From Consumer to Collaborator: Reimagining the Marketplace as If People Mattered


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It's time for the word "consumer" to go away. The advent of social media has created a two-way conversation between brands and customers, making the model of "we create, you consume" pejorative and out of touch. People don't want to be defined by what they purchase but crave relationships with purpose. Brands and organizations need to elevate individuals and create experiences or platforms that make them a collaborator versus consumer. Otherwise they risk insulting individuals from the modern marketplace who will take their business somewhere else.

Join John C. Havens, Founder of The H(app)athon Project, and author of, Hacking H(app)iness – Why Your Personal Data Counts and How Tracking it Can Change the World (Tarcher/Penguin) as he moderates a discussion on the evolution of the word, "consumer" to discover what better terms can be utilized by brands to honor individuals in a world not driven by wealth. He'll be joined by Matt Hogan, CEO of Datacoup, a company creating the Personal Data Marketplace that lets individuals 'unlock' and profit from their data, along with Nick Stein, SVP of Marketing for Vision Critical, a customer intelligence platform that helps companies to build engaged, secure communities of customers they can use for ongoing, real-time feedback and insight.

What You Will Learn:
Learn how the rise of privacy concerns is causing individuals to guard and manage their Personal Data in ways that will directly affect brands and marketers.
Learn how brands are utilizing one on one relationships with their fans to create a new, empowered customer versus a consumer of the past.
Learn how the term, "consumer" is evolving with the rise of the Quantified Self movement and how brands can embrace transparent tracking to build relationships with individuals based on purpose as well as profit.

Visit the SB Library to view the recording of this webinar.

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From Consumer to Collaborator: Reimagining the Marketplace as If People Mattered

  1. 1. From  Consumer  to  Collaborator:     Reimagining  the  Marketplace  As  If  People  Ma7ered           #FromC2C  /  @SustainBrands        
  2. 2. @happathon @johnchavens
  3. 3.      •  Speaker  Introduc<ons   •  Presenta<on  by  John  (10  minutes)   •  Presenta<on  by  Nick  (10  minutes)   •  Presenta<on  by  MaG  (10  minutes)   •  Open  Q&A  led  by  John  (10-­‐20  minutes)     •  Please  feel  free  to  ask  ques<ons  in  the  chat  area  or  via  twiGer:     #FromC2C  /  @SustainBrands     •  Addi<onal  ques<ons  from  Webinar  Audience  (5  minutes)   •  Conclusion  /  Thank  you  from  Speakers   •  Wrap  up  from  our  hosts  at  Sustainable  Brands     Our  Webinar  Agenda      
  4. 4.         S P E A K E R S      
  5. 5. The  State  of  “The  Consumer”      
  6. 6.   Remember  how  I  started  this  chapter  calling   you  a  consumer?    Remember  how  it   distanced  us,  pung  us  at  arm’s  length?      I   did  that  to  prove  to  you  that  words  maGer.        You  have  more  value  to  give  to  the  world   than  as  a  vehicle  for  consump<on.    You  can   richly  contribute  to  other  people’s  lives   while  also  deeply  apprecia<ng  other   people’s  worth.    You  can  par<cipate  in   shared  value  on  a  personal  level  and  create   intrinsic  happiness  in  our  Connected  World.    
  7. 7. Consumerism  and  its  An<social  Effects  Can  be  Turned  On  –  or  Off   Northwestern  University,  April  2012       The  last  experiment  presented  par<cipants  with  a   hypothe<cal  water  shortage  in  a  well  shared  by  four  people,   including  themselves.  The  water  users  were  iden<fied  either   as  consumers  or  individuals.    The  “consumers”  rated   themselves  as  less  trus<ng  of  others  to  conserve  water,  less   personally  responsible  and  less  in  partnership  with  the  others   in  dealing  with  the  crisis.  The  consumer  status,  “did  not   unite;  it  divided.”  
  8. 8. 10 Do  We  Need  a  New  Word  for  “Consumer”?       An  inves<ga<on  into  how  customers  really  feel  about  the  word  “consumer”       A  customer  intelligence  pla:orm  provider  that  helps  companies   build  communi;es  of  customers  they  can  use  for  ongoing   feedback  and  insight.     Global  provider   of  life  essen<als   with  leading   brands  such  as   Huggies,  Kleenex   and  Pull-­‐Ups.     Oregon  Based   grocery  chain  with   131  loca<ons  in   Washington,   Oregon,  Idaho  and   Alaska.     The  Players  
  9. 9. 11 How  Customers  Feel  About  the  Word  “Consumer”  
  10. 10. 12 What  would  Customers  really  like  to  be  called?  
  11. 11. 13 Stop  calling  them  Consumers!  
  12. 12. 15 Our Customers Are Empowered
  13. 13. 16 The Customer Revolution is Creating Serious Challenges for Business Declining Revenues Increased Customer Churn Reduced Profits
  14. 14. 17 Your (Engaged) Customers Are Your Last Competitive Advantage…
  15. 15. 18 Businesses Need More Complete Customer Understanding Transactional (What customers buy) Social (What customers say) Behavioral (What customers do) Attitudinal & Emotional (What customers think and feel)
  16. 16. 19 Customer Collaboration Increasingly Important to CEOs 78% 55% 25% 26% 53% 23% 44% CustomersexertmoreinfluenceonbusinessstrategythanallbutC-SuiteItself C-suite   Customers   Board of Directors   Corp Strategy Dept   Non-Exec Leadership   External Partners   Parent Company   *2014 IBM Global C-Suite Study
  17. 17. 20 Vision Critical’s Customer Intelligence Platform Engage the Right Customer… Deep Customer profiles …at the Right Moment Ongoing conversations …in the Right Way Engaging Experiences Customer Intelligence Platform
  18. 18. 21 Customer Intelligence Platform Delivering Customer Intelligence Across the Enterprise Sales HR Marketing MR Strategy & Innovation R&D BETTER PRODUCTS BETTER SERVICES BETTER BUSINESS OUTCOMES
  19. 19. 22 True Customer Engagement Delivers Better Business Outcomes Increased Revenues Higher Customer Retention Increased Profits 30%55% 23% *Enterprise Social Collaboration: The Collaborators’ Advantage, Aberdeen Group, 2013 *Gallup Study on Customer Engagement
  20. 20. 23 “Thanks to our community, we are in a fantastic position to be able to increase sponsorships and fundraising, and to improve underprivileged communities around the world.” “Two-thirds of our community members say they feel more positive about Debenhams since joining the community. It’s great to know that our customers feel more engaged in the business.” “The community helped to redesign our loyalty program as well as increasing customer engagement. The results: loyalty has increased, along with ticket sales and profits.” Increased ProfitsIncreased Revenues Increased Customer Retention Customer Spotlight
  21. 21. MaG’s  Presenta<on  
  22. 22. A  Personal  data  Marketplace  
  23. 23. How  does  it  work?     Step  1:  Aggregate  Data  
  24. 24. Step  2:  See  Data  
  25. 25. Step  3:  Sell  Data  
  26. 26. Why  does  it  MaGer?     •  Your  data  is  an  extension  of  your  iden<ty,  behavior  and   preferences.    
  27. 27. We  are  not  all  the  same    
  28. 28. We  are  all  individuals  with  separate  preferences  and  tastes  
  29. 29. We  are  producers  and  consumers,  which  means  mul<-­‐sided   engagement  
  30. 30. We  are  individuals  seeking  a  collabora<ve   experience   Not  just  voracious  consump<on  vessels   We  seek  value  from  our  assets  in  a     collabora<ve  environment  
  31. 31. Q&A  –  Please  submit  your  ques<ons  in  the  Chat  Area     or  via  TwiGer  and  thank  you!       #FromC2C  /   @SustainBrands