Presentation on Rape Victims


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This is a presentation I made while I was going through my college days. A presentation which included 5 people all my peers and and a lot of research. You will find all types of Information on Rape with Real Case studies ranging from Man Raped by a woman to the Infamous Hannah Foster Rape Case. Read and Share so that everyone can know more about this heinous crime.

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Presentation on Rape Victims

  2. 2. CONTENTS  What is Rape?  Types of Rape  Reasons of Rape  Cases  Conclusion  Q & A
  3. 3. RAPE?
  4. 4.  What is Rape? According to Indian Penal Code [IPC] Act 375. Rape is forced, unlawful sexual intercourse.  Without the victim’s “Consent”.  It can happen to both men and women of any age.
  5. 5. Is Rape And Sexual Harassment similar? NO In sexual harassment, the victims are physically harmed which showcases male dominance, whereas, In rape, the victim’s are ravished like an animal for the fulfillment of desire and lust of another.
  6. 6.  Acquaintance Rape / Date Rape  Spousal Rape  Gang Rape  Minor Rape  College Campus Rape  Statutory Rape  Prison Rape  War Rape  Rape Within the Military  Corrective Rape
  7. 7. 1) Acquaintance Rape / Date Rape: - When the victim & the rapist know each other. E.g. - Rapes of co-workers, schoolmates, friends. 2) Spousal/Marital/Wife/Husband Rape: - Rape between a married or a de facto couple (who are behaving like a couple but not married) 3) Gang Rape: - When a group of people participate in the rape of a single victim. 4) Minor Rape: - When a child is raped by an adult. E.g. - Parent or Close Relatives, School Teachers, Religious Authorities, or Therapists.
  8. 8. 5) College Campus Rape: - When Rape is done inside College premises by college aged men and women. 6) Statutory Rape: - Adults engaging in consensual sexual relations with sexually mature minors under the age of consent. 7) Prison Rape: – Rapes which happen in prison, mainly homosexual, (since prisons are separated by sex). Attacker is most commonly another inmate, but prison guards may also be involved, primarily in female prisons. 8) War Rape: - During war, rape is often used as means of psychological warfare in order to humiliate the enemy and undermine their morale.
  9. 9. 9) Rape Within the Military: - When men & women are sexually harassed in the military. 10) Corrective Rape: - Corrective Rape is a criminal practice in South Africa, whereby men rape lesbian women, purportedly as a means of "curing" the woman of her sexual orientation.
  10. 10.  To Procreate [Reproductive Strategy].  To Get Rid of Frustration.  Right to Control  Biological Reasons.
  11. 11. CASES
  12. 12.  Orissa Nun Rape Case  Mass Rape in Uttar Pradesh  Man Raped in Karachi
  13. 13. ORISSA NUN RAPE CASE DATE - 25/08/2008 VICTIM - Sr. Meena Lalita Barwa, 29, Roman Catholic NUN CRIME LOCATION - JanaVikas Building, Kandhamal Distt., Orissa ACCUSED - 50 Hindu Extremists of Bajrang Dal REASON - Revenge for the killing of VHP Leader Swami Laxmananda Saraswati
  14. 14. CASE DETAILS :-  The mob dragged her from the place she was hiding to the diocesan Social Action Center and raped her.  Father Chellan [a Catholic Priest] who accompanied her was beaten on resistance.  Two men stood on either of her hands as another one destroyed her chastity.  After that she was forced to parade naked for about half a kilometer, on resistance she was slapped and beaten with lathis on her back.  Instead of stopping the mob, the Police stood there and watched the whole show. ACTIONS TAKEN :-  After a long painful year of waiting and pleading to the Govt. of Orissa for CBI Enquiry around 17 people (two of them were leading accused) were arrested.  The final accused was arrested in the 3rd TIP (Test Identification Parade). THE CASE IS STILL NOT CLOSED AND JUSTICE IS STILL AWAITED.
  15. 15. MASS RAPE IN U.P. DATE - 30/07/2007 VICTIMS - Bitana (22), Sadrunnisa (50), Salamunnisa (40), Shafiqunnisa (23), Khairunnisa (21) and Tajemun, Member’s of SAIN [Muslim] Community, Females and also some unidentified CHILDREN CRIME LOCATION - Vill. Dhanni Deeh under Sirsia P.S., Shravasti Distt., Eastern Uttar Pradesh ACCUSED - Members and Supporters of PANDIT [Brahmin] Community REASON - Revenge as a Sain community boy [Saleem Rahman] eloped with the elder daughter [Vandana Dwivedi] of the former village Pradhan of Pandit Community
  16. 16. CASE DETAILS  Trouble started on 7th July 2007 when Saleem (24) and Vandana (18-20) both ran away from their respective houses together.  Pandit community members threatened of “dire consequences” to all the villagers if the girl is not returned on 8th. Family of the boy leave the village in the same evening.  Police arrests 4 people and seizes a mobile phone and one TATA Walky so that no SOS or news goes out of the village on 9th evening.  On 10th July at 8:30 a.m., 400-500 people allegedly gathered at the behest of Ashok Mishra, younger brother of a minister in the UP government.  Sain people tried to escape but were surrounded by neighboring villagers & forcibly returned to their village which had only two exit routes. Around 9:30 a.m. more people gathered with the supporters and started closing in on the village.  
  17. 17.   ACTIONS TAKEN   
  18. 18. MAN RAPED IN KARACHI DATE - 27/01/2009 VICTIM - KHALIL, 23, Male, MUSLIM CRIME LOCATION - Neelum Colony, Clifton, Karachi ACCUSED - 3 Women [One Middle Aged, Two in their early 20’s]
  19. 19. CASE DETAILS :-  On Jan 27th at around 11.30 p.m. three women abducted Khalil.  He was working at the restaurant when 3 women came and told him that they will show him their house in which he has to deliver food later.  On the way to their home they gave him some sweet and later reaching at their place gave him milk after consuming which he became unconscious.  When he gained consciousness he found himself tied onto a bed.  They kept him in their custody for 4 days and sexually assaulted him several times.  When his condition became critical due to multiple discharges, they dumped him at a desolate place near Qayyumabad River. Somehow he managed to stop a passing motor vehicle as his genitals were bleeding & he could not walk properly.  Medico-legal officers Dr Nisar Shah and Dr Aftab Channar are examining him. ACTIONS TAKEN :-  Police is still probing the case and hopes to crack it soon.  ASP Asad Raza believes that the women belonged to rich families of Karachi’s Clifton Area.
  20. 20.  Swiss Diplomat Rape Case
  21. 21. SWISS DIPLOMAT RAPE CASE DATE - 14/10/2003 VICTIM - Name Unrevealed, 35, Swiss Diplomat, Female CRIME LOCATION - Car park of Siri Fort Auditorium ACCUSED - Two men [One of them a suave young man speaking fluent English while another was a local who talked in Hindi & was not so suave]
  22. 22. CASE DETAILS :-  This assault happened to a 35 yr old Swiss Diplomat who was leaving the Siri Fort Auditorium after attending a screening at the International Film Festival.  At around 10 p.m. when she entered her car in the auditorium's parking lot, two men forced their way in.  One man raped her as the other drove the vehicle through South Delhi. The victim was later dumped in Safdarjung Enclave, about five kilometers from the auditorium.  One of the two men was well-dressed and spoke fluent English. The other, in a T- shirt, spoke Hindi. Both were in their late 20’s and were coldly casual about their depraved act.  The rapist had lectured the victim on Indian traditions for almost 20 minutes in fluent English after the act.  Swiss President Pascal Couchepin arrived on a week long visit to India.  Then President APJ Abdul Kalam expressed disappointment over the fact that there has been no headway in the case despite repeated assurances from the police that they were hot on the rapist's trail.  When the Swiss Embassy, Delhi was contacted, an official said: "Our demand is that the criminals must be apprehended and justice be done. We have nothing more to add.“
  23. 23. ACTIONS TAKEN :-  Five policemen who were on duty at the film festival were suspended for alleged dereliction of duty on 15th.  About 6,000 men were questioned in the Indian capital, Delhi, in connection with the rape of a Swiss diplomat, police say.  A police spokesman told the BBC that 16 of the men were under particular scrutiny.  Their movements at the time of the attack on the woman were being checked and their fingerprints compared with those found at the scene of the crime.  The woman left the country but police emailed her photographs of those who have been questioned regularly.  Director Amol Palekar said the incident has brought shame to Delhi.  DCP South Delhi, Vivek Gogia released photo-identity kits of the two men involved in the crime, created by his department on the basis of descriptions given by the victim.  "We have deputed senior officers as well as (officers) from the crime branch. There are four main teams and 16 sub-teams investigating all the angles," he said.  BUT TILL DATE THERE HAVE BEEN NO POSITIVE ARRESTS & THE RAPIST IS STILL AT LARGE.
  24. 24.  Pehowa Rape Case  Hannah Foster – Rape & Murder  Maulana Azad Medical College Rape Case
  25. 25. DATE - 15/03/2006 VICTIM - Paramjit Kaur and Manjinder Kaur (names altered), 20, Two SIKH BIBIS CRIME LOCATION - Dheena Vill., Jalandhar, Punjab ACCUSED - Saadhu Baba Mann Singh PehowaWale and Harbans Singh (His disciple) PEHOWA RAPE CASE
  26. 26. CASE DETAILS :-  Two Sikh Bibis were dishonored by the notorious rapist Saadhu Mann Pehowa in his deras. They further elaborated that there were at least another dozen young victims just like them.  They were presented at a nationally televised press conference in Chandigarh which was televised by ZeeTV, Sahara Samay and other national TV channels. The young women stated that their families were devout followers of this Mann Pehowa and instead he had used his position of trust to sexually abuse them.  One revealed that the perverted saadh called her into his private room and asked her to massage his hair and scalp. He later took advantage of her and threatened to eliminate her and her if she told anyone about the incident.  Mann Pehowa stated that if the rape allegations can be proven, he would never set foot outside of his deras.  Dr. Samra who examined them stated that there were at least 14 other girls who have also come forward and at least 16 petitions containing allegations of rape against the saadh which were filed in the state of Haryana.
  27. 27.  Various Singh Sabhas in Delhi requested that the saadh not be allowed to utilize Sikh Gurdwaras and asked the Sangat to boycott any function organized by his dera.  At a news conference Retired Colonel GurbirInder Singh (GS) Sandhu of the Majha Ex-Servicemen Front demanded the Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (SGPC) and Sri Akal Takht Sahib to take strict action against the controversial pseudo-baba Pehowa.  The Baba has close contacts with politicians like Prakash Badal, Buta Singh, Chautala and various police officers with the influence of whom he has been receiving VIP treatment. ACTIONS TAKEN :-  The spokesman of Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee (DSGMC) requested that strict action should also be taken against pakhandis like Mann Pehowa.  Huge pressure & opposition against the baba has affected his no. of public meetings, but the rape allegation on him is still under probe. Hence, justice is still awaited, EAGERLY.
  28. 28. HANNAH FOSTER – RAPE & MURDER DATE - 14/03/2003 VICTIM - Hannah Foster, 17, Student, FEMALE CRIME LOCATION - Southampton, UK ACCUSED - Maninder Pal Singh Kohli, 41 REASON - No answer could be recovered from the accused
  29. 29. CASE DETAILS :-  A 17 yr old girl was abducted, raped and later brutally murdered by a 41 yr old man in the outskirts of Southampton. Later the body was dumped.  Hannah accompanied by her friend Helen Wilkinson and some others went to a pub for a drink. While returning home, alone, Maninder, heavily drunk, saw her.  He went to his car, took a U-turn, abducted her, took her to a deserted place and raped her.  After raping her he felt guilty so he told her that he was not that type of a man. He also told her that he even had a wife and two children.  But she threatened him to turn him in and tell her parents. Scared, that being an Asian he will never be forgiven for such a crime in England, he held her head from the back and strangled her.  Next day her parents reported the case to the police who found her body on 16th .  A post-mortem examination revealed she had been raped and strangled.  On 17th Hannah's mobile phone and green satchel-type handbag were recovered.  Meanwhile, two days after Hannah's body was found, Maninder Pal Singh Kohli fled the country by begging money from his father-in-law to visit his dying mother.  He landed in New Delhi from where his younger brother Ishtpreet, an Indian police constable, drove him to the family home in Mohali. He stayed there for 10 days.
  30. 30.  But a long distance call from Shalinder's [his wife] parents in Southampton changed that, he was told that he was a prime suspect in Hannah’s murder case.  On March 28, he slipped out of his father's house and moved to Bangalore for seven months, but sightings were also reported to north India and other parts of the country also.  Keeping a low profile - shaving off his beard and long hair – Kohli disguised himself as Dr. Mike Dennis, a Red Cross worker who specialized in administering hepatitis vaccinations in at a camp near Kalimpong in Darjeeling in February 2004.  The camp was run by a man called Oath Das and Kohli soon focused his attentions on his employer's daughter, Bharati, a music teacher.  After a whirlwind romance of just four months, the couple got married - Kohli illegally for a second time - much to the surprise of her family and without the knowledge of his.  But after spotting his photographs across the news papers, he accompanied his wife and tried to cross the border into Nepal through Siliguri, but on July 14, 2004, 17 months to the day after Hannah was abducted, Kohli was arrested at a bus stop.
  31. 31. ACTIONS TAKEN :-  Meanwhile a warrant for Kohli's arrest was issued by Southampton magistrates on the grounds of murder, kidnap, false imprisonment, rape, manslaughter and perverting the course of justice.  Over the months the reward of Rs. 50,00,000 equivalent of about £70,000 for his capture has ballooned.  UK Govt. was unable to take any straight action as it had no jurisdiction in India and had to rely on the co-operation of the local police there.  After Kohli was arrested he was sent back to UK where after a trial of 9 months he was SENTENCED TO LIFE (24 yrs).
  32. 32. DATE - 15/11/2002 VICTIM - Name Unrevealed, 4th Yr. Medical Student, Female CRIME LOCATION - “Khooni Darwaza” Monument, Bahadurshah Zafar Marg ACCUSED – Rahul [the main accused], Amit and Ashok [his two accomplices] MAULANA AZAD MEDICAL COLLEGE GIRL RAPE CASE
  33. 33. CASE DETAILS :-  Fourth yr student of Maulana Azad Medical College was raped and burgled at knife point in the broad daylight of 15th November in the “Khooni Darwaza” premises.  The monument is situated opposite the main gate of the college.  Astonishingly, the crime spot is merely 500 meters from the police station and several newspaper offices on Bahadurshah Zafar Marg are hardly distant.  The police were clueless for almost four days about the identity of the rapists -- despite getting the name of one suspect from the victim.  On November 21st police arrested four persons, including two juveniles, belonging to a nearby slum cluster.  Rahul, who was the main suspect, was produced before Metropolitan Magistrate Bharat Parashar at Tis Hazari courts who remanded him in police custody for a day as he could not produce any documentary proof for being a minor.  The court also remanded another accused, Amit, to judicial custody till December 7th. The two other accused were produced before a juvenile court.  The police recovered a mobile phone in possession of the suspects which was robbed from the victim.
  34. 34. The incident led to an uproar in Parliament with Advani saying death penalty for such crimes should be seriously considered, provided there was a consensus.  Students also took a stand and boycotted their examinations to register their protest against the tardiness of the Delhi police and the apathy of the college authorities towards tighter security measures.  The court directed that Rahul should be medically examined before and after he was remanded to police custody at the Lady Hardinge Hospital.  DNA test proved that the semen sample recovered from the victim's sanitary pad matched that of prime accused, Rahul. ACTIONS TAKEN :-  Finally on 17th Jan 2005, two years after the alleged crime, the suspects were both sentenced to life being minors as a deterrent for future offenders.  But after 4 yrs of their conviction, Justice Juvenile Act grounded under which “a juvenile convict can be kept in the home for a maximum period of three years”.  Resultantly on September 3, 2005 the Juvenile Justice Board convicted the minors till they attain the age of 18.