Achieving Commitment


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Achieving Commitment

  1. 1. Achieving CommitmentPlease find a seat with your team(look for your team flag). If you don’tknow your team, talk to Jen.April 5, 2013
  2. 2. IHMS Mission & VisionStatementsOur Mission:To provide for the academic successof every studentOur Vision:To ensure that every student learns
  3. 3. Teaming Meeting Norms This is a safe place for teaming; all ideas are worthconsideration. Please be respectful to those around you; avoid sidebarconversations. Use technology to enhance learning online shopping = inappropriate Taking notes = appropriate Cell phones silenced = very appropriate Your participation is needed; please engage in teamingand put away classroom work Everything we do here should reflect our commitment toproviding for the academic success of every student.
  4. 4. Why are we doing teaming?―Interdisciplinary teaming will allow us helpmore students learn. I believe that teamingwill help us as teachers identify and assistTier 2 and 3 students quicker and moreefficiently. I believe that teaming will alsoprovide relevance for students regarding thesubjects that they learn.‖-Jen Call
  5. 5. The Five Functions of aSuccessful TeamCommitmentConflictTrustMastering…Building…Based on The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick LencioniAchieving…
  6. 6. Last Time – Mastering Conflict―By engaging in productive conflict andtapping into team members’ perspectivesand opinions, a team can confidently commitand buy in to a decision knowing that theyhave benefited from everyone’s ideas.‖- Patrick Lencioni
  7. 7. Team Discussion―The two greatest causes of the lack of commitmentwithin teams are the desire for consensus and theneed for certainty.‖-Patrick LencioniWhy are consensus and certaintybad for teams? What strategiescan your team do to overcomethese obstacles?
  8. 8. The Five Functions of aSuccessful TeamCommitmentConflictTrustBuilding…The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick LencioniMastering…Achieving…
  9. 9. ―When you know better you dobetter‖What we NOW know better… This change is harder than we thought. The current teams have changed fromMarch…a lot. What we said in the winter about notchanging classrooms to accommodateteaming is no longer true.-Maya Angelou
  10. 10. Worse-Case Scenario―I am amazed at how much power itgives me when I emotionally digestand accept the worse-case scenario.Once I know that I am not going todie from making this call—even if Iam wrong—it releases me to makethe call.‖-Dave Ramsey
  11. 11. Individual free-writeWhat are theabsolute worsethings that couldhappen becauseyou changeclassrooms toaccommodateteaming?
  12. 12. Q & A from Dr. Stensrud Where is my newclassroom? When do I have time tomove? Why are we doing this?
  13. 13. ―Classroom movement is a physicalsymbol of our commitment.‖-Dr. Wihongi―This grade reconfiguration is notonly a physical move, it’s aphilosophical move.‖-Dr. McGee
  14. 14. Teams that fail to commit… Create ambiguity among the team aboutdirection and priorities Watch windows of opportunity close due toexcessive analysis and unnecessary delay Breed a lack of confidence and a fear of failure Revisit discussions and decisions again andagain Encourage second-guessing among teammembersThe Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni
  15. 15. Teams that commit… Create clarity around direction and priorities Align the entire team around commonobjectives Develop an ability to learn from mistakes Take advantage of opportunities beforecompetitors do Move forward without hesitation Change direction without hesitation or guiltThe Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni
  16. 16. Team-Work(aka Homework for Teams) Pack up yourPERSONAL itemsand get ready tomove! Have a greatsummer! We’llstart back withteaming in August.ResultsAccountabilityCommitmentConflictTrust