Question 3 what have you learnt from the audience feedback improved
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Question 3 what have you learnt from the audience feedback improved






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Question 3 what have you learnt from the audience feedback improved Question 3 what have you learnt from the audience feedback improved Presentation Transcript

  • Question 3 – What have you learnt from your audience feedback?From the audience feedback we got, I was able to learn about what the audience thought of our music video, digipak and magazine music advertisement poster. Some were more critical than others so this gave me a good range of views to take into consideration. I found out how improvements and changes could be made and that most of the audience distinguished the common codes and conventions used and thought they were used well which is good to hear as it makes our media products more successful.
  • Music videoOne audience said that they liked that the video illustrated, narrated and amplified the song and lyrics well therefore the video made sense. This is what we intended to do as we thought the lyrics were very meaningful and from the research carried out many indie music videos had meaningful lyrics e.g Snow Patrol – You could be happytherefore the videos were often narrative based and illustrative so we thought we would do the same with ours since clearly in the lyrics there is a story being told about two people’s relationship as the lead singer sings “you are silver tongued” which means someone has a personality of being good with their words and two faced.
  • One audience thought that they would have preferred the video to be more abstract, in other words more illustrative as she gave an example that actual silver tongues shown in the video would have been more interesting. I agree that the video could have been illustrative and very abstract and random as a lot of indie videos are that way for example San Cisco – Awkward, however indie videos like that often have very upbeat, energetic, quirky, feel good songs, whereas we felt our song was more calm and the lyrics created a narrative and the chorus being repetitive made us chose to make the chorus parts of the song performance based.
  • Nearly all the audience said that the video was appealing to a young audience mostly being teenagers and the audience themselves we got feedback from are teenagers, this is positive feedback as we intended our video to be more appealing to teenagers as we thought teenagers would relate to the song well and enjoy it and the indie style is mostly a youth culture.
  • The audience all identified the music video’s genre as being indie/ indie- rock because of the frequent instrument shots in the performance based scenes and the emotional narrative, these conventions are common in indie videos therefore they were able to relate our video to the indie genre. This is positive feedback as the video must be of the same genre as the music otherwise it wouldn’t make sense and there would be confusion for the audience and this would make them not want to watch the video.Most of the audience noticed the narrative in the video and there being a relationship between a boy and girl, however some audience thought that the relationship between them was shown vaguely, they would have wanted to understand more what exactly was going on between the couple. I think this is a good point as it isn’t very clearly shown, the lyrics explain the relationship rather well, however I think audiences often tend to understand the song more from what they see in the video than what they hear in the lyrics because they get distracted by the rhythm of the music and the video. Similarly for example some people prefer to watch films rather than read the books.
  • The audience thought that the editing in the video was effective with the use of coloured hues on the instruments making it look more indie, and the shots flowed well.This means that the editing in the video isn’t off putting which sometimes can happen in videos which are over edited or edited badly. The audience said that it is good that the transitions of shots are smooth therefore at some points it doesn’t even look like the video has been edited, it looks quite natural. I think it’s good that the audience can focus on the music and video and watch it with ease without being distracted and put off by the editing. Some audience thought that not all of the shots were of high quality and crisp, I agree with this and think it would have been better if we had used a very good filming camera such as a DSLR as zooming would have been easier and smoother and sharp focus would have been easier to achieve.
  • Some audience thought that the video would have been more successful if the lead singer had lip singed more clearly; this was a problem we had and tried to deal with when filming the video. I think if we were to film it again we would make sure the person lip singing would be a drama student therefore better at moving their mouths and showing expression and confident in performing in front of a camera.The audience like the effects used in the video such as the projected image over the lead singers face however they thought this could have been used on the rest of the band members too, I think this is a good point as the video should show the band as a whole more as they are called Zulu Wolves and the music belongs to a band, this would make it more obvious to the audience that the music belongs to a band not a solo music artist which could cause confusion.
  • I learnt that we used a lot of common codes and conventions of indie music videos effectively as the audience said that the video has a range of shots especially close up shots of the instruments which are often seen in indie music videos e.g San Cisco – Awkward which amplifies the range of instruments used in the video.They also said that our use of locations of Southbank and a shed was quite simplistic and easy going which indie music videos often do as they are laid back and tend to not over do things for example they tend to not have too many props or people in their videos. The audience also liked that the lead singer was also the actor in the narrative of the video, I learnt that this made them remember the lead singer and band better.
  • DigipakThe audience said that the font on the digipak and poster suited the song and the representation of the band well as the font is subtle and has connotations of calmness and maturity whereas a bold large striking font would be more suited for a fast tempo, upbeat energetic song. From this I know that the audience would have made the same decision as we did to make the font this way because of the feel of the song therefore we made it suit the music well maintaining the same representations in the music video and the digipak.
  • The audience thought it was useful that the band member’s portraits were in the digipak as this helped them remember the band better. They said that from buying music digipaks in the past they noticed that they often had images of the band and artist e.g The Kooks so that the audience can easily identify the CD as belonging to that artist/band. From this I know that we used common conventions of existing digipaks in our one therefore ours is more successful because of this and the audience find it appealing therefore it would have a good chance of making a profit in the music industry as it would have buyers. The audience also thought that the use of colour and effects such as sepia on some of the images suited the indie culture well, from this I learnt that we managed to make our digipak suit the indie genre as well as the music video therefore they combine well and it is clear that our target audience are mainly those who like the indie genre and/or have an indie culture.
  • I found one of the audience’s feedbacks particularly interesting as she says that she liked the use of the image of a wolf on the digipak cover and that it could represent the girl actress in the video as she is presented as wanting to be free and wolves have connotations of freedom and wilderness therefore they could link. I liked that she interpreted the image in this way as it shows that the digipak can be linked with the music video in various successful ways and have similar representations.
  • Music posterThe audience said that the poster advertises the band and their music well as it shows the information clearly and useful information is used. They said that the website would encourage audiences to research more if they thought there was a limited amount on the poster, this makes the audience more interactive and engaged with the new band therefore promoting them well. The audience thought that the poster gives a reasonable amount of information however they suggested that it would be better if the venues the band would be touring at would be put on next to the touring date. I think this is useful feedback as audiences can be attracted by the tour venues and it could make them more excited if it was somewhere local to them therefore encouraging them to want to see the band perform live. Although there is a website on the poster for the audience to look up more information, I think they may not always have time to and may forget to later on so having the tour venues on the poster would be beneficial.
  • Most of the audience thought that the music video, digipak and music poster were a good combination as similar themes, representations, colour schemes and font were used and all three can be identified as belonging to our band Zulu Wolves. This makes it easier for the audience to recognize songs made by the band quicker and helps them to remember the band too. The audience thought that the music poster looked professional with good use of creative photoshop skills, this is important in advertisement as the audience want to be able to trust what they see and believe that is has the potential to be good which encourages them to buy it if the quality looks good. This means our poster promotes the band and music well as it catches the audience’s interest.