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Basc operational_model_v2.0
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Basc operational_model_v2.0


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  • 1. BITS.aid Social Club (BaSC) Operational model
  • 2. BaSC Leadership Committee
    Team comprises of representatives from Nirmaan, CEL, Campus Relations(CR) and new recruits, and is termed as BaSC leadership committee.
    All members have same level of responsibility and power.
    They work mutually to help BaSC to expand on campus.
  • 3. BaSC Reporting structure
    BITS.aid core team will define the targets and goals for the BaSC.
    Progress and activities of the BaSC will be reviewed once every two weeks by the BITS.aid core team.
    * BaSC Leadership committee can decide on the structure of sub team based on their requirement and discussion with BITS.aid
  • 4. Overall goals of BaSC leadership committee
    To be the executive team of the BaSC
    To form a team of volunteers/members under them(organization structure) if required.
    To make sure their individual goals are met.
  • 5. Social Volunteering Goals
    To actively increase the number of volunteers (atleast 20 per semester) in Pilani by the following ways:
    --- By keeping notices and articles in all Mess notice boards and Faculty Division Notice boards mentioning about BaSC. These notices should be endorsed atleast by the BITS Students Union President or any popular Professor (our VC would be the best) who is associated with BITSAA in order to have an impact and impression on the students.
    --- By letting the BITS students know about Nirmaan, AtmaNirbhara, NSS etc. by which the students can contribute. 
    --- By letting the students know that apart from all BITS internal on campus clubs, they can also join in BITSAA/BITS.aid associated BaSC which they can even continue even after their graduation. In other words to market BaSC.
    Work closely with BITS.aid to get more volunteering tasks in case more volunteers are interested to work for BaSC.
  • 6. Social Volunteering Goals cont..
    Get social volunteering requirements from different partner organizations like Nirmaan, NSS, AtmaNiirbhara etc.
    Based on the volunteers who come forward, he/she should be responsible for allocating/tracking the tasks.
    Be point of contact for BITS.aid core team to update the status about on campus social activity status and ask for help if needed.
    Similar to other on-campus departments like DOPY etc, be active to increase volunteers of the club by marketing the club. This should be done mainly during August when fresh students enter BITS.
    Kick start of the new projects under AtmaNirbhara right from planning to implementation.
  • 7. Marketing and Fundraising goals
    Help to market BaSC in campus with notices.
    Help in getting in touch with big names in campus like VC etc for getting endorsements for BaSC.
    Making BaSC presentations in lecture theatres.
    After BaSC gets a shape, then registering BaSC with OAA(Office of AlumniAffairs)
    Raise funds (for BITSAA) during OASIS,BOSM or on any major BITSian event by setting up a stall for BaSC(co-ordinate with on-campus departments like SPONZ etc for this goal)
    Conducting atleast one event per semester which promotes BaSC on campus along with raising funds. Eg: 1)Organising a Marathon or Walkathon in campus.2)Organising cricket matches etc.
    Participate in major BITSAA events like BITSAA Global Meet 2011, represent BITS.aid and raise some funds.
  • 8. Development Goals
    To conduct Social Business Plan competition in the normal annual Business event "Conquest".
    To come up with more innovative ideas where campus students can bring about a big social impact. Atleast one idea per semester along with implementation. Eg: Starting up a new project under AtmaNirbhara to educate mess worker’s children etc.
    Innovatively thinking of ways by which new PS1 stations can be opened for social organizations like Teach For India, Ashoka.
    Partnering with other social organizations and helping them with BaSC volunteers.
    Partnering with new social organizations which come to campus in future like NSEF etc.
    Publishing your achievements in local Pilani press(EPC) and also in BITSAA sandpaper through photos etc.
  • 9. Some clarifications..
    All BaSC leadership committee members have the same privileges and can take up the responsibility of other members on mutual agreement.
    Goals are divided just to make sure that the leaders have a clarity on the activities of BaSC.
    BaSC is a common platform for all social clubs in campus and it is not there to compete with any other club!
    BaSC tries to partner with any other social organization that comes to the campus!
    Please look at to have clear idea about BITS.aid and its projects.
  • 10. Implementation Plan
  • 11. For any questions mail to BITS.aid(