Dmex 27 05 09 Social Networking And Social Drama
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Dmex 27 05 09 Social Networking And Social Drama



Presentation at DMEX event, 27th May, Manchester on social media for business and social media drama.

Presentation at DMEX event, 27th May, Manchester on social media for business and social media drama.



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Dmex 27 05 09 Social Networking And Social Drama Dmex 27 05 09 Social Networking And Social Drama Presentation Transcript

  • Freelancers Guide to Social Networking and Social Media Drama DMEX, Manchester, May 27 th 2009 2.0:
    • What I will cover:
    • What are social networks & how do they work?
    • Different types of blogs and social networks
    • Success strategies for using social networks
    • Use of social media in drama & docs
    • DMEX collaborative drama project
    • “ It’s all about the conversation ”
    • Popular music is “ Social Cement ” Adorno, 1941
    • “When we change how we communicate, we change society.”
    • Clay Shirky, ‘Here Comes Everybody”
  • How does social media marketing work? SAVANTS ENTHUSIASTS CASUALS LURKERS
    • Online Communities Source: Pete Ashton,
    • “ Achieving conventional goals, such as profits and joy, with unconventional methods, such as investing energy instead of money ” (
    Social media is a new name for an old thing
    • Guerilla Marketing Today
    • Big brands are using social media as far-reaching, low-cost marketing tools
  • What’s the point of online communities?
    • Web 2.0
    • But aren’t all networks social?
    • “ I want to connect with people who I have something in common with and learn from and with them about the world. Blogging, like other social platforms from the bonfire to the pub, enables that .” - Pete Ashton
    • Why are blogs important?
    • Technorati tracks over 70 million blogs
    • Over 120,000 blogs created every day
    • Over 1.4 million new blog posts every day
    • 22 of the 100 most popular websites are blogs
    • 51% of blog readers shop online
    • 200 million ex blogs create “dotsam” and “netsam”
    • Blog on Blogger or Wordpress Wordpress: Created in Birmingham - Business blog - 4IP
    • 2. Vlog - video blog Gordon Howe’s DMEX journey
    • 3. Flickr photo diary Typepad: Inside a Black Apple Clore Leadership Program
    • 4. Twitter 5. Blog on DMEX Ning group Dmex Ning site
    • Flickr Creative Commons Images
    • Business Networking platforms
    • LinkedIn
    • Twitter
    • Facebook
    • Specialist networks DMEX Ning
    • Social networking success strategies:
    • Gain profile (frequency strategy)
    • Share knowledge to be seen as an expert
    • Solve your problems /solve others problems
    • Informal talk to build trusted relationships
    • Small time-blocks for long-term investment
    • Social networking success strategies:
    • Seed and share
    • Add value
    • Have fun
    • Value your time
    • Success stories:
    • Steve Lawson – Bass 2.0
    • Leanda Ryan
    • Pete Ashton
    • My recent social media activities:
    • My recent social media activities:
    • When social networking goes wrong: the twitter v FedEx saga
    • User-generated content is a new, personalised broadcasting media existing with, not replacing, broadcast media. LonelyGirl15
    • Transmedia: “Mess is Lore”
    • Social Media Drama KatalystHQ (Ashton Kutcher) Meet The Joneses (Ford/ Baby Cow) KateModern (Bebo)
    • Social Media Drama related forms:
    • Alternative Reality Games (ARGs) e.g. Year Zero (Nine Inch Nails)
    • Massive Multiplayer Games (MMOs) e.g. World of Warcraft
    • Fan Fiction/Fan collaboration
    • DMEX Collaboration 2: The Mill - A social media soap opera
    • Drama ‘played out’ using Facebook + other social tools
    • About 5 young creatives based in Islington Mill, Salford
    • Exec Producer: Carlton Reeve (Illumina)
    • Looking for 5 – 8 collaborators (min 2 writers)
    • Development: late June, July August
    • Event: 2 weeks in early September More info on
    • Education for Leisure (DMEX project collaborative film) A virtual collaboration using Movie Storm to create a machinima short film between 6 north-west TV and Film freelancers, May 2009
    • Thanks Contact Me: [email_address] Tel: 07981 222799 Twitter: susioneill Skype: susi.oneill Blog: