How to start a blog and what to blog about


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There are thousands of people blogging today but very few are successful at it. Why is that? I know of some brilliant writers that have unnoticed blogs and I know some not so good writers who get viral traffic to theirs.

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How to start a blog and what to blog about

  1. 1. How To Start A Blog And Make ItSuccessfulWhy start a blog?There are thousands of people blogging today but very few are successful at it.Why is that? I know of some brilliant writers that have unnoticed blogs and Iknow some not so good writers who get viral traffic to theirs.If people do not come to your blog and read what you have to say, you do nothave a successful blog. Unsuccessful bloggers do not understand this concept:If you built a fabulous magazine, rich in up-to-date information, and featuringthe best articles ever written, but your only news stand is in the middle of theSahara Desert, do you think you will have many readers?I am going to teach you how to start a blog and make itvisible from the start!
  2. 2. Lets clear the air! You do not have to be a good writer to start a blog. Yourwriting skills will get better over time. As long as you have the ability to peck outwords on your computer, you can blog!The first thing you need to do before starting a blog is to become an expert atsomething! Some people are experts at telling jokes, others may be expert in theart of gardening, etc.You are not an expert at anything? Become one! What do you enjoy? Are youpassionate about something? Has anyone ever told you that you are good atsomething? Pick a subject that you enjoy and research it and study it. Visit other blogs on the subject and see how they are writing about it. Every time you learn something new about this subject, blog about it.When you teach something, you will learn the subject more in depth than yourstudents or readers. Start out as the "perceived" expert, then blog somethinginteresting every day about that subject and within a week, you really are anexpert.There are no rules on what to blog about. I recommend that you keep the topicclean and for all ages. You are what makes your blog uniquely yours!Heres a question for you...did you know that most all blogs are making moneyfrom their sites? See for yourself! While you are on someone elses blog, lookaround on the sidebars and notice the ads. They all have them!There are two ways to start a blog,Bypass the pain and expense of Option #1And go straight for Option #2Option #1Start a blog down and dirty. You will need to name your blog something catchyand then see if it is taken. Next you will have to hire a "server" (technical term),basically, deciding cable, dish, ect. It is who hosts your site. There will be aninitial start up cost then a monthly cost. Once you establish that, you have tobuild your site from the ground up. There are many people out there that can be
  3. 3. hired to do this for you but it can get expensive. It can get very technical, so youmay want to consider that.Next you will have to verify your site with Google and set up a site map, so Googlewill recognize your site ( to get you traffic). Actually the list goes on and on. Ishould know that is how I learned, THE HARD WAY. Learning what SEO is,keywords, marketing, getting traffic............It takes quite a while to get trafficbecause you have to learn how to become part of the world wide web and get backlinks. If you have money, time, and the technical skills, this can be done. Butvery expensive!Option #2Start a blog and have a life. Receive a turn key blog that is already built foryou. No technical stuff to learn, you just log in and start blogging. You can blogabout anything you want! Oh, I didnt tell you the best part! You make moneyfrom our blog and you dont have to sell anything! It is a business blog. 100%commissions. No selling, Empower does that for you!So why is this so different? Its really not as far as what you blog about, but youget instant traffic because you are smack in the middle of the bustlingblogophere. We dont set you up in the middle of the desert, we set you upalready linked to all of the most powerful blogs out there. All of this is wheretraffic comes from.Picture yourself blogging in just minutes. How much you ask? For the Bloggingplatform that bypasses everything in Option #1 is just $25 a month. That is it! Ifyou want to sell the products and make real money from your blog, it is anadditional $19 per month. Imagine, for $44 a month you get a turn key business!Where else can you start a turn key business for this small of an investment?There are other products you can later purchase as you go along. Intensivetraining on every level you want. If you get all the packages, you will an expertblogger and marketer in the end. There is no limit to your success.Join my team today and I will be there every step along the way. Iam always available to my team to answer questions and to cheeryou on!Susie BrownClick this link and start blogging today
  4. 4. I will see you on the inside, I have so much more to tell you! The surprises keepcoming when you join my team!Please visit my Facebook pageSome other articles I have published on my Empower Network Blog: is the website I built from scratch that cost me a year to learn and thousandsof dollars to get it up and running. the training I have gotten here, I could turn around and build any website Iwanted in just hours. That is how fantastic the training is.