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The Psychometrics of Sustainability - John Marshall Roberts
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The Psychometrics of Sustainability - John Marshall Roberts



What if you could understand, really understand your customers? What if you could finally transcend demographic profiles and grasp the very core of their worldview: the key metaphors they use to make ...

What if you could understand, really understand your customers? What if you could finally transcend demographic profiles and grasp the very core of their worldview: the key metaphors they use to make sense of the world, their level of social optimism, the values lenses that they both love and despise, and their secret mental models for aspiration and growth? Imagine what might then be possible for the vitality and market penetration of your brand? John Marshall Roberts discusses the results of audience research he had conducted: the various individual and combined worldviews, including Indigo (holistic), Gold (systems), Jade (humanistic), Copper (individualistic), and Navy (absolutistic). Secondly, he provides sound guidance on leadership and interpersonal communication, and gives the best angle for messaging social responsibility for the four most common worldviews. After all, applying a universal "care for the planet" message will resonate highest with humanistic thinkers, but will leave many other people uninterested. Dynamically communicating the benefits and values of sustainability and environmentalism to meet the diverse worldviews of people, is what is needed to make the movement gain traction and greater acceptance.



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    The Psychometrics of Sustainability - John Marshall Roberts The Psychometrics of Sustainability - John Marshall Roberts Presentation Transcript

    • The Psychometrics of Sustainability John Marshall Roberts Worldview Learning
    • A SIMPLE TRUTH To make the sustainability movement gain traction through our brands, we must have a much deeper and more radical grasp of the psychology of human communication than ever before in the history of human thinking.
    • What is a Worldview? A specific habitual way of looking at the world which drives day-to-day behavior, and dramatically influences how a person makes sense of communications.
    • Roberts Worldview Assessment (RWA) A valid and reliable psychometric tool that measures worldviews and gives social innovators actionable insights in order to shift thinking and inspire behavior change in mainstream audiences
    • What does the RWA measure? 3 INGREDIENTS OF A WORLDVIEW + + Values Filtering Social Lens Style Optimism
    • The Value Spectrum Values Lens SAMPLE ITEM (RWA) ‘Indigo’ - Holistic “Intuition is our connection to life’s innate wisdom” ‘Gold’ - Systems “I am inspired by leaders who innovate and defy convention” ‘Jade’ - Humanistic “A great leader listens and cares with an open ‘ heart” ‘Copper’ - Individualistic “Persuasion is an art for those with the courage to win” ‘Navy’ - Absolutistic “Overcoming evil is a leader’s biggest challenge”
    • RWA Worldview Results Primary Secondary Rejected Social Filtering Values Lens Values Lens Values Lens Optimism Strategy Gold Jade Navy Moderate Balanced Systemic – Humanistic Absolutistic 64% – 54% – 38%
    • RWA Worldview Results You are most likely sensitive to: You are most likely to respond to messages that: • vision, innovation and creativity • inspire creative thinking and fresh insight • opportunities to experience meaning • create a sense of warmth and human and community connection • selfish or manipulative motives in others • seem genuine and open hearted • stale or outdated ways of thinking that • balance practicality with a larger, lack insight planetary perspective
    • RWA Worldview Results LEADERSHIP TACTICS THAT WORK FOR YOU: PRIMARY COMMUNCATIONS NEED STATE: • Call to service on behalf of vision • humility • innovation • Call to imagine a better world • trust • vision • insight • inspiration PRIMARY COMMUNCATIONS NEED STATE: • clarity • integrity • systemic • competence • Need for insight • precision • imagination • Call to imagine a better world • authenticity • balance • convention • thrive (defying)
    • RWA Worldview Results BAD-FIT LEADERSHIP TYPE: Your most challenging leadership figure is likely to: • see the social world through an absolutistic, all or nothing lens • speak in crude, polarizing terms about topics that you feel need a more sophisticated analysis • require absolute acceptance of only true authority in relation to a chosen issue or topic • favor emotion over reason and debate when making decisions
    • Psychologically speaking, the global sustainability groundswell is the result of mass emergence of the GOLD values-lens
    • What are your thoughts on the environmental crisis? Navy - Absolutistic Values Copper - Individualistic Values “What good is a green “I am not convinced world if we don’t have there is a problem. jobs? Green legislation It’s arrogant it is to is code for increasing think that we could taxes, and raising change the climate.” energy costs for consumers.” Jade - Humanistic Values Gold - Systemic Values “Earth is a fragile “We need to reframe, system which is re-imagine, and collapsing due to redesign all of our corporate greed. We systems leveraging the need to protect the environment and way nature works to punish those create a integrated, responsible.” sustainable world.”
    • Generic best angle for messaging social responsibility? Navy - Absolutistic Values Copper - Individualistic Values Focus on purpose. Focus on profit. family, morality Frame in terms of and doing the right personal gain –avoid thing. Build in a overt appeals to sense of altruism and focus on nationalism and bottom-line tradition. outcomes. Jade – Humanistic Values Gold – Systemic Values Focus on people. Focus on balance Show how your between profit, people product or service is and purpose. rooted in human Demonstrate values and can help planetary perspective build community. with pragmatic results- focus.
    • RWA Worldview Results SOCIAL OPTIMISM – sample item “The human spirit always overcomes adversity” High scorers on this scale tend to have great confidence in mankind’s ability to solve complex political, economic and environmental problems. Low scorers generally feel that it’s too late or that these problems are too big. Your level of social optimism was measured and compared group norms. A brief description of each scale is given below. YOUR RESULTS: MEDIUM SOCIAL OPTIMISM – THE PRAGMATIC IDEALIST Results indicate that you demonstrate a moderate level of social optimism. As such, you are helpful, but not easily persuaded that our world’s toughest problems can be solved through human inspiration and ingenuity. You are likely to see such problems as somewhat intractable, but are still hopeful that they can be effectively resolved. You are likely to have mixed feelings towards communications that call upon the altruistic side of human nature – sometimes they inspire you, other times they seem foolish or out of touch with reality. Your attitude can best be described as that of a ‘pragmatic idealist.’
    • RWA Worldview Results Filtering Style refers to a person’s general cognitive style for filtering communications. Pragmatic Filterers focus primarily on the personal relevance of communications they encounter – how new information can help them achieve personally important goals. Authenticity Filters focus primarily on the truth and beauty of communications they encounter – the apparent level of honesty, positivity and warmth of both the message and sender. Balanced filterers have no clear preference, and often use both styles equally as the situation dictates. Your filtering style was measured and the results are delivered below.
    • The moral of the story? 1. You have a uniquely systemic and planetary worldview compared to 90% of the US population 2. To maximize the effectiveness of future communications with cynical or apathetic mainstream audiences • Be aware of navy-absolutistic blind-spots • Frame messages to match audiences values and social optimism • Adapt message sequencing to audience filtering style
    • Thanks. “In God we trust, all others bring data.” ~Edward Deming Tel: 1 800 401 8227 www.worldviewlearninginc.com www.johnmarshallroberts.com