EarthEra: Sustainable Branding and Identity for NextEra Energy


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Learn how EarthEraTM can help position and align your brand with your customers’ beliefs. Hear how businesses, universities and municipalities are responding to their customers' values with the simple and powerful EarthEra message. At the end of this session, you will know how implementing EarthEra offers directly responds to your customers' needs and provides your company the opportunity to increase brand value and customer loyalty.

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EarthEra: Sustainable Branding and Identity for NextEra Energy

  1. 1. Changing the Game: The EarthEra Initiative by NextEra Energy Nathan Hanson
  2. 2. Changing the Game: The EarthEra™ Initiative Presented by: Mark Maisto, President, NextEra™ Energy Resources, Commodities and Retail Markets Nathan Hanson, Vice President, NextEra™ Energy Resources Power Marketing
  3. 3. Accelerating America’s Move to a Clean Energy Future
  4. 4. FPL Group and NextEra Energy have a history of leadership and promoting responsible practices For its Leadership in Sustainability and Environmental Responsiveness For Promoting Best Practices in the Energy Industry
  5. 5. NextEra Energy Resources is the largest producer of renewable energy in the North America In Operation Wind Hydroelectric Solar Corporate Offices States with NextEra Energy Resources Power Generation Facilities FPL Group Credentials: • Fortune 150 Company • $22B in Market Cap • $8B invested in renewables to date • 95% clean portfolio • Operates in 26 states Over 20 years of experience Largest Solar Field in the World Largest Wind Farm in the U.S.
  6. 6. Our goal is to create more awareness, interest and demand for renewable energy at all levels National Dialogue Enterprise – Companies and Organizations Consumers
  7. 7. The time to act is now to preserve the environment and protect the economy “ Our nation is at a critical moment in history, confronted by a triple threat of challenges – an economy in recession, an overdependence on foreign energy and a warming planet. Simply put, we must create a clean- energy economy for the 21st century – one that will help pull our economy out of recession, strengthen America’s energy security in a volatile world, and address the threat of global climate change.” - Lew Hay, Chairman and CEO, FPL Group
  8. 8. Businesses and organizations are looking for ways to enhance environmental claims 100% of funds are directed to the Your company purchases EarthEra Renewable Energy Trust EarthEra Environmental Products Your Business… • Receives environmental benefits • Builds a Clean Energy Future Profits reinvested in the Trust 100% of Trust Funds A clean energy future New renewable projects built by NextEra Energy Resources
  9. 9. To date over $18 million has been committed to the EarthEra Renewable Energy Trust •  Sustainable Life Media offset this conference •  Sustainable Brands Travel Offset Our Partners Making a Difference
  10. 10. Kevin Hagen Director of Corporate Social Responsibility, REI
  11. 11. Paul Polizzotto CEO & Founder, EcoZone Media
  12. 12. Consumers want to do the right thing, but need easy everyday ways to do so National Dialogue Enterprise – Companies and Organizations Consumers Consumers
  13. 13. VIDEO EMBED
  14. 14. “Wannados” – People, who under the right circumstances, will do the right thing Concerned about climate change Want to make a Don’t want to be difference inconvenienced Don’t want to Looking for easy & change routine understandable behaviors opportunities Concerned about future generations
  15. 15. EarthEra Climate-Friendly Choices – easy, everyday ways for your customers to make a difference Some examples: •  Online Shipping •  Embedded Cost •  Customer Loyalty and Rewards Programs •  Promotions The Key: The EarthEra offer is made in the context of the consumer’s normal pattern of purchase behavior
  16. 16. EarthEra creates an emotional connection for consumers to your brand •  A powerful and simple message •  Offers more tightly connect shared consumer values and brands’ aspirations to be: –  more environmentally conscious –  address climate change –  make a difference in our energy future –  achieve impact now and for future generations
  17. 17. EarthEra offers your consumers an emotional connection to your brand and build loyalty In short, EarthEra Offers create a unique opportunity for you to show your customers that your company “understands me and provides new, easy ways to act on my values”