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Kitetime is taking time out from work to be with your loved ones, and in doing so it helps Redkite support children and young people with cancer and their families. Redkite helps parents spend time …

Kitetime is taking time out from work to be with your loved ones, and in doing so it helps Redkite support children and young people with cancer and their families. Redkite helps parents spend time where it is needed most through the difficult cancer journey - with their sick child.

Here’s how it works: your employer encourages you to take an hour or so off work in September. You spend time with your family and loved ones, and you and or your employer makes a generous donation to help Redkite continue their invaluable work.

Redkite believes the best way to support a child or adolescent through cancer is to recognize the needs of the whole family. With your help Redkite can provide a family with essential services such as financial assistance, professional counselling and practical support - you are helping to give their child every chance of survival.

Published in: Education, Business

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  • Redkite’s vision is to reach every child and young adult with cancer and to ensure that we have equity of care across Australia. Our challenge is that we are currently not reaching every child and young adult and this is particularly important in this economic climate where these families need our support more than ever. To ensure that this takes place and to move forward with our vision, we have developed what is a new and exciting fundraising concept. In order to fulfil this challenge we hope that you can join with us and be part of this event We are inviting you to be part of this inaugural event We are approaching our valued corporate supporters in year one by targeting an initial 25 corporate companies. We see this event growing and developing organically as one of our major fundraising events and hope that by joining forces with you we can see the event grow and bloom over the coming years We see this as a living partnership where you will be involved in shaping and growing this innovative event taking it through to the next phase of its development in years 2, 3 and beyond As Redkite receives no government funding it is essential that corporations support this new fundraising concept to enable us to continue supporting families and children through the cancer journey. Redkite is one of Australia’s leading childhood cancer support agencies. We are there from the moment of diagnosis, throughout the rigorous treatment regimes and beyond providing practical grassroots services – the must have rather than the nice to have.
  • Redkite is about supporting not only the child through the cancer journey, but the family as a whole from the point of diagnosis right through to being back in their community. Redkite believes that every Australian child and young person diagnosed with cancer should be empowered to cope with the emotional, social and practical consequences. Redkite understands the importance of hope, stability and dignity for the child or young person and their family. Imagine life being normal where you go about your daily duties. Suddenly your child is diagnosed with cancer and what was one day normal is suddenly turned upside down. Time therefore takes you on a different journey. Redkite is faced with stories such as these every day Extensive research was undertaken to identify an event concept that linked our cause and core values to current society needs. We are all challenged by a work life balance. We spoke with Hugh Mackay a leading social researcher, and Professor Lyn Craig who both confirmed that work life balance was very much at the forefront of people’s minds. In developing the event, we’ve identified what has significant corporate and social impact on society and are now ready to implement this inaugural event. In the development process, we conducted extensive audience testing and focus groups with employees to determine what was relevant in their lives and how they would feel about the event. The key motivation for participation was to raise funds for Redkite and help support children with cancer and their families. The outcome was that it offered them a real, tangible means of supporting community in a way they might not have before. These insights have proved invaluable in developing the event and validate the importance of a campaign like this right NOW.
  • It’s a simple and easy activity to implement Its not about having a cup of tea or buying a ribbon, it is truly unique The event is about the giving and receiving of time. Its making moments matter The month of September is perfect timing, with employees feeling a little tired and needing that extra burst of energy to get them through to Christmas
  • Organisations like being perceived as good corporate citizens. …and in today’s harsh economic climate Kitetime provides an inspirational opportunity for your company on many levels. Kitetime participation: Is an inexpensive and meaningful way to reward staff in these tough times. Provides you with the chance to build and/or reinforce values and cultures within your organisation. Provides the opportunity to be seen as a leader in this field by partnering with us in the first year. Will enhance organisational culture by reinforcing you value + respect your staff’s time and their family work/life blend. Empowers your staff to help others on a practical level that they other wise might not be able to do. Our focus group research indicates that Kitetime participation would make staff feel good about themselves but also about the organisation that they work for. It also makes them feel good that they are helping Redkite while at the same time giving back to the community. These feelings would in turn would lead to increased productivity and an overall feeling of decreased stress and higher efficiencies knowing that they are being of service to others and that their organisation is 100% supportive of this event and their involvement. Kitetime provides an opportunity for employers to be seen to have a family friendly attitude, promoting healthy family work life balance By engaging employees to actively participate in Kitetime, the employees will feel good about themselves and about their employer thus increasing staff morale and productivity. UK recent work/life balance survey states the benefits of providing a work/life balance approach with employees can have a positive impact on employee relations (71% of companies), employee commitment and motivation (69%), labour turnover (54%), productivity (49%), absenteeism (48%) and recruitment (47%). Source: The UK Dept. of Trade & Industry Second Work Life Balance Survey 2003 By September in the lead up to the end of the year staff are looking for an opportunity to recharge their corporate batteries. Kitetime is an avenue for this to enable staff to feel good about themselves, their work colleagues and the families that they are supporting Kitetime provides employers with the flexibility to utilise this time as an alternative to providing bonuses or a whole volunteer day Ultimately by participating in Kitetime this provides Redkite with essential funds to help support children, young people and their families through cancer and their real needs and a great opportunity for your organisation
  • When conducting audience testing with employees, quotes from individuals were such things as:
  • $20 could be very easily increased and other organisations have already spoken about different dollar values Vouchers as incentives Kitetime not only allows a Redkite family to spend time with their sick child it also provides essential services to help ease pressure, alleviate distress and provide stability and hope.
  • We are working on developing tools for the workplace such as screen savers, posters, tent cards. We envisage a photo board where staff can place pictures on the board to show how they have taken their Kitetime.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Presentation to Seek Introducing an innovative initiative
    • 2.
      • The Redkite Vision
      • A new and exciting initiative
      • Your support
    • 3.
      • Extensive research and testing
      • Work / life balance is at the forefront of peoples’ minds
      • People value getting something in return for their generosity
      • Our new initiative strongly links with society’s needs
    • 4. The opportunity for families to spend more time together - and help Redkite support children with cancer and their families
    • 5. The giving and receiving of time Employers allow employees to take an hour off work The employer or employee donates to Individuals spend time with their loved ones or family So a Redkite family can too! In the month of September Time and donation flexibility
    • 6.
      • Low-cost reward
      • Strong cultural message – valuing staff
      • Incentives for productivity
      • Loyalty and retention
      • Flexibility
      • Helping Redkite families to spend more time with their sick children
    • 7. From Galaxy Research Feb 09
    • 8. Redkite families Redkite employee employer win win win win employee gets time off to spend with their loved ones or family employers value staff and their families, by reinforcing organisational culture and flexibility increased awareness of Redkite allows Redkite families to spend time with their sick child
    • 9.
      • Option C
      • Employer endorses
      • Employee donates to
      • Redkite
      Option B Employer endorses and purchases vouchers to distribute to the staff No matter which of these you choose, it allows Redkite families to spend more time with their sick children Option A Employer endorses and purchases vouchers to distribute to the staff Employee matches employers contribution or donates
    • 10.  
    • 11.  
    • 12.