The New Metrics of Sustainable Business Conference 2012 Brochure


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Explore the future of sustainable business metrics. This Sustainable Brands Issues in Focus two-day event, in partnership with The Wharton School, examines leading-edge work that expands the way business can create, quantify, manage, and communicate value in the 21st century. September 27-28, 2012, in Philadelphia, PA. Learn more: (

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The New Metrics of Sustainable Business Conference 2012 Brochure

  1. 1. RThe New Metrics of Sustainable Business Conference September 27-28, 2012 | The Wharton School Philadelphia, PA
  2. 2. INTRODUCTIONAs the meaning and measure of value continue to beredefined by business, consumers and society, thedemand is fueled for business to demonstrate its abilityto create value for all its stakeholders, rather thansimply profit for shareholders. The question of how thisvalue is defined, measured and communicated is thetopic of our 2nd annual conference on The New Metricsof Sustainable Business – September 27-28, 2012, atThe Wharton School in Philadelphia, PA.Join the Sustainable Brands community as we continuethe conversation that began at New Metrics in 2011,exploring leading-edge efforts to redefine valueand define smarter business metrics. This two-day,Sustainable Brands Issues in Focus event examinesinnovative work that expands the way business cancreate, quantify, manage and communicate value;measure the environmental, social and economicimpacts of business activity; and find new ways totranslate shared value activities into enhanced financialperformance in the 21st century. Various initiatives,research and models will be presented and plenty oftime devoted to interactive discussion, facilitated bysome of sustainability’s top strategists.
  3. 3. Key topics being explored include:• How individuals, organizations and global economies are redefining value• Breakthrough research and models for measuring the ROI of sustainability efforts• Incentivizing and maximizing employee engagement, well-being and valuation• Tying environmental and social initiatives to enhanced shareholder value• Extending value throughout the entire supply chain• How impact investing might enable new corporate sustainability initiatives by changing the way we measure ROI• The growing role of materiality in how companies are, or should be, measuring and reporting impact
  4. 4. DAY 1 - Thursday, September 27th7.30am: Registration 9.45am: Updating the Meaning and Measure of Value for theSkip the ‘rush hour’ registration line by arriving early - Settle in to your preferred seat for 21st Centurythe day and get through your inbox before breakfast is served. Gil Friend President & CEO, Natural Logic Charles Eisenstein Author, Sacred Economics8.00am: Breakfast Judy Wicks Co-Founder, Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE)Meet and connect with your peers in the audience before the program starts - the Bart Houlahan Co-Founder, B Labconversations and interaction throughout the day will be even more valuable if you know As a global sustainability revolution continues to unfold at an ever-increasing pace, it iswho is in the room with you. crucial to stay abreast of megatrends reshaping the way societies and businesses view the world. This panel of deep big-picture thinkers looks at how value is being redefined on a personal, organizational, community and national level today, and how this might impact9.00am: Opening Remarks business tomorrow. Since business metrics only matter in relation to goals, intentionsWhere will sustainability differentiation come from going forward? And what metrics do and ultimately purpose, this conversation sets a high-level context for all followingsmart, fast-moving companies need to understand in order to be set up to drive ongoing discussions.competitive advantage? 10.30am: Networking Break9.15am: Beyond the Science to the Art of EconomicsCharles Eisenstein Author, Sacred Economics 10.45am: New Horizons in Measuring the ROI of SustainabilityAs you begin to consider how to translate this event’s leading-edge ideas into winninginitiatives for your business, it is critical to first take a step back to ask, “How do we define Gil Friend President & CEO, Natural Logicsuccess, and is our definition optimized to serve us well today, let alone for the future?” Michael Barry Sustainability Manager, BloombergProfessor and author Charles Eisenstein kicks off our conversation with a look at how Eric Hespenheide Partner, Deloittethe meaning and measure of value in society are changing; provides insight into where Christopher Behr Principal Economist, HDRthe urge to quantify things comes from; and challenges us to think in new ways about Witold Henisz Deloitte & Touche Professor of Mgmt & former Managingthe impact and opportunity surrounding the metrics we choose for managing businesssustainably. Director, The Wharton School Cracking the code on the “ROI of sustainability,” or even deciphering the very meaning of that phrase in various contexts, continues to be a challenge for many corporate leaders, investors and other stakeholders. Facing heightened shareholder concerns, whether due to a global economic crisis or general skepticism, how does one best demonstrate the value of investments in sustainability? What can a company hope for, as it transitions from measuring the ROI of individual projects (ex: energy efficiency) to capturing the return on a broader sustainability agenda? This panel discusses breakthrough research and modelling approaches that are proving useful in quantifying the impact of a range of sustainability efforts, including transparent disclosure, on the bottom line, stock prices, brand value, sales, risk reduction and employee value.
  5. 5. DAY 1 - Thursday, September 27th11.45pm: Two Case Studies on Measuring ROI 3.30pm: Updates in the Valuation of Ecosystem ServicesRobert Boller VP Sustainability and Production, Jackson Family Wines Michelle Lapinski Director, Corporate Practices, The Nature ConservancyDaniel Krohn Global Sustainability Lead, Becker Underwood Diane O’Connor VP, Environment, Health, Safety & Sustainability, XeroxJames Salo Senio Vice President, Trucost Mark Weick Director of Sustainability, Dow ChemicalMeasuring the ROI of sustainability, especially when it comes to broad, multi-aspect A wave of initiatives aimed at valuing and conserving ecosystem services and biodiversitysustainability campaigns, can be a daunting, multi-stakeholder and data-intensive task. is building rapidly. Whether it is with the help of the Valuing Natural Capital Initiative, theThankfully, there are many encouraging examples of successful implementation and Natural Capital Leadership Compact, the Natural Capital Declaration recently signed atdocumentation of positive-ROI, win-win sustainability efforts. In this session we present Rio+20, or through smaller solo projects, many companies are starting to use metrics-two such case studies, focusing on specific methodologies and results. Participants share based approaches in efforts to protect ecosystem services. This session shares details onstrategies used and lessons learned, and answer questions about challenges overcome a few such approaches, and makes a business case for their application.along the way. 4.15pm: the value of human capital12.45pm: Lunch Break Erin Meezan VP Sustainability, Interface Paul Herman CEO, HIP Investor1.45pm: Creating Shared Value and Measuring Impact in the If human capital is a company’s greatest asset, then why does business-as-usual reflectSupply Chain it only as a liability? Great question, and not one that many corporate leaders can answer confidently, especially in the United States or Europe. Hear how one visionary company isEllen Jackowski Global Citizenship Report Manager, Hewlett Packard paving the way forward toward effective valuation of human capital.Michael Jordan SVP Sustainability, Jones Lang LaSalleWoodrow Keown, Director of Global Sustainability, P&GTodd Stark COO, Fair Trade USA 4.45pm: Impact Investing and Its Future Impact on BusinessThe fundamental shift in strategic priorities that companies around the world, especially Prioritiesthose with significant environmental and social impacts, are experiencing today is Eddie Bernhardt Managing Dir & Sr. Portfolio Mgr, SNW Asset Companycalling for a fresh look at supply chains. Leading multinational companies are seizing Jennifer Driscoll VP Investor Relations, Campbell Soup Companythe opportunity to re-evaluate and reinvent their supply chains for minimum damage andmaximum value. New metrics are introduced to track impacts in all parts of the value Paul Herman CEO, HIP Investorchain, helping to assess and manage the choice of supply chain partners. At the same Steve Lydenberg Partner, Strategic Vision, Domini Social Investmentstime, reimagined or entirely new channels of value creation often appear, as companies As impact investing gains momentum within the global financial community, companiesbegin to serve previously unmet social and environmental needs. large and small are trying to understand and leverage this trend for their own purposes. How might impact investing enable new corporate sustainability initiatives by changing the way we measure ROI? Can companies use their own investment capacity to strengthen the2.45pm: tools in focus: facilitating the transition to a credibility of their sustainability story?superior supply chainJess Kraus Co-Founder & CEO, Source 44Paul Touw CEO, icix3.15pm: Networking Break
  6. 6. DAY 2 - Friday, September 28th9.00am: Opening Remarks 11.30AM: The Science of Happiness & Happiness Surveys Ryan Howell Director, The Personality and Well-Being Lab9.15am: Standardizing Sustainability Context In a quest for reliable indicators of individual and organizational well-being, the last few years have seen a surge in research on happiness, its drivers, its relations to materialBill Baue Advisory Council, Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) possessions and money, and its impacts on health and work. An increasingly influentialLisa French Head of External Relations (Americas), International global group of economists, psychologists, marketers, designers and government officialsIntegrated Reporting Council (IIRC) are busy refining existing formulas for measuring and predicting happiness. Some leadingMark McElroy Founder & Executive Director, Center for Sustainable countries and businesses already publish national happiness statistics in parallel to economic figures for a more complete assessment of prosperity. This presentation helpsOrganizations answer the question “So what?” as you consider what goals to set and measures to adoptMark Tulay Program and Business Development Executive, Global in your quest for a more sustainable business, digs into the design and use of happinessInitiative for Sustainability Ratings (GISR) surveys, and examines the implications this new global focus on happiness will have onMike Wallace Director, Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) the sustainable success of business.This session introduces the formal and growing embrace of the notion of sustainabilitycontext. Although sustainability context is mostly associated with reporting standards, 12.00pm: lunch breakit also has broad critical applications in management and performance. The sessionstarts with a conceptual introduction, a motivation of the urgent need to understandand appreciate sustainability context, followed by a distinguished panel of leading 1.00pm: the role of leading vs. lagging indicators inglobal experts sharing the latest relevant developments through The Global Initiativefor Sustainability Ratings (GISR), The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), The International sustainability planningIntegrated Reporting Council (IIRC), and The Sustainability Accounting Standards Board Michael Muyot President & Founder, CRD Analytics(SASB). This session provides plenty of time for discussion. Bob Pojasek Professor of Environmental Science, Harvard University Mark Serwinowski President & Founder, MetaVu10.30am: Break Joe Wolfsberger Former VP EHS, Ingersoll Rand Leading indicators of corporate operational performance can serve as a useful complement to more common results-based lagging indicators. Leading indicators,10.45am: Identifying Materiality in Corporate Sustainability however, tend not to be applied in sustainability much these days, arguably becauseAleksandra Dobkowski-Joy Principal, Framework LLC sustainability teams often have little experience with them. This panel discusses the latest efforts to integrate leading indicators (both qualitative and quantitative) into next-Charlene Wall-Warren Sustainability Lead, North America, BASF generation sustainability reporting standards and sustainable investing indices.Curtis Ravenel Global Head of Sustainability, BloombergIn a world with tens or even hundreds of potential environmental, social and governanceissues to consider, securing high-quality relevant sustainability data - for purposesof reporting, risk assessment or general management - can quickly turn into anoverwhelming and resource-draining project all by itself. Therefore, identifying materialityis by necessity a fundamental and regular exercise in corporate sustainability. This paneldiscusses best practices in constructing materiality rankings.
  7. 7. DAY 2 - Friday, September 28th1.45pm: The cfo agenda: enabling cfos to see sustainability as 3.45pm: tools in focus: life cycle assessments for socialcentral to core strategy sustainabilityLauralee Martin CFO & COO, Jones Lang LaSalle J. Renée Morin President, Pré Consultants North AmericaHow can sustainability managers get positive responses from their CFOs on a regular Jacobine Das Gupta Corporate Sustainability Manager, Royal DSMbasis? What combination of factors will drive CFOs to understand and embrace the Over the last 20 years, methods have been developed to support product sustainabilitydemands of a corporate sustainbility journey? What can CFOs do to answer increasing assessments, but with a focus on environmental impacts; only minimal attention hasinvestor pressures in favor of sustainability? These are common questions, yet too few been given to social impacts. Learn how several companies are working to harmonizecompanies seem to have satisfactory answers. To help with this agenda, we are joined by an approach for evaluating the social impact on key groups - employees, consumers anda forward-thinking CFO who has been tackling these problems for years. communities - involved along the value chain. Hear from DSM how it has further defined social impact categories and has begun to integrate social impact evaluation into its business processes.2.i5pm: Incentivizing and Valuing Employee EngagementRobert Kerr Co-Founder & Principal, Pure Strategies 4.00pm: tools in focus: one magic number to sum up all yourKirk Myers Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, REI resource inputsJim Sullivan VP, Sustainability Management & Strategy, SAPBrittni Furrow Senior Sustainability Manager, Walmart Ory Zik Founder & CEO, Energy PointsEven the best and brightest of corporate leaders might fail, if their employees aren’t Energy Points brings to sustainability what Weight Watchers brought to nutrition: ancommitted and inspired enough to drive a sustainability strategy forward. Embedding intiutitive yet accurate ‘points’ system. It is based on algorithms that enable one-to-onethe right incentives across the organization, whether by adjusting employees’ reward comparison of resources such as electricity, fuel, materials, water and transportation,structures, implementing environmental accounting by department or redesigning taking into account local factors such as emissions and water scarcity. The company’sfeedback loops, has been proven essential time and again. The case studies presented core competency is translating this complexity into a simple metric that enables optimalin this session share cutting-edge, metrics-based innovation in incentivizing sustainable environmental decisions.employee behavior, top-down as well as bottom-up. 4.15pm: The Evolution of Sustainability Standards3.15pm: Networking Break Libby Bernick Vice President, UL Environment Betsy Blaisdell Sr. Manager of Environmental Stewardship, Timberland Robert Frisbee CEO, EPEAT Bahar Gidwani Co-Founder & CEO, CSRHub It is easy for a sustainability professional to get lost in a quickly expanding sea of proposals for sustainability standards, be they for purposes of reporting, certification or comparison across companies and industries. As we close New Metrics ‘12, we’ll discuss where sustainability standards may be heading and why, and tackle the question, “How should a business determine what relevant standards initiatives to support and/or apply for?”
  8. 8.