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Presentation by Teach First on its 2 year leadership programme in a challenging school. Unicersity of Sussex, October 2009

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  • Introduce yourself Explain the format of the presentation and that there will be questions at the end
  • We believe every child in the UK has the right to the same opportunities in life but educational disadvantage is standing in the way We don’t think it is fair that children’s educational success in England can be defined but the wealth of their parents.
  • Research has shown that excellent teaching and leadership in schools can completely change this correlation….
  • This is our mission, with your help we can address educational disadvantage.
  • We work with challenging schools, which will generally meet the criteria here, our expert training providers and participants to make a difference in schools. We take a top graduate and ask them to make a two year commitment to a school, and we believe it doesn’t have to end after two years on our programme, as an ambassador we hope you will continue to support our mission National Challenge programme was launched inJune 08 National Challenge is abou ttackling the link between deprivation and low education attainment shcools facing the biggest chanllenges ar erthe key to success. They are the firnt lin eof braking the link
  • Teach First places participants in one of five regions; Can anyone name one of our regions?
  • We ask participants to impact in the classroom on the 3 a’s = Achievement, aspirations and access Achievement – to help the pupils we work with exceed their expectations and to achieve more that they felt possible Aspirations – to motivate pupils to attain at high levels and want to improve their life chances Access – for all regardless of their background
  • We think it works and we are not alone – I will let you read a couple of these quotes and headlines
  • If you decide to join our programme you will go on the following journey with us through our leadership development programme
  • The Teach First delivered module of the Leadership Development Programme focuses on these three areas: Each of these areas will feature a number of optional and compulsory elements and events, formal and informal, which fit around your demanding teaching schedule. They combine to offer training in the behaviours of effective leadership and the skills that you will need to ensure you are raising the achievement of your pupils and setting yourself up to be a leader in any sector.  Modules are delivered at Masters level. To achieve your Masters you must obtain the necessary number of credits (180), you’ll need to complete additional university delivered modules. Depending on the regions that you are placed in, the MA will be awarded as; North West and Yorkshire: University of Manchester, MA Education (Teach First Leadership) East and West Midlands: University of Warwick, MA Educational Leadership (Teach First) London; Institute of Education, MA Leadership (Teach First),
  • We have over 80 Supporters that agree Teach First is having a real impact in the most challenging schools in the UK, in addition many look to Teach First for their leaders of the future.
  • Whether you decide to join one of our partners or not, when you graduate from the Leadership Development Programme you will become a Teach First Ambassador Here are just some of the benefits of becoming a Teach First ambassador
  • So what do our ambassadors do? All sorts of jobs and ventures, we are pleased to say we have lots of ambassadors on staff, a number who have started their own educational charities and many who are taking their experiences to businesses and organisations, some of which you will recognise as Teach First supporters, across the country and the world – all with a desire to continue to support our mission whether that is mentoring with children in their old school, running a farm to host school trips or using donated time from their employer to spend a few days back in the classroom. You will notice a large proportion are still in schools and in management positions. You can see the most recent cohort has 21% of those still in teaching in a management position and as we look back this increases by roughly 10% each year to the 05 cohort where 50% of those in schools are leading. We are also pleased to see our first ambassador become a head teacher and this year we have our first ambassadors taking part in our Teach First Colleges initiative reaching even more pupils.
  • So you’ve heard why, what and how – if you are ready to support our mission, join in and stand out what next..
  • We have around 650 positions available for our leadership development programme starting in summer 2010. Next September we will be able to make the biggest impact in education in England than ever before Our minimum requirements our listed here… A relevant degree aligned to one of our national curriculum subjects is required unless you have an A or B grade in on of the following A Level subjects so which you would then be eligible to teach. – DT- resistant materials, English – lit or language, ICT, Maths or Citizenship related (generally Law, Psychology, politics) this also applies to science but you will require 2 a levels due to the wide curriculum in schools.
  • After the minimum requirements, selection for the Teach First programme is based on your ability to demonstrate relevant subject knowledge and the following competencies:
  • Explain need to register and then get login to application Deadlines – encourage early as we fill our vacancies as we find the right people. We have also limited availability for non-shortage subjects – you will see from our website which subjects are filling – currently we have had over 1000 applications and both History and Geography are full with other subjects close to filling. When you make your application we will notify you should there be no available subject for your academics
  • So here is a final snap shot of what is on offer I’d now like to play you our trailer
  • Thank you for coming to our presentation Does anyone have any questions? (Answer any that are shouted out) If you have an additional questions then we will be here for the next xxx and we would be happy to answer any questions you might have, as well as myself and XXX we have XXXX – introduce all the members of staff or ambassadors you have there to answer questions
  • Teach First

    1. 2. Welcome to our presentation The Problem Our Solution Our Leadership Development Programme Recruitment Process
    2. 3. It’s not fair The most important determinant of a child’s educational success in England is the wealth of their parents, thus reducing their life chances substantially However, research has shown that excellent teaching and leadership in schools can completely change this correlation…. 2007 Statistics KS3 English Pass KS3 Maths Pass KS3 Science Pass 5 A*-C GCSE’s (incl. English & Maths) Pupils below poverty line 52% 55% 49% 21% Pupils not below poverty line 78% 79% 77% 49% Greater chance of success if you come from a wealthier background 50% 44% 57% 133%
    3. 4. … It doesn’t have to be this way
    4. 5. This is where Teach First comes in… Our mission To address educational disadvantage by transforming exceptional graduates into effective, inspirational teachers and leaders in all fields.
    5. 6. What do we do? Teach First recruits top graduates to commit to a two year leadership development programme teaching in a challenging school. Participants are provided with two years of training starting with six intensive weeks before starting full time in their school. <ul><li>To benefit from access to Teach First participants schools generally meet one of three criteria </li></ul><ul><li>National Challenge or City Challenge school </li></ul><ul><li>30% or more of pupils receive free school meals </li></ul><ul><ul><li>25% or less A*-C GCSE grades </li></ul></ul>After your initial 2 year commitment to school, you choose what to do next – inside or outside of the classroom – but whatever you choose to do we will support you, as a leader in all fields, to continue to address educational disadvantage in your role as a Teach First Ambassador
    6. 7. Where we do it – Our Regions East Midlands, London, North West, West Midlands and Yorkshire
    7. 8. How do we do it? Over their 2 years, participants help us realise the mission by leading learning in their classrooms by impacting on “The 3 A’s” Achievement Aspirations Access
    8. 10. Year 1 June 2010: You will join like minded individuals for a six week residential of intensive teacher training S eptember 2010: You begin teaching full-time in a challenging secondary or primary school supported by the Teach First network Year 2 August 2011: You will attend three Leading Organisations days, held at a business school and have the option of completing a summer project, of up to three weeks, with one of our supporters September 2011: You start your second year as an NQT (newly qualified teacher). You can also work towards your Masters in Education July 2012: You will graduate to become a Teach First Ambassador, continuing the mission in whichever field you choose Your Teach First journey
    9. 11. Leadership Development Programme Leading Learning introduces principles of effective teaching leadership for raising the achievement of pupils in the classroom Leading People will enable you to combine experience, theory, and learned skills to support you in being effective in leading people, both inside and outside of the classroom Leading Organisations th e purpose of the unit is to engage participants in developing the knowledge and skills to lead o rganisations , formed by an understanding of the fundamental processes and functions that underpin an organisation (school or otherwise)
    10. 12. Our Supporters… Accenture Arup Association of School and College Leaders Barclays Capital British Library BUNAC Business in the Community Cadbury Canary Wharf Group Capital One Citi Foundation City&Law City of London Civil Service Fast Stream Clifford Chance CMS Cameron McKenna Conservative Party Credit Suisse Deloitte DCSF Edison Learning UK Ernst & Young Esmée Fairbairn Foundation Financial Services Authority Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer GlaxoSmithKline Google GTI Media HSBC Imperial College Business School Institute of Education Institution of Engineering and Technology IPPR Labour Party Liberal Democrat Party London Development Agency London First McKinsey & Company National Association for Head Teachers National Union of Teachers Office of the Prime Minister Procter & Gamble RM Rothschild Salesforce.com School Governors One-Stop Shop Shell Social Market Foundation Teachers TV The Goldman Sachs Foundation The Mercers’ Company The Westminster Foundation & Grosvenor Trusts Training & Development Agency for Schools Training and Development Agency Transport for London UBS UnLtd VSO World Bank
    11. 13. Ambassadors <ul><li>You will access a unique network, defined communities and a range of specially tailored initiatives including opportunities to: </li></ul><ul><li>Mentor a gifted Teach First pupil through our Higher Education Access Programme for Schools (HEAPS) </li></ul><ul><li>Become a school governor through our Governance for Change </li></ul><ul><li>Join a community of fellow social entrepreneurs supported through our Social Entrepreneurship Programme </li></ul><ul><li>Lead a chapter in our biennial Policy First document which is presented to ministers </li></ul><ul><li>Be supported through to a headship role through Teach On </li></ul>
    12. 14. Where are they now? ’ 05 Cohort who graduated in 2007 58% still in teaching (28% of those teaching are now in management positions in school) Those who left joined companies like: Accenture, AstraZenica, BT, Civil Service Fast Stream, Deloitte, EMI, HSBC, GSK, NHS, PwC, Teach for India & many more 51% still in teaching (42% of those teaching are now in management positions in school) Those who left joined companies like: ARK, Accenture, BT, DCSF, Deloitte, Freshfields, GSK, IBM, JP Morgan, Unilever & many more 65% still in teaching (21% of those teaching are now in management positions in school) Those who left joined companies like: Capital One Bank, Department for Children, Schools and Families, Hammonds LLP, Google, Imperial College London, Oliver Wyman Limited, Procter & Gamble & many more ’ 06 Cohort who graduated in 2008 ’ 07 Cohort who graduated in 2009
    13. 15. Will you?
    14. 16. We are looking for… 2.1 degree or above 300 UCAS points (or equivalent, excluding General Studies) Degree in a subject that is aligned to a National Curriculum subject or A-level grade A or B in certain subjects Grade C (or equivalent) in GCSE Maths and English Flexibility to work anywhere within the East Midlands, London, North West, West Midlands and Yorkshire regions
    15. 17. … and eight competencies <ul><li>Humility, Respect and Empathy </li></ul><ul><li>Interaction </li></ul><ul><li>Knowledge </li></ul><ul><li>Leadership </li></ul><ul><li>Planning and Organising </li></ul><ul><li>Problem Solving </li></ul><ul><li>Resilience </li></ul><ul><li>Self Evaluation </li></ul>
    16. 18. Application process Applications are open now -register and then apply here www.teachfirst.org.uk/graduates Deadlines – final deadline is 2 April 2010. However, we encourage applications by 5 December 2009. This allows us to post remaining vacancies in January 2010 We will fill our vacancies as we find the right people and we have very limited availability for non-shortage subjects so check our website.
    17. 19. Our Programme Recap What: Teach First is a leading education charity founded to address educational disadvantage by placing exceptional graduates to teach in challenging schools. You will spend two years in your school, training on the job, supported by experts and making a real difference to your pupils . Qualifications gained: Postgraduate/ Professional Certificate in Education (QTS) PGCE will allow participants to teach in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Scotland. The opportunity to study for a Masters Benefits: Two years paid teaching, 13 wks holiday a year which you will need! Deadline: 2 April 2010 – we encourage you to submit by 5 December
    18. 20. <ul><li>Thank you! </li></ul><ul><li>Any Questions? </li></ul><ul><li>Jennifer Williams </li></ul><ul><li>[email_address] </li></ul><ul><li>www.teachfirst.org.uk </li></ul>