Pethealth Inc Annual Report - 2010

Pethealth Inc Annual Report - 2010



2010 Annual Report for Pethealth (TSX: PTZ)

2010 Annual Report for Pethealth (TSX: PTZ)



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Pethealth Inc Annual Report - 2010 Pethealth Inc Annual Report - 2010 Document Transcript

  • 2010 SHELTER REPORTIn 1999, Pethealth Inc. entered the market as one of the first companies in North Americaproviding health insurance for people’s pets. Since that time, Pethealth has evolved intoa multi-faceted entity offering a comprehensive range of pet health insurance programsfor cats and dogs, cost-effective microchipping and Lost Pet Recovery services, leadinganimal data management platforms, and most recently, a national online registry ofadoptable pets and an ecommerce platform offering pet pharmacy and supplies. Throughthe integration of its programs, Pethealth successfully executes a business model whichallows shelters, humane societies, SPCAs, and rescue groups to significantly reduce theiroperating costs and engender new revenue streams while at the same time allowingPethealth to generate the returns necessary for its shareholders. 2010 Shelter Report
  • Table of Contents2 2010 Highlights4 Our Team6 President’s Message8 VP of Marketing’s Message10 Managing Director of PetPoint Solutions’ Message12 Pethealth Financials13 PetPoint15 24PetWatch16 ShelterCare17 Petango19 PetPoint Commercial and Volunteer Insurance Program Highlights21 Corporate Information1 2010 Shelter Report
  • 2010 HIGHLIGHTS 2,023,658 Intakes 784,845 1,569 Adoptions Animal Welfare Organizations had licensed PetPoint by December 31, 2010 403,409 Transfers 24PetWatch Database: 4,111,686 PetPoint Held Records on: Subscriptions by December 31, 2010 11,032,692 Animals 2,197,635 Behaviour Tests 7,534,589 1,083,709 Vaccinations Spay/Neuter Surgeries By December 31, 2010 2 2010 Shelter Report
  • Animal Intakes Through PetPoint 600,000 480,000Adoptions Through PetPoint250,000 360,000200,000 240,000150,000 120,000100,000 0 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 07 08 09 10 50,000 0 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 07 08 09 10 Licensed Organizations Using PetPoint 1,500 1,200 900 600 300 0 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 07 08 09 10 3 2010 Shelter Report
  • OUR TEAMNorth AmericanShelter PetPointManagement CommercialTeam Insurance TeamMark Warren Susan Arts John WardenPresident & CEO, Pethealth Inc. Vice President of Marketing Vice President, Insurance 24PetWatch Microchip Sales TeamSteve Zeidman Brad Grucelski Barry J. HeroldManaging Director, Director, PetPoint Solutions, Account ExecutivePetPoint Solutions Software Delivery Sharon Simas Senior Account Manager Dianah Macias PetPoint Account Manager Sales Team Stefani Serdar Corene MacLaughlin Account Manager Account Manager 4 2010 Shelter Report
  • ShelterOutreachTeamGilberto Gandra Mary Bart HoustonRegional Director Regional Director PetPoint Customer Support TeamJorge Ortega Tammy FoxRegional Director Regional Director Lori Buchowicz Mellisa Wainscott Training Manager Customer Support SpecialistPatty Frohme Roma NewellRegional Director Regional Director Kat Vincent Lissa Cooper Customer Support Specialist Customer Support SpecialistCaroline Eller Deborah CollingsRegional Director Regional Director Meg Earsley Jeremy Blodgett Technical Support Manager Customer Support SpecialistMargo Smythe Kate MacBethManager North American Event & Outreach CoordinatorShelter Outreach Pam Levin Dav Virk Business Analyst Customer Support Specialist 5 2010 Shelter Report
  • President’sMessage I am pleased to present to you our 2010 annual Shelter Report. 2010 • A total dollar value contribution to animal welfare of $41,898,160 including the cost savings provided through making PetPoint free to use, savings in the cost of microchip implantation and registration, savings through claims paid by our underwriter under the ShelterCare gift of insurance program, and commissions provided through sales at • A total of 1,569 licensed • Over 780,000 adoptions completed • Launch of the Petango “Find a PetPoint users by December 31, via PetPoint, representing a 15% Pet” smart phone application. The 2010, representing a 21% increase over 2009. Consistent rapid growth of mobile technology increase over 2009. Taking full with our predictions from last prompted the development of the advantage of the new modules year, reported trending from first and only application updated and improvements within the independent third party sources with a real time, live information platform, users indicate PetPoint and trends in our own data feed allowing mobile users to saves them time, reduces indicate adoption has now search for Lost and Found pets operating costs, and helps overtaken all other individual and adoptable pets on Petango. reduce the length of stay channels of new pet acquisition The application has recorded over for animals in their care by in the United States. 160,000 unique pets viewed since up to 65%. it was launched in February 2010. • Over 2 million intakes recorded • Over 8.9 million unique visitors on through PetPoint. Although The growing the goal of the animal welfare success of our adoptable search community is to see this number site has most recently been decrease, our ability to aggregate buoyed by an integrated social data on a growing number of media marketing campaign intakes from a growing number with the objective of increasing of organizations allows us not only adoptions and decreasing the to return this information to our length of stay of animals in the users, but also to identify and care of our PetPoint users (more respond to trends in a way on page 7). that benefits the community as a whole. 6 2010 Shelter Report
  • Our successes in 2010 are shared 2. Through the launch of the At the time of writing, nearly 1,650by those members of the animal PetPoint Transfer Network, we animal welfare organizations runwelfare community licensing our have successfully developed the our PetPoint application, a testamentPetPoint software. Though it was a first and only logistics platform to its value, the hard work of ourchallenging year, during which many for the coordination of animal IT department and the contributionsof us felt the effects of a recovering transfers between animal welfare of our partners who continually guideNorth American economy, our 2010 groups. The transfer of adoptable us toward the development of a better,results prove not only the resilience pets between organizations on more effective animal managementof the shelters and rescues we local, regional, and even national tool. A number of these developmentswork with. They also highlight the levels is becoming increasingly within PetPoint are concurrent with thevalue of our business model and common, as demonstrated by the expansion of our Petango brand andour continued ability to balance over 400,000 animals transported our goal to provide the best, mostthe needs of our shareholders while via PetPoint in 2010. With over efficient tool for shelters and rescuesproviding cost effective products and 70% of inbound transfers resulting to promote their adoptable pets andservices to humane societies, SPCAs, in adoption, it is our belief our put more animals in homes. To thisand rescue groups that increase partners and other organizations end, I would like to thank Susan Artsoperational efficiency and generate will increasingly seek transfers as for her tireless efforts and strongadditional revenue streams. an effective method of reducing leadership of the marketing teamLast year was a year of growth and euthanasia and generating which has worked diligently tochange at Pethealth, including the a more balanced population fuel this growth.addition of several new members distribution. As promised, last year saw theand programs to our marketing 3. We successfully launched the addition of two new membersdepartment and a robust schedule first online edition of our monthly to our shelter outreach personnel,of development and expansion “PetPoint Report” in October of Caroline Eller and Deborah Collings,within PetPoint. I will leave it last year, providing year-on-year who have already demonstrated theirto Susan Arts, our Vice President comparison of different categories value and commitment, bringing usof Marketing, and Steve Zeidman, of animal intakes and outcomes to an eight member team. Locatedour Managing Director of PetPoint through which trends in animal in various regions across the UnitedSolutions to discuss these changes welfare can be identified through States and Canada, each member ofand our plans for the future in objective analysis. With each the team is dedicated to providingdetail. However, allow me to consecutive issue a larger picture you hands on support to ensurehighlight some events that will of the state of animal welfare in you are maximizing the valueshape our progress in 2011. North America emerges. This is a of the products and services1. In response to the growing valuable example of the importance we provide. sophistication of shelter of data collection carried out through PetPoint and our ability With these and other changes management and your leading the way, 2011 promises demands for additional to use aggregate data for the benefit of all our partners in to be an exciting year for all of new functionality, we have us, and I look forward to the embarked on the development animal welfare. challenges that lie ahead. of “Enterprise,” the first fee-based application within Mark Warren PetPoint, to provide new levels President & CEO, of IT efficiency, elastic scalability, Pethealth Inc. and enterprise-class quality of service to those organisations seeking greater technological efficiency. At the same time, we will continue development of our free application with the release of PetPoint 4.0, the next generation of PetPoint with new modules and functionality. 7 2010 Shelter Report
  • • Launch of the Petango “Find traffic has been driven from these a Pet” mobile application for sources to both iPhone and iPad. and Petango adoptable search and we expect to see these metrics growVP of 2010 was a year of tremendous learning and growth for the marketing as we continue to build the Petango community.Marketing’s team at Pethealth. Our department grew from 5 to 9 members with experts in In 2010, we continued to enhanceMessage the areas of brand management, email to improve marketing, social media management shopping usability, expand product and creative design. Each member lines, and introduce specialty themed of the marketing team is committed shops and categories. With over to improving the lives of homeless pets 4,000 products now available, and we are continually working together continues to generate creative marketing programs to show strong growth while in support of our shelter partners. supporting the animal welfare community through its Shelter PetPoint managed animal welfare Donation Program. organizations and Pethealth pursue similar audiences for their programs Our 2011 Plans and services. The demographic is Throughout the course of 2011, we comprised mainly of women, primarily will be refocusing our efforts to reduce moms between the ages 35 and 50, the length of stay of adoptable pets in who have a strong propensity to shelters, improve adoption rates, and support social causes. The 2010 Cone generate greater awareness of both Cause Evolution Study notes that pet adoption and our Shelter Donation 92% of women surveyed want to Program through which new pet buy a product that supports a cause adopters can continue to support and 61% purchased cause-related shelters with their pet-related purchases.One of the primary goals of our products in the past year, more In addition, we have developed aPethealth marketing team is to create than any other demographic. BlogHer’s number of revenue generating programscompelling marketing programs that 2010 Social Media Matters survey noted for our partners along with an enhancedfacilitate timely adoptions for every dog that 67.5 million U.S. women alone are adoptable search program designedand cat that enters a PetPoint managed active social media users and based to drive a higher volume of potentialanimal welfare organization. In addition, on Comscore’s February 2010 Women adopters into shelters. As always, itwe are continuously striving to improve on the Web survey, women also account is our goal to provide services that willthe quality of every homeless pet’s life for more than 61% of online purchases add value to the adoptions carried outby promoting best practices such and over 58% of online dollars spent. by our partner organizations and reduceas microchipping and registration operational workload so shelter staff To better understand the and volunteers can spend more timealong with pet insurance to help behaviors and needs of this dedicated to the animals in their care.mitigate the risks normally associated powerful demographic, 2010with new pet ownership. was the year we invested heavily PETANGO PETMATCHTo this end, in 2010, our highlights in social media to drive our cause Launched in early May, Petangoincluded: marketing messages. Social media Petmatch is a unique service that marketing has allowed us to engage matches potential pet owners to• Over 94.8 million page views not only our pet community, but also adoptable pets based on their via Petango adoptable search; our partner shelters and their fans personality, lifestyle, and pet and followers. Through web platforms preferences. Whether a person• Over 748,000 adoptions of like Facebook and Twitter we are is looking for a pet who is active homeless dogs and cats in also able to actively support various or passive, playful or peaceful, finding permanent homes; shelter initiatives while increasing stoic or a social butterfly, Petango• The enrollment of over 580,000 the exposure of Petango and Petmatch will help potential adopters dogs and cats into the ShelterCare to pet lovers: find their perfect pet. The popularity Gift of Insurance program, with over two brands that help raise awareness of Petango Petmatch is expected to $10,000,000 paid out in claims since about the importance of pet adoption drive more traffic to shelter websites, the launch of the program in 2002; and supporting the animal welfare increase foot traffic into shelters, and community. ultimately increase overall adoption• Over 1.2 million dogs and cats rates and reduce the length of shelter microchipped and registered As a result of social media investment, stay for adoptable pets. in our 24PetWatch Lost Pet we have been able to engage with and Recovery network; deliver key messages to over 35,000 THE PETANGO STORE Facebook fans and over 3,700 Twitter WHITE LABEL PROGRAM• Over $46,700 in donations to our followers of which nearly 40% are Beginning in July, animal welfare partners generated via purchases from members of our key demographic. organizations will be able to enroll; Since the launch of our social media in white label initiatives, an increasing amount of program, allowing our partner 8 2010 Shelter Report
  • shelters and rescues to outsource Destination Adoption: 5 Geauga Humane Society’severy aspect of their online and “Destination Adoption” was a shelter Rescue Villageoffline retail activities, including contest that ran from February 16 to 6 Northumberland Humane Societyonline store management, order April 8, 2011, to encourage sheltersfulfillment, product expansion and to implement best practices by adding 7 Windham County Humane Societycustomer service. The white label photos, videos, and descriptions in 8 Animal Rescue League of Marshalltownstore offers fully customizable coloring adoptable pet profiles. Based on 9 The Washington Countyand branding, thereby allowing our our own data, creating a rich-media Humane Societywhite label partners to direct their adoptable search experience fornew pet adopters to an online store potential pet owners increases the 10 Austin Humane Societycarrying the name of the organization. chance of that pet being shared, Though only 10 organizations will receive posted, linked to, viewed, and a material reward for their efforts, basedPETANGO AD NETWORK ultimately adopted. In 2010, petsOur ability to manage advertising on reports from our participants, our made available for adoption in Destination Adoption contest not onlyinventory via our banner ad platform PetPoint were:allows shelters to benefit from an succeeded in rallying shelter staff andadditional revenue stream without • 8% more likely to be adopted volunteers to revitalize their adoptableinvesting technical or advertising with a photo in their profile; pet profiles but also proved that photos,sales resources. With a simple videos and descriptive details and petplacement of code on shelter • 10% more likely to be adopted history helps build connections betweenwebsites, our banner ad platform with a video in their profile; adoptable pets and potential adopters,can deliver advertising across all increasing adoptions and reducing the • 14% more likely to be adopted length of stay of animals in shelters. Iadvertising real-estate inventory. with a description in their profile. would like to thank all those membersCONTESTS Throughout the contest, shelters were of our community who worked so hardFacebook Campaign: scored based on the number of pets during this event and continue to dedicateThe “Save a Life with a Like” campaign available for adoption with “complete” their efforts toward helping more homelesswas launched at the beginning of profiles including up to three photos, pets find homes.February, turning every “like” of the a video, and a description. Due to fan page on Facebook 2010 was a busy year and as we enter overwhelming level of participation and our second quarter of 2011, our marketinginto a $1 donation from Pethealth to a 7-way tie for first place, our winnersanimal shelters. As of April 15, the plans continue to accelerate to meet the were also selected based on additional needs of our shelters. To this end, I fan page had received criteria, including the quality of videos,over 30,000 likes with the ultimate goal also like to thank the members of the pictures and descriptions. Our Top 10 marketing team who continue to workof hitting 100,000 likes before the end winners of the Destination Adoptionof 2011. The goal of the campaign is not tirelessly in our ongoing efforts to help contest were: as many homeless pets find loving homes.only to help raise money for animalshelters and grow the Petango 1 Atlanta Humane Society We are all looking forward to anothercommunity, but also to educate 2 Humane Society of Catawba County exciting and productive year!people about the importance of 3 Humane Society of the Treasure Coast Susan Artspet adoption. Vice President, Marketing 4 A Wish for Animals “Not only will this money be put to good use as we look to build a facility servicing North Atlanta, but, more broadly, the contest has taught us the value of using both video and photos to help promote the adoption of animals in our care.” “I think this was a fantastic promotion, not because we placed, Carl Leveridge but because it raised awareness President regarding animal adoptions and Atlanta Humane Society encouraged shelters, including our shelter, to step up and improve “During the Destination Adoption contest, we “I am sure it is universal for our social media presence in worked very hard to ensure all our animals had participants, we feel that we still this area. Thanks, to you and three photos, a video, and description and it won because the Destination the entire Pethealth team, for all showed us that a little more effort makes a huge Adoption contest increased our your support and work on behalf difference. From this experience we definitely saw adoptions so drastically and of shelters everywhere.” how beneficial posting videos is and we plan to provided incentive for our stick with it and continue uploading videos of our volunteers to help get us caught Frank Valente animals after seeing a rise in adoption numbers up. Thank you for what you do.” President, CEO and a decline in length of stay during this Humane Society of contest period!” Sarah Sacco Olson the Treasure Coast Director of Operations Jane Bowers Alchemy Acres Animal Executive Director Sanctuary, Inc. Humane Society of Catawba County 9 2010 Shelter Report
  • Managing Director of PetPoint Solutions’ MessageLast year was one of our most ambitious years in the development of PetPoint. Alongwith addressing over 300 user requests, we re-launched an expanded version of ourCase Module, launched the PetPoint Transfer Network, an enhanced version of ourexisting Animal Transfer functionality, and developed and released the new PetangoEditor, Animal Point-In-Time, and Advanced Animal Profile modules.Originally launched in 2007, the Case adoptable pets or in need of Animal Profile modules, each enhancingModule was greatly expanded last specific breeds or types of animals. the ability of our licensed users toyear to handle the needs of large Last year, 403,409 animals were improve data collection of the petsorganizations focused on animal transferred by organizations using in their database. As a stand-alonecontrol and cruelty investigation. PetPoint with over 70% ultimately module, the Petango Editor givesImprovements include enhanced being adopted, proving the value of volunteers the ability to access andactivity tracking on each case, a the transfer network and how it can update information on pets up forredesigned tab-style format for improve adoption rates. The PetPoint adoption including animal details,greater ease of navigation and Transfer Network is also an excellent profile information, and personalizedthe ability to generate Warning, example of the value of the descriptions, without compromisingCitation and Quarantine notices aggregate data we collect on the security of other modules withinvia PetPoint. We also created the animal welfare, which has allowed PetPoint. Volunteers can now alsoDynamic Officer View and Dispatcher us to isolate the need for and add and update photos and videosView screens to more effectively provide such a network. It is our of adoptable pets. This informationmanage active cases. belief transfers will continue to is recorded in PetPoint and auto- grow as a key method of closing uploaded to both Petango.comAmong our most exciting the geographical disparity between and your shelter’s own website.developments last year was urban and rural canine populationsthe launch of our PetPoint and more organizations seek to The Animal Point-In-Time moduleTransfer Network, created to reduce euthanasia caused by may not be as glamorous but ishelp animal welfare organizations overcrowding by coordinating extremely significant for data capture.coordinate their rescue efforts by their rescue efforts. By grouping all the dynamic datapromoting and requesting animals elements collected on an animal we canfor transfer from overcrowded Also new in 2010 were the Petango now provide automatic history trackinglocations to areas with fewer Editor, Animal Point-In-Time, and on those fields within each animal’s 10 2010 Shelter Report
  • record. This will have a great impact To this end, one way we plan to organization. If your organizationon your ability to understand the be more efficient while improving cannot generate cost savings of atchanges animals go through the quality of our work is by moving least double the price of licensingduring a single visit while also PetPoint development to a release Enterprise, then it is not for yourtracking changes between visits. management schedule of 4–6 group. Going forward, it will be releases per year addressing the Enterprise clients from Phase 1The Animal Profile Module was specific modules slated for updates that determine the new modulescompletely re-designed, allowing with each release. This means, and functionality of theyou to capture critical profile instead of addressing individual additional phases.information that can help lead requests as they arrive, we will beginto a lifelong placement. Working grouping all requested changes for a The development of Enterprise,with the Humane Society of Boulder given module, allowing us to develop along with our plans to introduceValley, we developed a new profile a clear, consistent new design, build other technology services willthat collects personality and and thoroughly test, and then transform PetPoint from beinglifestyle characteristics, allowing properly message the changes simply a “Software as a Service”that information to be tracked to you, our clients, for a smoother application it is today to a full-based on its source, such as the launch. This process will allow us service technology solutionsprevious owner, shelter observation, to develop more “per section” by provider leveraging new cloudor trait-specific testing. This was the reducing the burden of individual technologies. This new missionfirst phase in our development of testing and training which has been has been forged by the feedbackPetango PetMatch, designed to help required in the past when a module of our clients that see technologypotential pet adopters find adoptable is changed more often. The quality as one of the key components topets to match their lifestyles based of both the application and each their success. Because PetPoint ison the individual personalities and deployment will improve with the core of their technology strategy,characteristics of both the adopter appropriate time dedicated to Pethealth is the company that is bestand pets in shelters. building consistency into the suited to deliver the additional design, comprehensive testing services they need. As part ofOur aggressive schedule of PetPoint that new mission, those of usdevelopment has continued into and a well-planned training schedule. at Pethealth directly involved2011, with the first half this year Looking forward, in February of in these services are now partdedicated to PetPoint Release 4.0. this year we announced our plans to of the PetPoint Solutions team,The Animal Group module, which launch an advanced third-tier version with a new logo.allows organizations to track litters of PetPoint called “Enterprise,” withand other groups, such as bonded Phase 1 going live in January 2012. With all of these changes takingpairs, has already gone live. This Enterprise will be our first fee- place, 2011 promises to be anspring we will also complete the based model, built upon PetPoint exciting and fulfilling year, and itredesigns of Animal, Person, Professional (the new name for SMS) is my great pleasure to lead ourMedical, Intake, Outcome, designed to meet the specific needs team in improving the ability ofFoster, and Licensing modules of those innovative organizations our clients to achieve their goals.that will truly remake PetPoint seeking to leverage greaterinto a new product. Thank you for your continued technological capabilities to reduce support,With every major accomplishment, operational or administrative seems there are three new ideas The first Phase includes giving Steve Zeidmanfor PetPoint that, if implemented, organizations the ability to design Managing Directorwould generate even greater their own kennel cards, contracts, PetPoint Solutionsoperational efficiency, provide and reports as well as creategreater data collection for strategic schedules to automatically run andplanning, or both. Since we launched distribute these documents via email.PetPoint in 2005 we have received It will also introduce key functionalityand completed over 15,000 user into almost every module of PetPointrequests and we continue to to better manage animals in groupsreceive an average 30 new requests while providing the ability to manageper week, leaving us with over 2,000 past, current and future work. A newpending tickets. Up until now, we module called “Follow-Up” will behave prioritized development by created to effectively manageorder of appearance, client need, workflow by organizing all of theand their application to our ongoing work needing follow-up into oneprojects, providing immediate access module allowing for quick lookto our users with the completion of up and update. This first Phaseeach new development. However, as will serve as the building blockour client base continues to expand, for additional development andit has become clear we will need functionality to be determined byto do some internal reorganizing our Enterprise clients. To be clear,to better handle your requests. Enterprise is not for every 11 2010 Shelter Report
  • PETHEALTH2009FINANCIALS(‘000S) CONSOLIDATED NON-INSURANCE ADJUSTED AFTER TAX CONSOLIDATEDCorporate Governance Ethic PolicyWe are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of ethical behavior and corporate governance by serving our shareholders with honesty,fairness and integrity. For details of our corporate governance and ethics standards please see*In thousands. Full financials are available at “The Pethealth business model is a perfect complement to the work of animal welfare agencies. We see more and more people bringing animals to shelters because of rising pet care costs. By providing complimentary insurance and promoting core policies, we help keep pets in our community healthier and save pet owners from making the difficult decision to give up a pet because of unaffordable veterinary care. Add to that the best animal management software in the industry and affordable microchips and we have a true business partner. Our mutual goals of keeping animals healthy and in their homes lead to our mutual success.” Brad Shear, CAWA Executive Director, Mohawk & Hudson River Humane Society 12 2010 Shelter Report
  • PetPoint LIVE RELEASE BY REGION Live Release Outcomes: Adoption, Return to Owner, Transfer Out. Excluding animals returned to shelter within 30 days. Other Outcomes: Euthanasia, Died/DOA, Admin Missing Intakes Processed: Owner Surrender, Returns (after 30 days), Stray, Seized, Transfer In Live Release Rate: Live Release Outcomes/Intakes Processed Dogs – 2010 – Live Release Outcomes Live Release Outcomes Other Outcomes 0 30,000 60,000 90,000 120,000 150,000 180,000 CanadaEast North CentralEast South Central Middle Atlantic Mountain New England Pacific South AtlanticWest North CentralWest South Cental Cats – 2010 – Live Release Outcomes Live Release Outcomes Other Outcomes 0 30,000 60,000 90,000 120,000 150,000 180,000 Canada East North Central East South Central Middle Atlantic Mountain New England Pacific South Atlantic West North Central West South Cental 13 2010 Shelter Report
  • Since it was first introduced in 2005, on adoptable pets between locationsPetPoint has continued to evolve within a single cloud-based network.and today leverages cloud-computing Organizations using PetPointtechnologies to further enhance its recorded 265,200 inboundservice offerings to the animal welfare transfers last year, of whichcommunity. As a hosted application, 70% resulted in adoptions.PetPoint allows licensing organizationsto reduce, if not eliminate, their Aggregate data collected throughIT-related infrastructure costs. PetPoint is released via the monthly “The PetPoint database allows PetPoint Report, the first and only us to quickly and easily accessIn 2010, Pethealth launched the publication providing year-on-year information regarding the animals‘PetPoint Transfer Network, the comparison of different categories in our care, as well as our adopters.first nationwide logistics platform of animal intakes and outcomesfor transfers between animal through which trends in animal The report website provides uswelfare organizations, giving them welfare can be identified through with an abundance of statisticalthe ability to promote and request objective analysis. A more detailed information that is essential for ouranimals available for transfer as well report, including national, regional, monthly and annual board electronically transfer information and municipal data is also available. The system is easy to use and allows us to showcase our adoptable pets with pictures, video and descriptions.“Our shelter started using PetPoint in fall 2009 and it We rely on PetPoint to help ourhas streamlined our intake and adoption processes organization run more effectivelytremendously. PetPoint is extremely helpful when and efficiently and it hasn’t let us down yet!”performing a multi-animal intake, especially whenworking with another PetPoint shelter. The program Karen Padgham Director of Customer Servicehas also been very helpful for tracking vaccine Jacksonville Humane Societyadministration and adoptions. Now when a clientcalls regarding an animal available for adoption,we can be sure our Website is up-to-date.”Rick AikenPresidentHumane Society of Northeast Georgia Live Release Rate (%) Dogs Cats100 87.44 88.51 90 83.00 75.88 77.26 80 74.66 72.27 69.98 65.15 70 59.11 58.69 60 54.45 50 45.15 52.88 53.17 41.14 49.88 40 41.56 29.56 30 30.47 20 10 0 Canada East North Central East South Central Mountain West North Central West South Central New England Pacific South Atlantic Middle Atlantic 14 2010 Shelter Report
  • 24PetWatch Microchip:Program GrowthCollecting and maintaining accuratepet owner and pet information tiedto the microchip is fundamental tosuccessful pet reunification. Byintegrating the 24PetWatch microchipprogram into the adoption processand offering free initial registration, “We recently sent a 3-year-old yellow LabradorPethealth ensures dogs and cats are Retriever to a rescue group in North Carolina.registered at point of adoption, Less than 10 days later, we got a call from acontributing to the accuracy of pound in Allentown Pennsylvania saying theythe lost pet recovery database. had our sweet Rosie. The 24PetWatch microchip she received before leaving our organization literally saved her life.” Leslie Phillips Hervey Executive Director Martinsville-Henry County SPCA 24PW Microchip Total chip sales for the last 3 years:1,200,000 2010 20091,000,000 2008 800,000 600,000 Number of Organizations Using 24PW Microchip during the last 3 years: 400,000 Canada 200,000 1,246 USA 0 Clinic: 113,725 Canada – 52,300 Clinic: 118,200 Canada – 45,650 Clinic: 138,100 Canada – 49,500 3,636 US – 61,425 US – 72,550 US – 88,600 Shelter: 775,703 Shelter: 945,725 Shelter: 1,075,425 Canada – 26,100 Canada – 33,975 Canada – 44,775 US – 749,603 US – 911,750 US – 1,030,650 15 2010 Shelter Report
  • ShelterCareDesigned to meet the unique needs of newly adopted dogs and cats, the ShelterCare Gift of Insurance program offers new petadopters up to 45 days of pet health insurance covering the most common illnesses and accidents occurring to dogs and catspost-adoption. Not only does it add value to the adoption services offered by organizations using the program, but it also reducesthe number of adopted pets returned for health reasons.By end of 2010, over 3-million dogs and cats had received the ShelterCare Gift of Insurance withover $10-million paid in claims. “New families are always surprised and happy to find out we can offer the ShelterCare Gift of Insurance to ensure their new shelter pet will be taken care of in the event of illness or injury, Distribution of Claims Paid to Adopters by even after the adoption is completed. It’s also a Numbers of Animal Welfare Organizations fantastic way for our 375 adoption counselors to introduce new pet owners to the security of pet insurance, and they love the all-inclusive, user-friendly software package making it easy 300 to integrate the Gift into each adoption.” Shelly Moore President and CEO Number of Shelters 225 Humane Society of Charlotte 150 75 2007 2008 2009 2010 0 0–500 500–1,000 1,000 + Value of Claims Paid to Adopters ($) 16 2010 Shelter Report
  • Petango PetmatchFinding Best Finding Pets forFriends for Life Your PawsonalityLaunched in 2009, is the first and only pet portal that exclusively Launched in early May, Petango Petmatch ispublishes pets available for adoption with a real-time, live feed made possible a unique service designed to help potentialthrough its full integration with PetPoint. Pet lovers and potential adopters visiting pet owners find their perfect pet based onthe site can search through thousands of interactive profiles of adoptable pets in personality, lifestyle, and preferences. Whethershelters, receive email notification of newly available pets, and share pets through a person is looking for a pet who is social orthe Petango social media community. stoic, cuddly or independent, adventurous or reserved, Petango Petmatch will guide potential adopters to those adoptable pets that best match “As the number of people using the Internet to search for adoptable pets their needs. By engaging and helping potential pet increases, shelters need a simple, efficient method of sharing their available adopters in a personalized, interactive way, Petango animals with prospective adopters. Through a real-time, automatically up- Petmatch is expected to drive more traffic to shelter dated database of adoptable pets, Petango provides a critical, one-of-a-kind websites and into shelters, increasing adoption rates, resource for animal shelters using PetPoint and potential adopters looking for reducing the length of stay for adoptable pets, and their next four-legged friend. Our staff members and volunteers can focus on positively enhancing the adoption experience. taking care of animals while Petango takes care of the rest!” Sharon A. Harvey Executive Director Cleveland Animal Protective League 17 2010 Shelter Report
  • TMShop. Save. Help save homeless pets.Launched in 2009, offers cause-motivated online shoppers competitively pricedpet pharmacy and supply products, while also providing donations to partner shelter and rescue groupswith every purchase through its Shelter Donation Program. Last year, underwenta redesign to improve navigation and usability and today, offers pet owners and pet lovers over 4,000products in a variety of categories and specialty shops including an Eco Shop, Travel Shop, and the newHome & Yard category. The Petango Store is another great example of the services offered by a company that understands the needs of animal shelters. I like that shoppers can watch their donation increase with every item they put in their basket. Pet owners can find pet products and medications at competitive prices, have them conveniently delivered, and give back to animals in need with every purchase. Victoria Stryker Executive Director Lycoming SPCA Entrenched in the animal welfare community via adoptable search, engaged with pet lovers via social media, and giving back to shelters through its e-commerce platform, the Petango brand provides a complete, connected and integrated experience for pet lovers. 18 2010 Shelter Report
  • PetPoint Commercial and Volunteer Insurance*:PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS Umbrella Building & Coverage Contents • Up to $10-million Coverage (limits available) • Up to and over $10-million per Location • Special Cause of Loss General Business Liability Auto • $1-million per Occurrence • $1-million CSL Bodily Injury • $2-million Aggregate or Property Damage • $1-million Advertising or • $1-million Uninsured or Personal Injury Underinsured Motorist • $500,000 TLL • $10,000 Medical Payments • $1-million Employee • $500,000 Hired & Benefits Non-Owned Auto • $10,000 Medical Expenses • Comprehensive and Collision Coverage Crime Volunteer’s “The non-profit sector faces increasing challenges Coverage Insurance to stretch every dollar as far • Up to $250,000 for: • $100,000 Accident Medical as possible. At the same time, • Employee Dishonesty Expense • Forgery or Alteration • $500,000 Aggregate we cannot afford to cut corners on essential services like our • Theft volunteer liability insurance. The money we’ve saved with PetPoint Commercial & Volunteer Insurance without sacrificingcoverage has been channeled back into pet care and Directorswe’re confident our volunteers remain protected whileproviding their invaluable services. It’s a great addition & Officersto the benefits we already receive from Pethealth’s Humane Law Liability, andPetPoint, 24PetWatch, and ShelterCare programs.” Enforcement EmploymentDeborah MillmanExecutive Director PracticesHumane Society of Sarasota County, Inc. Liability Worker’s Flood Compensation Insurance *Available to PetPoint users in the United States. 19 2010 Shelter Report
  • “Pethealth is a true partner inour mission to save lives andserve our community effectivelyand economically.”Deborah Millman Executive Director, Humane Society of Sarasota County, Inc. 20 2010 Shelter Report
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