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Most people that come to Loreto Baja say it is extremely captivating because it is so unique, so special, so dramatically different from any of Mexico’s destinations. The town of Loreto is rich with Mexican culture, architecture and traditions, a blend of colonial buildings, important history delightful shops, gracious people and inviting restaurants. Loreto Baja is Mexico’s best kept secret, it is one of the most pristine seaside communities set among breathtaking miles of beaches, picturesque sierras and the sapphire blue Sea of Cortes. It is a paradise located in Las Bajas, the perfect place for people looking for unforgettable experiences.

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Explore Loreto and Live

  1. 1. Explore Loreto BajaFall in love with this magical place and stay forever.
  2. 2. Have you ever wished you could have discovered Cabo, thirty years ago?Back then, the beaches were pristine and unspoiled. The town was charming and quaint –and safe. There were no crowds or traffic to obstruct your pure enjoyment of the breathta-king and majestic marine environment.Best of all, you could own magnificent beachfront property for a very modest cost. Beforethe massive hotels and timeshare complexes took over. Before all the restaurants and bars“kidnapped” the beachfront’s innocence. Back when there were no neon lights to desecratethe pure night sky. When no armies of relentless beach vendors swarmed as you walkedalong the beach. Now, here’s your chance to go back in time and realize a dream come true
  3. 3. Imagine discovering a secret, untouched place in Mexico where the natural splendor still exists. Loreto Baja a place of spectacular beauty In Loreto-Baja, the Sierra de la Giganta mountains reach down through the desert cactus to greet the radiant-blue waters of the Sea of Cortez. Loreto-Baja invites you to relax and enjoy all the activities the region has to offer. Locals call Loreto-Baja “where the mountains come to swim.”
  4. 4. Loreto Baja a sanctuary for marine wildlife.The calm bay and surrounding waters are so rich and bountiful that it’s home to nearly 700 speciesof rare and important fish. To protect the integrity of sea life, the Mexican government has desig-nated 1200 nautical miles of this part of the Sea of Cortez a national treasure and a marine park/preserve. And the United Nations has named it a World Heritage Site.Eight different species of whales as well as dolphins, sea turtles, and sea lions call this part of theSea of Cortez home. It’s not uncommon to see these spectacular marine mammals playing in thewaters.When Jacques Cousteau first explored the Sea of Cortez he called it “The World’s Aquarium”.You’ll call it awe-inspiring. You’ll call it exhilarating. Few places in the entire world compare to thespecial magic that is Loreto-Baja.
  5. 5. Loreto Baja surrounded and protected by five spectacular islandsPaddle your kayak through serene waters at sunrise. Snorkel in the bay for an exhilarating encoun-ter with hundreds of fish. Cruise or sail to the nearby islands, sighting dolphins, whales, sea turtlesand sea lions on your way. Enjoy world-class sport fishing for yellowtail, dorado, marlin, tuna, andsnapper. Or just relax on the beach watching manta rays flying across the glass-like waters, schoolsof sardines skimming across the surface, and pelicans diving for their dinner. It’s a true spectacleof wildlife in its natural setting.Every day you spend on the water seems more memorable than the last.
  6. 6. Loreto Baja the best of all worldsThe odds are great that more and more people like you will ultimately discover Loreto-Baja. For all theright reasons•The climate is agreeable year round. Temperatures range in the low to high 70’s from November throughJune, and mid 80’s to mid 90’s from July to October, with over 300 days of sunshine annually.•Loreto-Baja is accessible by plane: just a 2-hour direct flight from LAX.•The cost of living is modest, yet the lifestyle is extraordinary.
  7. 7. •The friendly, safe community of like-minded people will embrace you.•Loreto is alive with old-world charm, and three hundred years of Mexican culture and history.•A vast number of outdoor activities and experiences await you.• The environment is beyond anything you have experienced before—charming, unspoiled, safe, magnificent,romantic, peaceful.In Loreto Baja you can live with certainty and confidence, secure in the knowledge that you have chosen tolive in one of the safest places in all of Mexico. In Loreto Baja you and your family can live year-round, retire,spend vacations, long weekends or extended time—living a simple, healthy, active life. Experience Loreto Baja for yourselfExperience the colonial town of Loreto, the open-hearted people, the majestic mountains, the sandy beaches,the tranquil waters, the desert landscape, the abundant sea life, the challenging/exciting fishing, golfing andboatingIt really is like going back in time to old Cabo thirty years ago. People respect and trust one another. Thestreets of Loreto are safe. The local residents are friendly, gracious, honorable.The list of reasons to experience Loreto-Baja for yourself is almost as endless as the joy you will feel whenLoreto-Baja becomes a permanent part of YOUR life.
  8. 8. Own a home in paradise in Loreto BajaVisitors and residents say it’s like discovering a hidden paradise that’s been lost in time. Loreto-Bajaoverflows with a feeling of serenity, purity, and charm that lifts your spirits, animates your emotions, ener-gizes your senses - and beckons you to stay.Whether you’re seeking a permanent residence, a vacation retreat, or a retirement home, Loreto-Bajaoffers many unique options.Homex, one of the world’s premier housing developers, is creating a community on the best beachfront,on the most commanding vista in the bay, with the most sweeping views, spectacular sunrises and sunsetsthat you may ever have the pleasure of enjoying - not just in all of Mexico - but in all of the world.Preserving authentic Mexican architectural style, Las Villas de Mexico’s Loreto-Baja seaside communitycreates an atmosphere that makes every day you spend here an absolute gift.Loreto-Baja is a short flight from Los Angeles, yet it’s an entire world away. Las Villas Loreto-Baja appealsto a community of quality, like-minded people - who share similar interests, values and love of nature’smagnificent blessings.
  9. 9. Let us introduce you to Las Villas de Mexico Loreto Baja by Homex We will create a memorable 3- 5 day “Discover Loreto Baja” experience exclusively for youLet Las Villas de Mexico create an individualized visit to Loreto-Baja that could change your life. You will find that the greatest advan-tage of owning in Loreto-Baja is that it offers something wonderful and unique for all, whatever your interests, hobbies, or passions.You’ll stay beachfront at the Inn at Loreto Bay and dine at on-site restaurants.Then, choose from the abundant possibilities:•Round of golf at the 18-hole David Duval golf course•Scuba dive or snorkel excursion in the marine park•Kayak tour in the bay and estuaries•Tennis at the John McEnroe tennis center•Bird-watching adventure•Loreto and San Javier historic tours•Hike in the Sierra de la Giganta mountains
  10. 10. Your visit will allow for leisure time to enjoy the quiet and serenity of the beachfront setting at the Inn at Loret Bay. We will proudly introduce you to Loreto-Baja, one of the most magical places you’ll ever experience. Contact your Las Villas de Mexico concierge Toll Free at 1-877-527-8455 to arrange your ”Discover Loreto-Baja” experience. mail: info@lasvillasdemexico.com www.lasvillasdemexico.com