D!!!!!!!!!!!JOE PULIZZI & NEWT BARRETT!AUTHORS OF GET CONTENT GET CUSTOMERS!Word-of-mouth!marketing has!always been!important.!Today, it’s more!important than "ever because of the!power of the Internet.!“Image Credit:!winterofdiscontent!
  • 46. CHRIS BROGAN & JULIEN SMITH!AUTHORS OF TRUST AGENTS!In a way, the Web is like "your Hollywood agent: "It speaks for you wheneveryou’re not around to comment.!“Image Credit:!gavinj1984!
  • 47. “For business,our Internet loveaffair was a giftfrom the gods.!GARY VAYNERCHUK!AUTHOR OF!THE THANK YOU ECONOMY!Image Credit:!CarbonNYC!
  • 48. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Corporations must answerquestions about why theyshould be in theblogosphere.!!Small businesses need toanswer questions aboutwhy they shouldn’t.!“PAUL GILLIN!AUTHOR OF THE NEW INFLUENCERS!Image Credit:!Mylla!
  • 49. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!“Good contentshould be at theheart of yourstrategy, but it isequally important tokeep the displaycontext of thatcontent in mind aswell.!Image Credit: Lee Ann L.!TIM FRICK!AUTHOR OF RETURN ON ENGAGEMENT!!
  • 50. No matter what orwhom we’re talkingabout, from moviesto chiropractors tobooks to financialplanners, theconsumer hankers!after specialization.!“SUSAN FRIEDMANN!AUTHOR OF RICHES IN NICHES!
  • 51. The right people to startvideo blogging are thosewith a passion to tell a story.!STEVE GARFIELD!VIDEOGRAPHER AND VIDEO BLOGGER!AUTHOR OF GET SEEN!Image Credit: jaqian!
  • 52. “I am all for conversations.!But you need to have a message.!RENEE BLODGETT!PRESIDENT!BLODGETT COMMUNICATIONS!Image Credit: Daniel Y. Go!
  • 53. DON TAPSCOTT & ANTHONY D. WILLIAMS!AUTHORS OF WIKINOMICS!Your network is your filter.!Image Credit: C. St
  • 54. DAVID ARMANO!EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT,!EDELMAN DIGITAL!When you’ve gotpeople commentingon your stuff orcalling you out orchallenging you—you have to beprepared to guardyourself from beingsomething that isn’tyou.!“Image Credit: Artz!!
  • 55. “No matter your sector, chancesare that people are alreadytwittering about your products,your brand, your company or!at least your industry.!TIM O’REILLY & SARAH MILSTEIN!CO-AUTHORS OF!THE TWITTER BOOK!Image Credit: ejbSF!
  • 56. “What happens online is you areconstantly dealing with invisibleaudiences.! DANAH BOYD!SOCIAL MEDIA RESEARCHER!MICROSOFT!Image Credit: joncandy!
  • 57. CHARLENE LI!CO-AUTHOR OF GROUNDSWELL!Twitter is not a technology.!Its a conversation.!And its happening!with or without you.!“Image Credit: !THEMACGIRL*!
  • 58. To trust agents,!hyperlinks are thetwenty-first-centuryequivalent of thename-dropper.!CHRIS BROGAN & JULIEN SMITH!AUTHORS OF TRUST AGENTS!
  • 59. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Good-bye, Broadcast.!Hello, Conversation.!“Image Credit:!Mac Babs - Bárbara Bessa.!SHEL ISRAEL!CO-AUTHOR OF NAKED CONVERSATIONS!
  • 60. Marketers need to build digitalrelationships and reputationbefore closing a sale.!“Image Credit:!Nisha A!CHRIS BROGAN!KEYNOTE SPEAKER!FOUNDER, NEW MARKETING LABS!
  • 61. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!“…as you’ve noticed,!people don’t want to!be sold.!!What people do want is!news and information!about the things they!care about.!Image Credit:!By PinkMoose!LARRY WEBER!AUTHOR OF MARKETING TO THE SOCIAL WEB!
  • 62. You want to invent new ideas,not new rules.!“ Image Credit:!doug88888!DAN HEATH!MARKETING SPEAKER!CO-AUTHOR OF MADE TO STICK!
  • 63. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Businesses should follow!and learn from others’successes and failures!in order to betterunderstand and predicttheir own.!“TWEET QUOTE!!Image Credit:!Menina Dedê!BEN MEZRICH!AUTHOR OF THE ACCIDENTAL BILLIONAIRES!!
  • 64. “Image Credit: Artiii!Companies arelearning that it’smuch better to offercustomers a placeto give directfeedback at theirvirtual doorstepthan to ignorecomplaints and letthem crop upeverywhere.!BRIAN REICH & DAN SOLOMON!AUTHORS OF MEDIA RULES!!!
  • 65. ““To be successful!and grow your business andrevenues, you must!match the way you market yourproducts with the way yourprospects learn about!and shop for your products.!BRIAN HALLIGAN!CO-AUTHOR OF INBOUND MARKETING !CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER, HUBSPOT!
  • 66. “Smartphones arereinventing the connection!between companies!and their customers.!Image Credit: Ziębol!RICH MINER!PARTNER, GOOGLE VENTURES!CO-FOUNDER, ANDROID!
  • 67. !!!!!!!!!!Understand the key factors!in the math behind!viral marketing, and use those!to figure out what it!takes to get viral growth.!Image Credit: Woodlouse!DAVID SKOK!GENERAL PARTNER,!MATRIX PARTNERS!!“
  • 68. You’ve probably!got a device on!you that can shoot !decent video, !so what’s stopping "you? !!Capture and share!some moments.!“Image Credit: !KTVee!STEVE GARFIELD!VIDEO BLOGGER!AUTHOR OF GET SEEN!!
  • 69. Think like acustomer.“Image Credit: decafinatPAUL GILLIN!AUTHOR OF THE NEW INFLUENCERS!
  • 70. “Effectiveengagement isinspired by theempathy thatdevelops simplyby being human.!Image Credit: !EUSKALANATO!BRIAN SOLIS!PRINCIPAL, ALTIMETER GROUP!AUTHOR OF ENGAGE!!
  • 71. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!From sixdegrees toFriendster!to Facebook, !social networking!has become afamiliar andubiquitous part ofthe Internet.!!Image Credit: !Franco Folini!DAVID KIRKPATRICK!AUTHOR OF THE FACEBOOK EFFECT!!“
  • 72. We’re all learning here;!the best listeners will!end up the smartest.!“Image Credit: !dsassoi!CHARLENE LI & JOSH BERNOFF!AUTHORS OF GROUNDSWELL!
  • 73. ““DAN ZARRELLA!SOCIAL MEDIA SCIENTIST!HUBSPOT!!Marketing isn’t magic.!There is a science to it.!!
  • 74. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!“Holding backtechnology to preservebroken businessmodels is like allowingblacksmiths to vetothe internalcombustion engine inorder to protect theirhorseshoes.! DON TAPSCOTT & ANTHONY D. WILLIAMS!AUTHORS OF WIKINOMICS!!
  • 75. The future of business!is social.!“Image Credit: greekaBARRY LIBERT!AUTHOR OF SOCIAL NATION!CEO, MZINGA!!TWEET EBOOK!!
  • 76. Keep your eye out for!hot topics and trends.!The media is constantly!looking for timely !stories.!“Image Credit: motograf!JIM KUKRAL!MARKETING SPEAKER!AUTHOR OF ATTENTION!!!
  • 77. Traditional methods!of sales prospecting!are grossly inefficient.!“Image Credit: dominiqueb!JILL KONRATH!SALES KEYNOTE SPEAKER!AUTHOR OF SNAP SELLING!!
  • 78. I can take whatI learned fromwriting articles,educate a newaudience with "a new channel,and leapfrogothercompanies "who aren’tembracing thisnow.!Image Credit: John Vetterli!BRIAN J. CARROLL!CEO, INTOUCH!!“
  • 79. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!By publishingcontent that showsbuyers youunderstand their!problems and canshow them how tosolve them, you buildcredibility.!!“ARDATH ALBEE!AUTHOR OF EMARKETING STRATEGIES !FOR THE COMPLEX SALE!!
  • 80. Already, companies!that speak in the!language of thepitch,the dog-and-ponyshow, are no longerspeaking!to anyone.!“THE CLUETRAIN MANIFESTO!Image Credit: Dottie Mae!
  • 81. Authenticity, honesty, and personalvoice underlie much of what’ssuccessful on the Web.!“ RICK LEVINE!CO-AUTHOR THE CLUETRAIN MANIFESTO!!
  • 82. DAVID WEINBERGER!AUTHOR OF EVERYTHING IS MISCELLANEOUS!!Your organization!is becoming hyperlinked.!Whether you like it or not.!It’s bottom-up; it’s unstoppable.!“
  • 83. When all you’ve got is a hammer,bad service looks like a nail.!“ DOC SEARLS!JOURNALIST!CO-AUTHOR OF!THE CLUETRAIN MANIFESTO!!TWEET EBOOK!!
  • 84. “Take two ideasand put themtogether to makeone new idea.After all, what is aSnuggie but themutation of ablanket and arobe?!JIM KUKRAL!MARKETING SPEAKER!AUTHOR OF ATTENTION!!!
  • 85. Recognize thatgiveaway itemsserve as silentambassadors,reinforcing yourExpert Identity—choose themcarefully!!SUSAN FRIEDMANN!AUTHOR OF RICHES IN NICHES!!!“
  • 86. Money followspassion—!not the otherway around.!TWEET EBOOK!!“DAVID SITEMAN GARLAND!HOST OF THE RISE TO THE TOP!Image Credit: BlakJakDavy!
  • 87. For many businesses, !the fear behind their social media reluctanceisn’t just fear of failure but of blame andaccountability—both individual and collective.!“JAY BAER & AMBER NASLUND!AUTHORS OF THE NOW REVOLUTION!!!
  • 88. Companies need to lighten up and takethemselves less seriously. !They need to get!a sense of humor.!THE CLUETRAIN MANIFESTO!
  • 89. Until Facebook camealong, there was!hardly anywhere on the!public Internet where!you had to operate!with your real name.!“DAVID KIRKPATRICK!AUTHOR OF THE FACEBOOK EFFECT!
  • 90. By listening, !marketing will re-learn!how to talk.!“DOC SEARLS & DAVID WEINBERGER!CO-AUTHORS OF THE CLUETRAIN MANIFESTO!!
  • 91. Companies need!connections to theirmarkets to create!long-term loyalty.!“CHARLENE LI & JOSH BERNOFF!AUTHORS OF GROUNDSWELL!
  • 92. There’s a lot of fear-mongering about“losing control” ofyour brand online,when, in fact, you’vegot control over asmuch as you alwayshave: how youpresent yourbusiness and howyou act.!JAY BAER & AMBER NASLUND!AUTHORS OF THE NOW REVOLUTION!!
  • 93. Be passionate!about the culture andthe business, andremain positive,because it inspiresothers.!“BARRY LIBERT!AUTHOR OF SOCIAL NATION!CEO, MZINGA!
  • 94. “Good is the enemy ofgreat... The vast majorityof good companies remajust that—good, but notgreat.!Image Credit: CharlesJIM COLLAUTHOR OF GOOD TO GRE
  • 95. Those who build!and perpetuate mediocrity…are motivated more by!the fear of being left behind.!“JIM COLLINS!AUTHOR OF GOOD TO GREAT!
  • 96. …one way tosell a consumersomething in thefuture is simplyto get his or herpermission inadvance.!“SETH GODIN!AUTHOR OF PERMISSION MARKETING!
  • 97. In this age ofmicrobloggingand two-secondsound bites,almost no onehas the attentionspan, or time, toread more than afew sentences.!“TIM FRICK!AUTHOR OF RETURN ON ENGAGEMENT!
  • 98. “Once you haveyour questionsand stories, mapthem to the buyingprocess—just asyour prospect willexperience them.!ARDATH ALBEE!AUTHOR OF EMARKETINGSTRATEGIES FOR THE COMPLEX SALE!!
  • 99. What we really need isa mindset shift that willmake us relevant totoday’s consumers, amindset shift from‘telling & selling’ tobuilding relationships.!JIM STENGEL!FORMER GLOBAL MARKETING OFFICER !PROCTER & GAMBLE!!“
  • 100. It no longer makes economic sense tosend an advertising message to the manyin hopes of persuading the few.!M. LAWRENCE LIGHT"FORMER CHIEF MARKETING OFFICER!MCDONALDS!“
  • 101. When you break down!all the fluff, !there are two ways topromote and marketyour business: dumber,slower, and expensive—or smarter, faster, andcheaper.!“DAVID SITEMAN GARLAND!HOST OF THE RISE TO THE TOP!!
  • 102. There is no black magic!to successfully attractingcustomers via the Web.!RAND FISHKIN!FOUNDER, SEOMOZ!!
  • 103. INSPIRED?!Start working on your successstory online. Sign up for aHubSpot free trial and see howthe interaction of contentcreation, engagement andanalytics leads to awesomemarketing results. !!Sign Up for HubSpot’sFree 30-Day Trial!!!