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Pizza Hut - Pitch Presentation

  1. 1. Pizza Hut Pizzas & Much More
  2. 2. Branded Pizza Market Share Others = Local/Regional Players & New Entrants Others 20% Pizza Hut 45% Dominos 35% 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Smokin Joes US Pizza Pizza Corner Garcia Papa John California Pizza Kitchen Indirect Competitors: 1. 2. 3. 4. McDonalds KFC Subway Café Coffee Day
  3. 3. Dominos Vs. Pizza Hut DOMINOS PIZZA HUT STRENGTH STRENGTH More Outlets, even in smaller towns Fast Home Delivery Quick Service at Outlets Nominal Price Excellent Offers Unmatchable quality & variety Customer Satisfaction Hygiene Excellent Service Great Ambience WEAKNESS WEAKNESS Lack of variety Outlets lack space Ambience not up to expectations No option for birthday parties, kitty parties and corporate lunches Insufficient Outlets High Price High Time Commitment Inadequate parking facilities
  4. 4. Target Audience • Class 1&2 Cities, Metros, Small Towns • 25 – 40+ • Upper middle class & Upper class (SEC A1, A2, B1, B2) • Dual income earners (working mothers) • Usually visit for large celebratory occasions.
  5. 5. Premise Based on its target audience & competition, it’s present tag line “Pizzas and much more” doesn’t effectively capture it’s key strength, which is it amazing causal dining experience. Suggested Tag line: Pizza Hut – “Makes Celebrations Simple”. They do this by having most of the components required for any celebration: 1. Venue & Ambience 2. Great Food & Drink 3. Trained Staff
  6. 6. 3 Steps Forward • Increase the need to associate Pizza Hut with Celebrations • Improve the celebration experience • Capture the celebration experience
  7. 7. Increase association with Celebration • “Bada Dil, Choti Bill” Campaign • The more you invite to celebrate with you the smaller your bill gets. • 4-6 people – 10% off • 6-8 people – 20% off • 8-10+ - 30% off
  8. 8. Bada Dill, Choti Bill Facebook App • Send invites via Facebook to all friends and family who are coming asking them to choose what they want to eat & drink from the drop down menus. • Based on how many people have chosen the same items, number of people attending the party, program will determine how many dishes you will have to order & how much it will cost. • They will be able to pre-decide what will be on the menu that is being accessed by the invitees. • The final menu can be printed out and handed to PH staff on arrival. • This will save the 10-20 mins it takes to decide on what to order with a large group which means food reaches them faster.
  9. 9. Improve the celebration experience • Birthday Bash Planner Tab – Pre-designed birthday card templates that you can add photo, text and image art to. Select friends from facebook list or mail it to their inbox • Kitty Party Surprise Packet Tab – – • Corporate Lunch Lucky Ticket Tab – • Invite friends using this tab for next kitty party and they each receive 1 discount coupon for third party tie-ups Pizza Hut has in the following categories – Movie/Spa/Nail bar/Shopping What they have won will only be revealed when the invite is accepted online. They will have to print out the packet. Inviting friends through app will generate a lucky ticket, that will entitle a lucky draw from a bowl at lunch which will win 1 of the following: 1 free drink/2 portions cheese garlic bread/ 4 free desserts/ 1 free pizza. Book a Party Planner Tab – Book a slot with Pizza Hut’s very own party planner via chat app to discuss party bookings for 10 people or more. Services will include redecorating a part of your local Pizza hut according to the celebration.
  10. 10. Improve the celebration experience • Pizza Hut Brain Pan • A customer suggestion site where pizza hut requests suggestions & ideas from their patrons to make their dinning experience better. • This could include creating new pizzas and naming them. Asking for a pizza hut in their locality etc. • E.g.: /
  11. 11. Capture the celebration experience • Facebook Albums + Pinterest Catalog MESSAGE: • Share the great times you had at Pizza Hut in 3 easy steps: – Check in to Pizza Hut on Facebook – Click a photo(s) of your great experience – Use the hashtag #greattimes when you upload them on to Facebook • • Print out this coupon for a FREE cheese garlic bread to get your celebrations started. If you don’t have a camera handy, ask one of our staff and they will click a pic for you.
  12. 12. Capture the celebration experience • Pizza Hut “Ring The Bell” Tab – “Had a great time at your last visit and forgot to ring the bell? No matter, ring it now.” – On clicking the bell image, a post will appear on their timeline with the Pizza Hut logo and bell image with the message > Sushil had a great time at Pizza Hut, did you? Click here if you did. – Link will lead back to Ring The Bell – After ringing the bell they will get this message: Thank You! Come back soon! Till then here’s a small token of our appreciation. Coupon for a free garlic bread at their next visit.
  13. 13. Conclusion • All these ideas will feed into the suggested Pizza Hut’s positioning “Makes Celebrations Simple”. • They will have to be supported by certain offline initiatives as well. Such as: – “A Celebration in Every Slice Menu” which features pizzas dedicated to particular festivals and celebrations in India. – A more elaborate birthday party decoration kit & service. – A kiddy menu with smaller sized portions, etc.
  14. 14. Thank you. For more info: Contact Details: (M) +91-9972252744