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Fundraising: marketing collaboratively
Fundraising: marketing collaboratively
Fundraising: marketing collaboratively
Fundraising: marketing collaboratively
Fundraising: marketing collaboratively
Fundraising: marketing collaboratively
Fundraising: marketing collaboratively
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Fundraising: marketing collaboratively


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  • 1. Collaborative (cause-related) Marketing in a nutshell A primer in 7 slides
  • 2. What is collaborative/cause marketing?
    • Portion of each sale (product based) goes to your nonprofit and your nonprofit label on the product
    • Co-branding- nonprofit label on their product, their lable on your webpage etc.
    • Endorsement by a corp
    • Corporate or product based advertising that is story based telling the story of benefits to the community
    • You tube or other social media undertaken together
    • Ongoing event or program sponsorship & joint outreach
    • Donations asked for by the corporation that go to the nonprofit. Et-Cetera
  • 3. Do your homework
    • Why should we collaborate?
      • Is there an alignment of both organization’s mission, values, programs and products/services?
      • Is there a Strategic fit? How does working with the nonprofit help them meet their goals? How does it meet your goals?
      • Know the value of the collaboration: how does it give value to the business, to the nonprofit and to the community?
    • What type of collaborative marketing you want?
  • 4. Manage the relationship
    • Make your contact -
      • Identify the right person: CSR or foundation officer, marketing or other staff . Now do your homework on that person
      • Email or call to ask for a meeting
      • Be inventive to get in if you are having problems
    • Manage the relationship
      • Email updates, track their professional work and send emails, have coffee/lunch to further develop the collaboration and benefits to both orgs.
      • Ask for an endorsement
      • Ask Corp to give the nonprofit office space and operational resources and feature the nonprofit on web-page.
  • 5. Partnership Characteristics
    • The WE mentality:
      • Figure out benefits together
      • post each other’s press releases,
      • go visiting with each other.
      • On each others board/advisory council
      • Renewable benefits (sails give benefits to both)
      • CEO and ED talk to each other
      • Active learning processes – informal learning
    • Gratefulness and charity syndrome – NO
    • Partnerships –Minimal work on a project -NO
  • 6. Work sheet
  • 7. Collaboration drivers
    • For Corps:
    • Risk Management: Changes in taxes & in laws, lack of trust/public license to operate, economic and social instability
    • Enhance strategy &revenues ( align w/changing consumer taste)
    • HR resource management-happier employees
    • Corp Culture / Marketing
    • For Nonprofits:
    • PR, Marketing & outreach, volunteers & funding
    • Resources: Book - The Collaboration Challenge by Jane B..