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  • Cause of the week sayingI can buy a paper boot, heart, ribbon or balloon.And when I go to check out, there’s a jug there — inviting cash donations
  • Marketing blogs

    1. 1. Selling shouldn’t equal annoying
    2. 2. Cause of the week sayingI can buy a paper boot,heart, ribbon or balloon.And when I go to checkout.There’s a jug there — invitingcash donations
    3. 3. Credit card swiped I amgiven the opportunity toDonate.All the efforts done by theWalgreens Store Fails & thenThe clerk asks me — do you want tomake a donation to XYZ?
    4. 4. As a Customer your Reaction would be????
    5. 5. I feelcorneredThat’s not acomfortablepositionThere’s a fine line inmarketing and salesIf someone is not readyto part with their money,you can’t force orhumiliate them intodoing soSubtle or not —it’s not effective
    6. 6. I know this flies into theface of the sales mottoalways be closing.But the hard selldoesn’t work anymore(Did it ever?).
    7. 7. Actually, it’s isn’t all about youMarketing Reminder - At a recent jaunt to Disney WorldTribute to Gaston“An extravagantly generous gift to the humble people of my village.”Gaston is the buffoon in the movie
    8. 8. Brands and companies get their Gaston on.Behave’s as though it’s all about them.Talk about themselves incessantlyBehave as though they are a gift to the people they’resupposed to serveWhen other companies Market - They simply Gossip& Shake their Heads.
    9. 9. But when was the last time you did an honest gutcheck of your own marketing materials?????If you are not talking about your potentialcustomers……Are you talking about yourself????
    10. 10. Little MessageGet over yourself and start focusing onSharingWhat you knowDo something actually that helps and servesyour clientele.
    11. 11. Bring your marketing to lifeExperiential marketingCreating an Awareness of your product is just not enough…..Connect with your consumers in a Tangible wayThe experience should be memorable
    12. 12. Axe EffectThey’re launching a new line of product called ApolloThey have come up with a Commercial AdBut they also came alive in a couple ways!Astronauts are showing up in crazy places, like Times Square andthe subway.Handing out products and a chance to win a trip to space.Yes… a real trip to space
    13. 13. Blogs
    14. 14. Bad Things happen in darkBeing in the dark is always scaryAs a Kid what comes to you mind when you were layingin the Bed and you heard a strange noise????Being in the dark that makes us feel Vulnerable andAfraidAnd that doesn’t seem to change as we get older.
    15. 15. Guess what???Same thing happens to us when we’re kept in the darkon a ProjectCommon mistakes in businesses: When you don’tcommunicate When the project is just cooking along, we’re busy doingthe work.We forget is that our client is on the other side of theequation.
    16. 16. Wondering how things are goingThey need reassurance that something is happeningAnd everything is on schedule and going according to plan.Silence isDeafening
    17. 17. If you want to increase your Client satisfaction andRetention.The longer your processes are — The morecommunication check points you need.Don’t make aclient ask you foran update…..Be Proactive & setRegular CallsMight be once a day,once a week.