Empower Corporate Kabaddi 2012 - College to Corporate


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An outdoor experiential learning residential camp aimed at preparing students mentally and emotionally for the corporate world. It does not prepare the students for jobs, it prepares them for life

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Empower Corporate Kabaddi 2012 - College to Corporate

  4. 4. Concept  We believe that to be a successful executive in the Corporate World, a student will need to develop an overall personality. Academic knowledge / skills alone will not be enough  The aim is to reinforce management studies with practical experience through fun and games bringing out self realisation.  We use the ‘experiential learning’ platform both in indoor and outdoor learning environment.  What is learnt through experience is retained much longer  The design is based on the qualities we wish to inculcate in a prospective corporate executive.
  5. 5. MethodologyEMPOWER custom designs Corporate Kabaddi for each institution in consultation with the management as per goals and objectives identified.We offer the following modules :- Induction Programme Corporate Kabbadi - Management Games Follow Up effort Outbound Kabaddi Outbound Pre Placement Finale
  6. 6. Objectives Goals and objectives arrived at in consultation with College Management Design customised as per goals identified Prepares students for ‘life’ ahead Inculcates ‘Values’ and enhances life skills Progressive method used
  7. 7. Advantages  Helps students in the development of their overall personality.  Provides students a cutting edge advantage during placements  Improves relationship between the college management, faculty, administration and students.  Helps promoting the brand and USP of the institute.  Out of classroom teaching is a welcome change from routine teaching  Creates a healthy, friendly environment and promotes esprit de corps
  8. 8. Outdoor Education Participants go through various activities where they are required to face challenging situations as individuals and teams. Situations designed are metaphorical representations of real life situations This helps them discover the importance of communication, leadership, teamwork, planning and delegation.
  9. 9. Attributes Team Building  Creativity Group Cohesiveness  Constrain Management Communication skills  Development of Core Competency Observation Skills  Decision Making Leadership  Delegation Goal Setting  Time Management Resource Management  Personality Enhancement Ethics  Motivational Skills Lateral Thinking  Rewards and Return concepts Strategy Formation  Risk Taking Capacity Implementation of Strategy  ……And Many More Out of Box thinking
  10. 10. Induction Program
  11. 11. Welcome Address
  12. 12. Formulation of Teams
  13. 13. Passing The Ring
  14. 14. Frenzy
  16. 16. Infrastructure Specially designed camp 50 acres pollution free land Lake Hill Environmental Park
  17. 17. The Camp Outdoor Activity Area Gazebo (Dining / Activity Area)Dormitories (2) AC Cottages (6) Swiss Cottage Tents (6) Jun 2006
  18. 18. July 2006
  19. 19. Arial View
  20. 20. How to reach us!!! From Pune 105 km / 2 hours From Mumbai 120 km / 3 hours
  21. 21. Accommodation •Blend of ethnic and rustic environment with modern amenities •Swiss cottage tents •Cottages •Dormitories •Gazebo for dining area and activities •An ultra modern kitchen
  22. 22. AC Cottages
  23. 23. Interiors –rustic and ethnic
  25. 25. Tents by night
  26. 26. Interiors – Swiss cottage tentsAtt toilet
  27. 27. BARRACKS
  28. 28. Dormitories by night
  29. 29. DINING
  31. 31. Kitchen
  32. 32. Welcome to Empower
  33. 33. Norms
  34. 34. Orientation
  35. 35. Morning Session
  36. 36. Morning Session
  37. 37. Slogan Shouting
  38. 38. Random Paths
  39. 39. Frenzy
  40. 40. Frenzy
  41. 41. DCC (Dynamic Challenge Course)
  42. 42. DCC
  43. 43. DCC
  44. 44. Passing The Ring
  45. 45. Multi Discs
  46. 46. Multi Discs
  47. 47. Commitment
  48. 48. Drums and Planks
  49. 49. Great Escape
  50. 50. Trust Walk
  51. 51. A mid way breather
  52. 52. Celebrating Success
  53. 53. Planning a Raft Building exercise
  54. 54. Raft Building
  55. 55. Rowing
  56. 56. Rowing
  57. 57. Rowing is Fun – when it’s a race
  58. 58. Ex PRAHAR  Designed to inculcate and highlight importance of :- - Exercise leadership skills - Strategy and planning including contingency planning - Team work - Decision making - Selection of right man for the right job - Effective communications - Passion - Trust - Commitment - Confidence Building - Push students beyond their perceived limits
  59. 59. Planning and Strategising
  60. 60. Vertical Rope
  61. 61. Log Race
  62. 62. Fire Man Lift
  63. 63. Carry Over
  64. 64. Flying Fox
  65. 65. Flying Fox
  66. 66. Monkey Crawl
  67. 67. Get Your Flag
  68. 68. Burma Bridge
  69. 69. Sense ofAchievement
  70. 70. Target Shooting
  71. 71. Tarzan Swing
  72. 72. Commando Crossing
  73. 73. Sit Ups to get Bonus Pts
  74. 74. Small Group Discussions
  75. 75. The Results that matter
  76. 76. Camp Fire
  77. 77. Faculty Brig Sushil Bhasin was involved in active training in the Indian Army for 34 years. His training experience ranges from grass root level of training recruits to the macro level exposure in ARTRAC where he was involved in formulating training policies and doctrines for the Indian Army. He has been an instructor 4 times, including teaching Higher Command Officers. He also commanded a training establishment in Bangalore.As Chairman Army School Bareilly, he got the inspiration from students to divert his attention to Value Education. He did his B Ed in 2003 and an Education Leadership Programme. He is a member of ASCD and AEE (Association of experiential Education).He is the Co Chair of the IAG of AEE. He presented a workshop in Florida, USA in Nov 2011Sushil represents India in the international Council for self-esteem.EMPOWER has conducted various camps for schools and colleges.We have had value learning experience with IES MCRC : PUNE SCHOOL OF BUSINESS : RUSTOMJEE BUSINESS SCHOOL: DY PATIL COLLEGE : NDA KHADAKVASLA : besides many schools
  78. 78. Col Naval Kohli Col Naval Kohli has served the Indian Army for 24 years. He has rich experience in human resource development and has specialised in the field of training. He has held instructional tenures and has commanded various logistics units. Col Kohli has served in Somalia under the aegis of UNITED NATIONS PEACE KEEPING FORCE and has been awarded a French Army medal for distinguished service. He has attended the Art of Living Course.
  79. 79. Neelu Grover Neelu is a certified trainer for a wide range of courses for child and youth development. She is also qualified in TTOT @ EMPOWER. Her speciality lies in creative thinking and life skills. Her special interests include TRACE and ASSET. She has worked passionately with children for over 12 years. Neelu has been working with EMPOWER CAMPS for the last 4 years and is a lover of children and admired by their parents. Member of the AEE
  80. 80. Anand Mehta Anand is an Alumini of IES MCRC. He is an entrepreneur and runs a unique business of manufacturing and selling designer pooja ware. He is a passionate trainer and does this as a hobby. Anand is a certified Outbound Trainer from EMPOWER ACTIVITY CAMPS. Anand is a recipient of Youth Icon of the year award from Lions International across 205 countries He is also a winner of IES ‘Business Tycoon’ award for entrepreneurship A member of the AEE
  81. 81. What the Students have to say…. Priya Gandhi December 26 at 8:17pm Dear Sushil sir, hello sir my name is Priya Gandhi the small girl in Blue- B-09 frm iesmcrc batch - 2. Sir i wud lik to thank u to instill a new confidence in me. now i ll take in each n every thing in ma life as a task n i wud consider as if m gonna be marked by sum diff person( teacher) every time sometimes my parents, sum tim professor and sumtimes god.I am a very shy person actually speaking i cant speak out in public tat easily, i shiver wen i hav to make ma point. but i think i ll do it better than before jus coz of u sir. and one more thing u r the only teacher in ma whole life who has noticed me so much. from school times i have being trying to show my talents but was every time unsuccesful coz i cudn cum out of ma shell. thanks to u sir..!!! waiting for ur reply. Priya Gandhi
  82. 82.  Nehal Kotecha u know what.the KOLAD memories r really so nostalgic.....it brings a smile to our faces at college...we r instantly so happy remembering each and every moment spent there...i feel privileged and really blessed tht we got an opportunity...we r really thankful to u sir for making it special for all of us!!! d memories n fun will never go from our minds. NEVER.....Thanx again!!!
  83. 83.  Erik Treasuryvala December 28 at 10:11pm hello sir i really liked your techniques of showing the lessons of reality in a way we are conditioned to the positive aspect of finding answers oneself i have a request to make please let me know when you would be free to listen to my problem just buzz me on my id etreasuryvala@gmail.com
  84. 84.  Nehal Kotecha SocialInterview.com asked me "What would be the headline if this photo was posted on the front page of a major newspaper?" I answered "d ONLY BEST MOMENTS in an MBAs life!!!" Yesterday at 9:43pm · Report Sonal Ajgaonkar i wanna go back ya... im missing those 3 days so much ya.... Yesterday at 11:12pm · Report
  85. 85. Office Camp21, Tower 4, Link Garden Towers 263, SutarwadiYamuna Nagar, Lokhandwala Teh Roha, Distt RaigadAndheri West MaharashtraMumbai 400053 PIN 402304Tele 022-26319005 Tele 02194-255105, 255194Mob – 9967355068, 9423093607E mail madhu@empowercamp.com www.empowercamp.com