Variant configuration for a bom


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Variant configuration for a bom

  1. 1. Variant Configuration for a BOMBy Bageerath Cheryala, AnswerThinkA material CYCLE is created as a configurable material with Gen. Item category group as 0004 and Item category group as ERLA. Also material CYCLE is aBOM material, which has sub items.Go to Transaction code: MM01. Do the following: 1. Basic Data 2 Screen: Set ‘Material is Configurable’ Indicator 2. To determine item category TAC in sales order, maintain a suitable item category group such as 0002 3. MRP 2 View: Procurement type ‘E: In house Production’ 4. MRP 3 View: Strategy Group. ’25: Make-to-order for configurable’ used for demo 5. MRP3 View: Availability Check ’02: Individual Requirement’ 6. Classification view: Attach the variant class
  2. 2. Go to tab classification and select the class type Variants-300 as shown below.
  3. 3. Assign the class CYCLECLASS in the assignments area.
  4. 4. The class CYCLECLASS is created with the class type 300 (Variants) for the material cycle.Transaction Code: CL01.
  5. 5. Now maintain the characteristics as shown below in the screen shot.1) CYCLETYRES 2) SYSTEM3) CYCLEMODEL 4) CYCLEPRIZE
  6. 6. Now the characteristic CYCLETYRES was created with character format.Transaction Code: CT04.
  7. 7. Go to the values tab and maintain the characteristic values and description as per the requirement.
  8. 8. Now the characteristic SYSTEM was created with character format.Now Go to Transaction Code: CT04.
  9. 9. Go to the values tab and maintain the characteristic values and description as per the requirement.
  10. 10. Now the characteristic CYCLEMODEL was created with character format.Transaction Code: CT04.
  11. 11. Go to the values tab and maintain the characteristic values and description as per the requirement.
  12. 12. Now the characteristic CYCLEPRICE was created with character format. This characteristic is allowed for multiple values.Transaction Code: CT04.
  13. 13. Go to the additional data tab and maintain the table name as SDCOM (which links Sales and Distribution with Variant configuration) and field name asVKOND.
  14. 14. Now we have to maintain the dependencies for the class CYCLECLASS. The dependency CYCLEPRICE is created for the class. Go to dependency editor asshown below.Transaction Code: CU01.
  15. 15. Maintain the dependency editor for pricing the material CYCLE based on the required combination.Also we need to maintain the configuration profile for the material CYCLE.A configuration profile CYCLE is created for the material CYCLE and set the status as released.Go to Transaction Code: CU41.
  16. 16. The necessary settings need to be maintained for the configurable material CYCLE to explore in a sales order.
  17. 17. We have to create the variant conditions for the characteristics maintained in the class CYCLECLASS. Then go to configuration or press F8 as shown below.Transaction code: CU50.
  18. 18. Select one of the characteristics and go for its value and press the icon assign variant condition. Like wise we can maintain the variants for all the char. Valuesof the characteristics.
  19. 19. This is the variant as specified as medium range which should have the condition records maintained for VA00 and VA01.
  20. 20. Finally maintain the condition records for the condition VA00 by using the transaction code: VK11.The below specified conditions are active for the material CYCLE.
  21. 21. Now let us create a sales order. As the material is a BOM material it should explore with the sub-items and also should give us the screen to select therequired material.
  22. 22. Press enter for the various characteristics of the material.As the material CYCLE is a configurable material, we can choose various options for the material as shown below.
  23. 23. The material CYCLE is exploded with the sub-items and the net value is directly calculated based on the variants maintained for condition type VA00.
  24. 24. The BOM components for material CYCLE are:Transaction Code: CS02.RIM, PEDDLE, TYRES are the sub-items for material CYCLE.
  25. 25. This is the complete overview of the variant configuration for a BOM material.