Accomplishment Highlights, December 2006 November 2007


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Accomplishment Highlights, December 2006 November 2007

  1. 1. Accomplishment Highlights December 2006-November 2007
  2. 2. Accomplishments • FS New Business Model • Appropriations • Performance Measures • Biomass • Stewardship Contracting • Collaboration • Wildfire Cost • Farm Bill Containment • Forest Restoration & • Workforce & Labor Community Capacity Building
  3. 3. Western Week in Washington • 2 trips (April and June) • 20 organizations participated • Over 100 meetings held with congressional, agency and interest group leaders
  4. 4. Forum on Working Conditions for Forest Workers • 5 RVCC participating groups collaborated with DOL and FS on event • About 100 members of the public attended • More than 30 forest workers provided oral testimony • Forum conducted with simultaneous translation in English/Spanish • Generated media interest
  5. 5. Workforce & Labor • Influenced issuance of FS guidance on how to use best value contracting authorities for restoration and fuels reduction, and monitoring service contracts, with particular focus on community benefit criteria
  6. 6. Appropriations • Economic Action Program • Performance Measures • Collaboration
  7. 7. Appropriations Economic Action Program • Kept Congress informed of value of service delivered by EAP • Organized an action alert to get Senators to sign “Dear Colleague” letters supporting EAP • Chairman of the House Natural Resources Committee Rep. Rahall stated his support for renewed funding for EAP at $52.6 million for the FY08 budget
  8. 8. Appropriations Performance Measures • Proposed outcome-based performance measures for federal programs and linked them to specific budget line items in funding package
  9. 9. Appropriations Collaboration • Influenced inclusion of language requiring collaboration in the President’s budget proposal
  10. 10. Biomass • RVCC member testified on • Provided comments to integrating woody biomass congressional offices on issues with larger energy and legislative language climate change issues at a ensuring community congressional oversight benefit from biomass hearing production tax credits • Provided language on biomass utilization that was included in Section 309 of the Energy Policy Reform and Revitalization Act of 2007 – Developed and distributed press release in support of Section 309
  11. 11. Farm Bill • Worked with Senator Crapo's staff on biomass issue in Farm Bill resulting in his decision to make biomass one of top five Farm Bill issues • Developed sign-on letter in support of establishing Community Forest and Open Space Conservation Program • Encouraged inclusion of Community Wood Energy Program
  12. 12. Performance Measures • RVCC member provided testimony at oversight hearing on Wildfire Preparedness • recommended measurement criteria and performance measures to ensure funding and assistance for wildfire preparedness applied in an equitable way
  13. 13. New Business Model • Invited to participate in advising Forest Service on initiative development and implementation
  14. 14. Keep up the good work!