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Presentation by Claire Ward, Careers Adviser, University of Sussex. February 2014

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  • welcome and introductionslunch time briefings occur everyday – CVs, Sussex plus, pt work and IS briefingflexible session try to cover what ever you want to discuss
  • welcome and introductionsdiscuss and share
  • different ways of achieving int careerv important to do your research - elaborate
  • factors to consider
  • could do post grad abroad
  • handout
  • AD5compititon opens in March2 of English, french and germanEU citizenshipexcellent T and Cs
  • AD5compititon opens in March2 of English, french and germanEU citizenshipexcellent T and Cs
  • AD5compititon opens in March2 of English, french and germanEU citizenshipexcellent T and Cs
  • what can you do to give yourself the best chance
  • what can you do to give yourself the best chance
  • come to these fab events
  • resources
  • general summary, come and see us for more advice
  • more help
  • Working Globally

    1. 1. Working internationally Welcome to the Careers and Employability Centre Claire Ward claire
    2. 2. Working internationally 1. Why choose an international career? 2. What could you do? Career options… 3. Improving your chances 4. Resources and questions
    3. 3. Working internationally What could you do? ? Target international companies - Unilever,L’Oreal,IBM,JCB ? Choose an international job – TEFL, tourism, international development Career research crucial….. www.
    4. 4. Working internationally Where could you work? • What languages do you speak? • Where are you permitted to work? (EU work mobility) • What and where are the growth sectors ? • What news sites / jobs boards are useful to keep up to date? • Use your personal networks – family, friends, etc ? Going global Target country profiles
    5. 5. Working internationally When and for how long? • As a Graduate • As a Postgraduate • Temporary • Permanent • Now or in the future?
    6. 6. Working internationally Global schemes Transport/logistics Travel hospitality Finance/insurance Industry/technology Consumer products see handout for details
    7. 7. Working internationally EU careers • Generalist graduate recruitment category (AD5 Administrator level) is open to candidates from various degree disciplines and does not require any prior professional experience. • In addition, we also recruit linguists (to work as interpreters and translators) and a range of more specific profiles, such as lawyers, auditors, and economists. • To apply, candidates must be an EU citizen and speak at least two EU languages, one of which must be English, French, or German.
    8. 8. Working internationally EU careers offer… 1. A lifetime of different jobs. 2. Interesting and challenging work that makes a real difference for Europe. 3. An environment where you are encouraged to learn new skills an languages. 4. The opportunity to work and travel abroad, and work with people from all over Europe. 5. A flexible and modern employer.
    9. 9. Working internationally EU careers • AD5 competition opens 13th March closes 5th April 2014 • In addition to the concours (open competition), each of the EU Institutions offers paid traineeships(internships) Find out more on• 14th March: ‘Working internationally’ panel, EU representative, part of One World Week • 25th March: EU presentation in Careers & Employability Centre •
    10. 10. Working internationally - improving your chances • Broaden your Language skills • Gain experience (preferably abroad) • Volunteering (preferably abroad) • Demonstrate a ‘Global mindset’ i.e: understanding how organisations operate in a global environment
    11. 11. Working internationally - improving your chances
    12. 12. Working internationally – forthcoming events • One World Week 10-16th March 2014 ‘Broadening Horizons’ exhibition (Thurs 13th 1-5pm, Jubilee) ‘Working Internationally’ employer panel (Fri 14th 12-2 Jubilee) plus Cultural awareness workshops, Language tasters, music, art, food, sport……
    13. 13. Working internationally resources • Careers and Employability Centre • Prospects • Target • University of Kent resources •
    14. 14. Working internationally top tips – job search summary 1. 2. 3. 4. Be creative in your job-search include speculative approaches Check the visa requirements of the country you wish to work in Do your research thoroughly into companies and target carefully Don’t just consider graduate recruitment schemes – e.g. look at small & medium companies who are innovative 5. Apply for fixed-term contracts (e.g. for 1 year). 6. Ensure high standard of application (AF/CV, covering letter). 7. Get some interview skills practise and try some aptitude tests.
    15. 15. Working internationally • • • • • Briefings –finding part time work, CVs and Applications Careers Advisers are available daily. Call in or phone 01273 678429 for CV, personal statements, cover letters and application form feedback. Come along to the events – listed on news & events page Follow us on Twitter & Facebook