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Wissen Systems Pvt Ltd - Profile

  1. 1. ‘ uvlisxaul wl 'fL'_”»“i~i‘il‘l
  2. 2. Aaout l ls ‘§ &. a~J Wissen is India based outsourcing company, focused on delivering business solutions using emerging technologies. We work closely with CTOs/ Cl0s to makesure thattechnology transformation is handled carefullyand all business risks are managed well. Our Mission & Values wissen We are a technology-driven company. We are committed in delivering highest quality services. We are committed to the highest standards of ethics and integrity. 3(->(->(->(- Future of Wissen Systems depends upon skills, imagination, teamwork and integrity of our employees and hence we value these qualities. 3(- We are committed to delivering value to our customers. We are focused on Quality — quality of engineering teams, quality of service, and quality of communication. * Profit is important to us, but not the only reason for being in business.
  3. 3. Services Enterprise Application Development With fast changing market conditions and business scenarios, enterprises need unprecedented support, integration and business continuity from their IT application portfolios. In ever changing technologies and business goals, it is important for enterprises to work with vendors that provide cutting edge solutions to business problems. Wissen’: ability to effectively leverage Enterprise 2.0 concepts to accelerate growth of an organization is becoming most critical aspect in implementing ERP, CRM and SCM solutions. Product Development With industry wide acceptance for technologies like Cloud, success of business models like SaaS has enabled enterprise product development to reach next level. Along with these technologies, since entry barriers in enterprise product development are lowered, what a product company needs is considerable reduction in go-to-market time. From business side it has become clear that, any successful product will have to undergo many iterations and will have to continuously integrate feedback received from customers. This requires fast and lean development teams which can work with emerging technologies. Teams which can master significantly diverse set of technologies and deliver results is the current need in enterprise product development. Mobile Application Development With the rise of various smartphone platforms like iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Maemo and Palm it has become very important to provide and deliver your applications or products on a mobile platform as a native application or as a mobile web application. This gives your user or consumer ability to engage with application on the go. Having mobile interface to your ERP, CRM, SCM and other applications helps in giving more freedom and usability to your team. This also enables them to engage with customers in more real time format. wissen
  4. 4. T’ iecmoorggy User Interface EB Google Web Flex Toolkit Tools IDE Eclipse Netbeans Middleware Database Mobile ' _ - en: E’ A ' g I ilPhone Java Enterprise Hibernate Spring MySQL Oracle MiscosoftSQL PnstgreSQL | Phone Android Mobile Edition [JEE) Server Web Server Charting Report Testing V - . ’ » - ' | i’ = '’ V‘? “' . - lulus .313 V. . ii . ,1 [: | E iL>l @ % s‘e '. - Jelbrains. Tomcat Jboss FusionCharts gchart ltexlpdf Jasperforge Jmeter Selenium Junlt wissen
  5. 5. roject Management Project Management Microsoft Xplanner+ Basecamp Activecollab DeskAway Project Issue Management code Repository SVN CV5 Git JIRA Confluence wissen
  6. 6. C! lel'l't°*= % NJ Enterprise Product (Desktop) Enterprise Product (web) 4. ¢. -@ m}'é°€“e Consumer Web Get % Keep mygene CI Incf Gffsi Iaars Mobile wot-rn 9H5 wissen
  7. 7. Portfolio Consumer % Get Keep Super Groupers MIS Eliioh CZIISKEFU aRQue Healthcare mygene W vlvidways Banking Mobile @ @999 94/. ..” 9M5 wissen
  8. 8. Infrastructure 24 Mbps Backbone & Top of the Market Desktops Conference 2 Mbps Backup Test Harness Electricity Backup
  9. 9. wissen Arrlol Azhar Pooja Priya Shyam Sushrut Tushar Yogesh Z _ Our Team
  10. 10. Contact Old Gangapllr Naka KTHM College a C009 Sarkarwada l S! 2 :2 roe L1 . Nggmzza no ice a Ion 4' u}r. a.. ... . . Ha591Va| BSNL Office Police Parade Gruuiia o It Kulkarnl Garden E ‘I’ 5: Andrews 5 ‘:1 criureri ’* E o St Andrews silver Oak +, , El mm. Old civil Hospital % ll 3: 1im“‘V‘ 3 . ’2» Hotel Emerald Park Ciole Colony it? is 43' 4: O M. G. Road Registered Office Wissen Systems Privet Limited 4 th Floor, Rajvi Enclave, New Pandit Colony, Nashik - 422001, Maharashtra, India. Phone : +91-253-2316808 Mobile 2 +919890184289 General Inquiries - info@wissen. co. in Careers Inquiries - careers@wissen. co. in Proposal Inquiries - rfp@wissen. co. in Product Support Inquiries - support@wissen. co. in