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TLG Index of Thought Leaders in Businesses
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TLG Index of Thought Leaders in Businesses


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. 2010-11THOUGHTLEADERS: USA & UKINTRODUCTION - EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The purpose of TLG Communications is to build The research indicates that the route to becoming brand reputation and loyalty through Thought a ‘trusted’ brand lies in pursuing a Thought Leadership. We define successful Thought Leaders Leadership approach. as those brands which drive positive change in both Our research has also identified the opportunities attitude and behaviour among key stakeholders. where businesses can take leadership positions, The value of this approach is that it can define and which will benefit their brands. differentiate brand propositions and, in turn, build greater market share. Malcolm Gooderham This year, for the first time, we have identified the key Founder benefits of being recognised as a Thought Leader. November 2010 THE PURPOSE OF OUR ANNUAL INDEX IS TWO-FOLD:UK BUSINESS THOUGHT LEADERS USA BUSINESS THOUGHT LEADERSPOSITION COMPANY POSITION COMPANY1 Apple 1 Apple2 Google 2 Google3 John Lewis 3 Southwest Airlines4 Amazon 4 Amazon5 Facebook 5 Facebook6 Microsoft 6 Microsoft7 Innocent 7 Intel8 Co-op Group 8 RIM (Blackberry)9 Co-op Bank 9 Coca-Cola10 Twitter 10 Whole Foods Source: Populus Source: YouGovDEFINING THOUGHT LEADERSHIP Thought Leadership Behaviours: the PROACtiv™ model Pioneer | Rigour | Objective | Authenticity | ClarityFOR THE BENEFITS OF BEING A THOUGHT LEADER, SEE THE BACK
  • 3. OVERVIEW WHAT THIS MEANS RANK LEADERSHIP OPPORTUNITY % FOR BUSINESS 1 Take responsibility for a product 67 1. Identify the Thought Leadership position beyond the point of sale Ensure fair wages throughout the 2 65 supply chain Change consumer attitudes 3 62 towards pre-packaging 4 Cut underage alcohol abuse 57 2. Leverage behavioural economics Increase re-use and recycling in 5 56 the home Increase levels of children’s sport 6 55 / activity Change behavior to cut domestic 7 54 carbon emissions 3. Define yourself by what you stand for, Increase child consumption of 8 fruit and vegetables 53 (not by what you are against) Increase consumer demand for 9 52 renewable energy Build sustainable homes 10 50 (environmental future-proofing) Source: Populus*Percentage saying that taking a leadership position on the issue wouldhave a ‘very positive’ or ‘good’ impact on corporate reputation. Thought Leadership propositions can generate positive commercial and social outcomes, but ultimately it should be about turning brand reputations into a competitive advantage.
  • 4. OVERVIEW First strong reputations Thought Leaders. license to operate freedom to grow Second trust factorBENEFITS OF BEING A THOUGHT LEADER (UK) BENEFITS OF BEING A THOUGHT LEADER (USA) RANK BENEFIT DEFINITION % RANK BENEFIT DEFINITION % 1 Most Trusted Enduring trust 76 1 Most Trusted Enduring trust 86 2 The Authority ‘Go to’ status 74 2 The Authority ‘Go to’ status 75 Most positive Establishes new 3 Most Admired 66 3 Change Maker 74 role model paradigms Establishes new Most positive 4 Change Maker 63 4 Most Admired 63 paradigms role model Competitive Stronger commercial Competitive Stronger commercial 5 53 5 59 Advantage success Advantage success Source: Populus Source: YouGovKEY INSIGHT If you want to be trusted don’t talk about trust - demonstrate leadership.MOST INFLUENTIAL MEDIA: RESULTS, visit: