Baby boomers are kicking butt


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Many baby boomers like you are asking, “Now what?” Well, I have news for you… there is a movement of people just like us that are enjoying not only the freedom that our empty nests provide, but are getting rich!!!

This generation of baby boomers have computers and we are not afraid to use them!

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Baby boomers are kicking butt

  1. 1. Move OverWhipper SnappersBaby Boomers Are Kicking ButtAnd Taking NamesToday there are millions of Baby Boomers taking control of their own future.We finally have that empty nest and by dang we are loving it! We raised ourkids, and did a well enough job that they are flying on their own. Fly babies fly!!!!My husband and I always got a kick when my dad would say, "My favoriteChristmas decorations are tail lights." Now we laughingly agree with him. Welove it when everyone comes over and we love it when we see those tail lightsleaving. Can I get an AMEN!!!!Many baby boomers like you are asking, "Now what?" Well, I have news foryou... there is a movement of people just like us that are enjoying not only thefreedom that our empty nests provide, but are getting rich!!!This generation of baby boomers havecomputers and we are not afraid to usethem!We share emails, chat on Facebook, surf the net and blog. Hmmmm.....did yousay BLOG? Yep! In fact, you are reading mine right now. :) It is a fun outlet toexplore different topics and express myself in any way I chose. Ive met so manynew friends blogging by just being myself. But I have a secret......
  2. 2. The main reason I blog is because there is a ton of money to be made doing it.For example this bog that you are reading was already set up for me by experts.It was a turn key deal, all I have to do is log in and start talking to you, myreaders. They actually advertise the blog for me so the people just come. Youdid! Plus, it only cost me $25.So you ask, how does this make me money? That is the big secret. This blog ismy business and the ads that are placed around this site make me money. Howeasy is that?Empower Network is a huge, active community of very rich Internet marketersthat share information that makes other people (you & me) rich. Babyboomers and the young alike. They produce the information and training thatteaches us how to become wealthy from the comfort of our own homes. I am inmy jammies right now. :)All you need to do is click the link, put in your email address (I am the only onethat gets your email. It is not shared with anyone) then submit. Immediatelycheck your email for a confirmation and click through to the video from there.That is it.You will watch how this company works and catch the fever of how you can haveyour own business for just $25 a month.Be Part Of The Baby Boomers That Kick ButtAnd Click The LinkAs a member of my team "Find-the-power," I will see you on the inside and youwill hear from me soon!!!I look forward to working with you!
  3. 3. Susie Brown