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  • 1. Susmita Pruthi ASSIGNMENT 2 NU ET511 | Assignment 3 | Self Awareness and Self Regulation  Self-awareness and self-regulation is critical to cognitive growth.  Create a profile, a resume, of yourself in this context. The profile should reflect self-awareness about yourself as a learner (in all or many of your roles - in the workplace, as a parent, an entrepreneur or any other aspect that you choose.) 1
  • 2. Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever. This is an interactive profile . - Mahatma Gandhi Regulation NU ET511 | Assignment 3 | Self Awareness and Self Every time an interaction is needed, you would see a bright yellow star. SUSMITA PRUTHI - a brief profile
  • 3. Susmita Pruthi VALUES AND BELIEFS - SELF NU ET511 | Assignment 3 | Self Awareness and Self Regulation  Your Life is what decisions you take in life and how you live your life with those decisions.  Decision making/taking starts from the time you are born.  There are many influencers in your life – positive and negative. Life’s experience teaches you to differentiate between the two. Till then, you depend on who you believe are important in your life – Mother, Father, Elder brother, sister etc.  My parents have always been the guide but not the decision makers of my life – they have left that to me. This 3 itself has been a continuous learning process for me.
  • 4. Susmita Pruthi VALUES AND BELIEFS - SELF NU ET511 | Assignment 3 | Self Awareness and Self Regulation  Be positive towards life  Be compassionate to yourself and to the world  Don’t refuse negative emotions, Feel defeat and fear and keep persevering  Give the benefit of the doubt and don’t be judgemental  Express your true self by being gentle and honest and through thoughts and actions  Appreciate success and happiness of other people  Follow your dreams and desires 4
  • 5. Susmita Pruthi ABOUT THE FAMILY Second sibling in a set of three children. Part of a joint family NU ET511 | Assignment 3 | Self Awareness and Self Regulation  with three younger cousin brothers.  Father a Professor of West Asian Studies at JNU, an eminent scholar of International Relations with a special focus and interest in defense capabilities of different countries and their impact on inter country political relationships.  Mother a traditional housewife with special interest in pre- primary education. Encouraged by her daughters, she took up getting her professional Nursery Teacher training degree at the age of 40.  Looked up to the elder sister as the guiding light till the age of 25. Elder sister proved to be a silent fighter and continues to be.  Had been the leader for the younger brother till moving out to college. 5
  • 6. Susmita Pruthi LIFE’S JOURNEY ADOLESCENCE NU ET511 | Assignment 3 | Self Awareness and Self Regulation CHILDHOOD Father’s frequent travels abroad for long durations and brother still Fun loving, outdoor girl enjoying a young kid, took up the charge of school life – studies, sports, all outdoor tasks – vegetables, friends. monthly groceries and all – biking Chosen as the School Head Girl in three kms one way all alone. This class 4 for Junior School. Helped experience turned out to be the discipline the school full of biggest initial learning experience rowdies. in life. Started travelling long distances alone. TEENAGER Moved into competitive sports, while academic life continued. During free time, competed in Music and Dance competitions too. Competing in individual sports as well as team sports led to self management and confidence building as well as bring 6 the same into a team as the Team Captain.
  • 7. Susmita Pruthi LIFE’S JOURNEY . . . AS IT CONTINUED NU ET511 | Assignment 3 | Self Awareness and Self Regulation  Learning experiences during different stages in life have played a major influencer in my life there onwards.  1984 - With a the big opportunity of turning a national volley ball player in my first year in college, I made the biggest decision of my life to move away and take up a professional degree course – Hotel Management.  And I proved myself for the next 10 years to reach the post of a Banquets / Restaurant Manager. These years gave an exposure of varied nature of experience  Coping in a male dominated industry and yet holding your own and proving it  Leading teams of semi-literate males into industry literacy as well as life literacy  Confidence to go abroad and set my mark 7  My life partner – 12 years elder and from a different community
  • 8. Susmita Pruthi LIFE’S JOURNEY . . . A CHANGE OF COURSE Till now, I had become a wife as well as a mother of a two NU ET511 | Assignment 3 | Self Awareness and Self Regulation  year old daughter. Life was very satisfying but the quality and quantity time that I wished to share with my daughter was not happening.  I was blessed to be married into a very forward looking family who have always encouraged me to take my ‘right’ decisions and stood by me always.  1994 - So instead of carrying on living with this agony, I decided to change it . . . I quit my professional life and went back to classroom to train myself for a career that would be equally challenging professionally but be able to spare me the time for my children.  I joined NIIT for their 5 semester GNIIT – Software Exports program with 2 semesters of Professional Practice. I also parallely joined DU’s graduate program through 8 correspondence.
  • 9. Susmita Pruthi LIFE’S JOURNEY . . . CLIMBING A STEEP HILL NU ET511 | Assignment 3 | Self Awareness and Self Regulation  The next four years were a roller coaster of events, exposures and experiences.  Challenging studying pattern for two separate courses, health challenges of mother-in-law leading her to be bed- ridden, having my second daughter as well as building a house for my family all alone (husband had continue to be abroad) ….. A lot was achieved in these 4 years.  My parents had continued to be my sounding board till now, but I matured to go on my own here onwards.  As luck would have it, I got to join NIIT as a Software developer. 9
  • 10. Susmita Pruthi LIFE’S JOURNEY . . . AS A MOTHER I have been a ‘different’ mother right from the beginning. NU ET511 | Assignment 3 | Self Awareness and Self Regulation   I have been termed as ‘weird’ as I have been  Talking to my new borns when they traditionally can’t ‘understand’  Talking to kids about things when they don’t understand the relevance  Expose them to ‘controversial’ topics and debate with them so that they understand the basic logics  Apart from singing to them till now and having endless story- telling sessions which have now become life experience sharing talks  Continue to sing and dance with them still  Joke and tease them till now  Just repeating what my parents did with me and adding 10 a little bit of my personality to it!
  • 11. Susmita Pruthi LIFE’S JOURNEY . . . AS A PROFESSIONAL NU ET511 | Assignment 3 | Self Awareness and Self Regulation  Keeping your values and beliefs intact, one must be on the path of constant change.  In Hotels  Kept seeking a profile change by moving from one specialty restaurant to the next, even the opening of a discotheque and a night club.  This led to constant upgradation/learning of the needs/scope of servicing for that specialty. It also involved imparting relevant info/skill to the downline.  Many scenarios/situations/experiences led to additive knowledge creation 11
  • 12. Susmita Pruthi LIFE’S JOURNEY . . . AS A PROFESSIONAL NU ET511 | Assignment 3 | Self Awareness and Self Regulation  In IT industry  Even in this industry, having been exposed to a variety of roles, on job learning has included  Increase in IT knowledge  Increase in customer awareness – requirements, needs, solutions  Increase in Subject knowledge – SW development, technology, Subjects other than ITW  Increase in skills – team management, product development, leadership Technolo Product SW Corporat Develop gy Pre Sales Developm Delivery General develop e ment solutioni support ent Mgr - Head Manager ment Training egurucool Head ng 12
  • 13. Susmita Pruthi QUESTIONS ANSWERED NU ET511 | Assignment 3 | Self Awareness and Self Regulation  How do you learn?  Self paced  Self learned and applied through experiences  Real life experiences  From others experiences  What prevents you from learning?  Time constraints  In some cases, mindset  In some cases, capability  How can you improve your learning abilities?  Releasing more time, relaxed time  Discussions with peers / colleagues / subordinates / 13 supervisor