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  • Oracle Enterprise Planning and Budgeting is an application for planning, budgeting, forecasting, reporting, monitoring, and analysis. It is part of Oracle’s Corporate Performance Management offering, and is unique in the planning and budgeting space as it incorporates both: The tools that you need to formulate your plans, budgets, and forecasts The business processes around planning, budgeting, forecasting, monitoring, and analysis Each customer can indicate to EPB in business terms what their business processes are around budgeting, planning, and monitoring, and then EPB will take its triggers from those business processes. Oracle Financial Analyzer and Oracle Sales Analyzer are existing products that are based on the standalone Oracle Express Server multidimensional database. This multidimensional engine was embedded into the Oracle9i Database, and EPB is based on that, providing EPB with OLAP modeling and analysis. EPB includes substantially the functionality of OFA and OSA, but extends that functionality to include: The business process flows and integration with Oracle Workflow Automatic exception alerts that notify accountable users when their parts of their business are out of tolerance Reporting enhancements, including cell-level formatting, annotations, more graph types such as bubble graphs, easier sharing of reports A new allocation engine that supports allocation rules based on your standard chart of accounts Out of the box calculation templates that are phrased in business terms that the end user understands EPB is part of Oracle’s corporate performance management solution and will address more about that later.
  • Extensive credit card automation enhancements include: Expense type defaulting – Allows the process owner to use transaction information to default expense types Automatic hotel folio itemization – Hotel charges are automatically itemized if the detail is provided by your card provider Card Usage Policy – Enable an alert to employees if they do not use their corporate card for expenses Dispute Transactions – Card users can mark questionable credit card transactions as disputed, while following up w/card provider Enforce Transaction Submission – Prevent users from submitting ‘cash-only expense reports when they have old, outstanding credit card transactions
  • OM updated by Drew Campbell APS input from Roger; reviewed by Nadeem during initial submission Further wordsmithing by Don Klaiss
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  • Why is Oracle better? Oracle has a complete contract management solution, whose processes are automated using workflow and event engines thereby reducing costly human involvement. Oracle Contracts ensures contract compliance and entitlement verification for both buy-side and sell-side contracts. Integrated contract intelligence enables you to monitor how effectively you are managing your contracts as well as identify revenue opportunities. Oracle’s solution also includes electronic connectively with 3 rd parties (“contracting party”; left side green boxes) and integration with other business organizations/processes such as Service, Procurement etc. (right side blue boxes).
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  • Good morning, my name is (name). I’m here today to discuss Oracle’s Contract Management Solution.
  • We believe that a procurement contracts system should support every stage of a complete contract life cycle. Key stages include formulating your contract strategy – you should be able to standardize your contract practices and implement best practices to streamline your contract process and reduce risk negotiating the contract – contract terms and conditions should be part of the negotiation obtaining legal approval – legal approval should be streamlined and legal experts should only be spending time on exception cases and fine tune standards. administering contract after award – changes to contract administration should be closely kept track of and clear audit trail should left and readily available. executing the contract – agreed terms should be honored by the transactions generated against the contract and you should be able to keep track of the contract compliance status. finally, reviewing procurement intelligence – you want to be able to periodically review the contract and supplier performance and optimize your supplier relationship by only working with the best suppliers you have. Also, throughout the negotiation and execution cycle, you want to closely collaborate with your suppliers to minimize contract risk and ensure compliance. The entire contract life cycle is build upon one single procurement platform. It is much easier and therefore less expensive to implement, and therefore allow you to achieve rapid return on investment.
  • 1. Secure the clause by “locking” it so that only the owner of the standard clause can update it. 2. All revision are controlled and approval are workflow driven. 3. You can create enterprise wide standard clauses as well as business unit specific standards
  • Contract authoring capabilities are fully embedded in Sourcing process. You will be able to negotiate your prices online based on clearly documented T’s and C’s. You will apply an pre-defined contract templates and bring in the templates default clauses and deliverables to your sourcing document. Some of the default clauses may be mandatory. You can then select an alternate clause. Before publishing the RFQ, you can validate the contract terms to make sure that there is no error. A special workflow check can be optionally turned on to route the document to a specialist in your legal department review review if a non-standard clause is included. These contract terms will be part of your solicitation package that will become available to your supplier when the RFQ is published. Supplier can review these terms and submit bids with the proposed changes to these contract terms. Supporting documents tracked and controlled.
  • Speaker Notes Flexible printing allows companies to automatically generate printable documents in PDF that conform to their standard layouts. Professionally formatted contract can be delivered to the other party either as a paper copy or as an electronic document
  • With Oracle Procurement Contracts, the buying organization can require proper signatures from both buyers and suppliers before the purchasing document can be transacted. Oracle Procurement Contracts support both manual signature or audit worthy digital signature. Powered by eRecord technology, the supplier has to type in password before successfully acknowledge a change or a PO. As you see in this screenshot, the acknowledgement of amendments can also optionally require supplier signature.
  • Formal amendment process will be in place during the negotiation process as well as after the contract is awarded and a purchase order or blanket agreement is created. Amendments can be submitted online by buyers or sellers. Either way, proper acknowledgement and approval by suppliers or buyers can be required. Acknowledgement and approval can be submitted online to reduce response time and ensure all internal and external parties are on the same page. You can see who made the change, when the change was made, and who approved the change. You can also review comments associated with each revision. Changes to the supporting documents are also versioned.
  • a. A complete contract life cycle management solution can deliver rapid ROI in four areas: Simplify Contract Negotiation Streamline Contract Creation & Approval Enforce Contract Terms Enable Procurement Intelligence We will discuss the features that we are building from these four angles. But our goals are to help you to 1. Drive internal productivity 2. Reduce contract risk 3. Optimize supplier relationship
  • Since Oracle Procurement Contracts is fully embedded in the procurement process, it allows easy access to contract details from most sourcing and purchasing documents. Buyers and suppliers, when permitted, can access the contract details from purchase orders, blanket or global purchase agreements, RFQs and other sourcing documents.
  • Having the best corporate policies and business practices are useless if they are not followed. Through the use of workflow and event notifications, Oracle Contracts proactively helps adherence to policies and practices by ensuring deliverables compliance. A few example deliverables are listed on the slide. When you set up a deliverable, you can clearly define who is responsible for completing the deliverables and who is responsible for sign-off. Clearly defined ownership is a critical enabler to contract compliance and is demanded by important regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley. When a deliverable passes due, an escalation email can be optionally sent to the owner’s manager. You can define when the email will be sent.
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  • 1. Public Sector SIG Meeting OAUG2004 Orlando, Florida September 12, 2004
  • 2. Selected New Features from Financials Management and Supply Chain Management Release 11.5.10
  • 3. The Financial Imperative – 11.5.10 themes VISIBILITY Deliver Better Business Performance CONTROL Meet Evolving Compliance & Enterprise Risk Rqmts EFFICIENCY Improve Business Processes at the Lowest Cost
  • 4. Financials 11i.10
    • Visibility
      • Drive Performance with Oracle Enterprise Planning and Budgeting
      • See more with new Daily Business Intelligence pages
    • Control
      • View and manage risks and controls more effectively
      • Improve T&E cost control & policy enforcements
    • Efficiency
      • Increase productivity with enhanced user interface
      • Improve cash management with cash positioning & forecasting enhancements
  • 5. Oracle Financials Visibility, Control, Efficiency Financial Operations Corporate Governance Revenue & Receivables Management Procure to Pay & Expense Management Cash & Treasury Management Asset, Lease & Property Management Corporate Performance Management
  • 6. Procure with Fiscal Responsibility Pains Services: Consulting, Education, Support Footprint - Public Sector Provide Trusted Financial Management Manage Human Resources as Strategic Investments Integrate Information for Critical Business Decisions Collaborate for Efficient Issue Resolution
    • Requirement for extreme data security
    • Multiple 3rd party and legacy systems
    • Latent access to time-sensitive operations data
    Oracle Offering
    • Citizen frustration in dealing with agencies
    • Increasing case load with fewer case workers
    • Conflicting constituent information across departments
    • Complex sourcing regulations
    • Poor visibility into total purchasing spend
    • Purchasing staff consumed by administrative activities
    • Increasing oversight and accountability for fiscal performance
    • Requirement for funds tracking and reporting
    • Scarce funds disbursement to programs/agencies
    • Decreasing human resources budgets
    • Excess administrative capacity
    • Increasing requirements for new skills
    Finance Financials Internet Expenses iReceivables Financials Analyzer Activity Based Mgmt Procurement Sourcing iProcurement Purchasing iSupplier Portal Payables (Financials) Technology Database Server - Advanced Security - Label Security Applications Server Systems Management Development Tools Collaboration Suite Cross Functional: Projects, E-Business Intelligence, Balanced Scorecard Management Oversight: Internal Controls Manager, Financials, Tutor, iLearning HR Management Human Resources Self-Service HR iRecruitment Training Administration iLearning Time and Labor Payroll Advanced Benefits Case Management iSupport TeleService Interaction Center Tech Customer Model Customers Online Repair Services Field Service Advanced Scheduler Mobile Field Service Spares Management
  • 7. Oracle Financials Visibility, Control, Efficiency Financial Operations Corporate Governance Revenue & Receivables Management Procure to Pay & Expense Management Cash & Treasury Management Asset, Lease & Property Management Corporate Performance Management
  • 8. Corporate Performance Management Plan, Execute, Manage
    • Provide Planning, Execution, and Reporting Capabilities to Optimize Business Performance
    Purchasing Project Mgmt Sales Finance Service Marketing Plan & Model Execute Report & Analyze Human Resources Manufacturing
  • 9. Oracle’s CPM Footprint
    • Oracle Financial Analyzer (OFA)
    • Oracle Sales Analyzer (OSA)
    • Oracle Performance Analyzer (PA)
    • Oracle Activity Based Management (ABM)
    • Oracle Balanced Scorecard (BSC)
    • Oracle Daily Business Intelligence (DBI)
    • Oracle Public Sector Budgeting (PSB)
    • Oracle Enterprise Planning and Budgeting (EPB)
  • 10. Oracle Daily Business Intelligence See the Big Picture and Drilldown to the Details
    • Manage and Control Spend
      • List of top 10 spenders
      • Drilldown to detailed expense reports
    • Track Critical Financial Information Daily
      • Daily cumulative revenue trends
      • Product revenue report
    • Understand and Improve Financial Performance
      • Payables Management page
        • Corporate performance metrics
      • Payables Status page
        • Daily actionable invoice information
    Pre-11i.10 (DBI v.6.0)
  • 11.  
  • 12. Oracle Enterprise Planning &Budgeting Analyze, Plan, Budget & Report
    • Understand the Business Better
      • Dashboard, KPIs, drilldowns support decision making
      • Simple query and reporting tools empower planners
      • Single data model provides one view
    • Control the Planning Process
      • Business process administrator makes plans transparent and repeatable
      • Workflow facilitates automated interaction
      • Functional security ensures control
    • Tune Plans to Improve Results
      • Collaborative tools provide agility and accountability
      • Multi-dimensional modeling supports complex analysis
    New Product: 11i.10 timeframe
  • 13. What is Enterprise Planning and Budgeting?
    • Integrate with General Ledger
    • Open interface for any data source
    • Configurable schema
    Financial Operational External Statistical Tune Plans Stay Informed Develop Plans
    • Business Process driven
    • Budget collection
    • Workflow Notifications
    • Data scoping by user
    • Responsibility hierarchies
    • Data processing maps
    • Reporting and Analysis
    • Exception Alerts
    • Text annotations
    This presentation is intended to outline our general product direction. It is intended for information purposes only, and may not be incorporated into any contract. It is not a commitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making a purchasing decision.
  • 14. Oracle Financials Visibility, Control, Efficiency Financial Operations Corporate Governance Revenue & Receivables Management Procure to Pay & Expense Management Cash & Treasury Management Asset, Lease & Property Management Corporate Performance Management
  • 15. Oracle General Ledger Turn Financial Data into Information
    • Gain Efficiencies w/ Highly Automated Financials Processing
      • eXtensible Business Reporting Language (“XBRL”) standard (FP.E)
      • XML publisher (FP.F)
      • Interface data transformer (FP.E)
      • Currency rates manager (FP.E)
    • Establish and Maintain Superior Internal Controls
    • Increase Enterprise Visibility
      • Profit & Loss Portal
        • Daily cumulative revenue trends (11i.10)
        • Pipeline to revenue report (11i.10)
  • 16. Oracle Internal Controls Manager Maintain Control, Comply, and Certify
    • Define and Manage the Control Environment
      • Associate processes to organizations
      • Process documentation and approval
      • Segregation of duties
    • Plan and Control Audit Operations
      • Risk assessment
      • Audit projects
      • Findings and remediations
    • Streamline the Certification Process
      • Business process certification
      • Financial statement certification
    Post 11.i.9 (AMW.B)
  • 17. Oracle Financials Visibility, Control, Efficiency Financial Operations Corporate Governance Revenue & Receivables Management Procure to Pay & Expense Management Cash & Treasury Management Asset, Lease & Property Management Corporate Performance Management
  • 18. Oracle Payables Manage Supplier Terms and Enterprise Concerns
    • Lower Costs
      • Improved UI for transaction entry and management (11i10)
      • Supplier open interface import ( FP.F)
    • Instill Corporate and Fiscal Discipline
      • Accounting entries report enhancements ( FP.F)
      • Invoice approval workflow resubmission enhancement (FP.E)
      • Supplier bank account security enhancement (FP.E)
    • Improve Business Relationships
      • Enhanced invoice entry in Oracle iSupplier Portal (FP.E, FP.F)
      • Supplier site attachments (FP.F)
  • 19. Oracle Internet Expenses Shorten Expense Cycle Times and Improve Controls (FP.F)
    • Lower Costs
      • Enhanced credit card business flow management
    • Improve Business Relationships
      • Home Page offers highlighted links alerting employees to credit card issues requiring action
    • Instill Corporate and Fiscal Discipline
      • New audit management tools (audit notes, approval communications)
      • Enhanced approval rules using Oracle Approvals Management
      • Enhanced approver entry
  • 20. Oracle Financial Management Footprint
    • Financial Operations
      • General Ledger
      • Global Intercompany System
      • Global Consolidation System
      • Workflow & Approvals Mgmt
      • Application Desktop Integrator
      • Report Manager
      • eCommerce & XML Gateways
    • Performance Management
      • Daily Business Intelligence (DBI)
      • Enterprise Planning & Budgeting *
      • Balanced Scorecard
      • Financial Analyzer
      • Sales Analyzer
      • Performance Analyzer
      • Activity-Based Management
      • Global Consolidation System
      • Demand Planning
    • Cash & Treasury Mgmt
      • Cash Management
      • Treasury
      • Risk Management
    • Revenue & Receivables Management
      • Receivables
      • Credit Management
      • Collections
      • Trade Management
      • Bill Presentment Architecture
      • iReceivables
      • iPayment
      • Customer Data Librarian
      • Customers Online
      • Cust Data Hub/Spoke (TCA)
    • Lease Management
      • Lease Management
      • Service Contracts
    • Asset & Property Management
      • Assets
      • iAssets
      • Property Manager
      • Enterprise Asset Management
      • Enterprise Install Base
    • Procure to Pay & Expense Management
      • Purchasing
      • iProcurement
      • iSupplier Portal
      • Payables
      • Internet Expenses
    • State Governance
      • Internal Controls Manager
      • Tutor & Files
      • Scripting & iSurvey
  • 21. Oracle Financials – Industry Specifics
    • Public Sector
      • Public Sector Financials
      • Public Sector Financials Intl.
      • Public Sector Budgeting
      • Grants Accounting
      • Grants Proposal
      • U.S. Federal Financials
    • Real Estate Management
      • Property Manager
      • Projects
      • Enterprise Asset Management
    • Financial Services
      • Regulatory Capital Manager *
      • Performance Analyzer
      • Transfer Pricing
      • Transfer Pricing Online
      • Budgeting and Planning
      • Risk Manager
      • Financial Data Manager
      • Fin Services Provisioning
      • Lease Management
      • * Post 11i.10
    • Customer Data Management
      • Customer Data Hub/Spoke (TCA)
      • Customer Data Librarian
      • Customers Online
    Oracle Customer Data Management
  • 22. Oracle Supply Chain Management                                                                                                                                                          Le a ding Supply Chain Practices Industry Specific Solutions Integrated Performance Management Low Cost Integration and Deployment
  • 23. Supporting the Leading Practices New Products in 11i.10 Sales Contracts
    • Automate full contract lifecycle from authoring standard T's & C's to renewal or closeout
    • Identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities
    Procurement Contracts
    • Embed contract management into corporate sourcing and purchasing processes
    • Enforce standards via templates & workflow-driven approvals
    Services Procurement
    • Control and automate corporate-wide services spend
    • Enable complete services provider collaboration from negotiation through payment
    Transportation Planning
    • Provide set of decision support tools for inbound, outbound, and intra-company transportation
    • Utilize optimization strategies – pooling, continuous moves, etc.
  • 24. Procurement Solution Contracts / Catalogs Procurement Process Automation Sourcing RFx Auction Offers Quotes Bids Counteroffers Approval Purchase Order Receipt Payment / Reconciliation Integrated Intelligence Spend Analysis Procurement Productivity Supplier Performance Collaboration Portal Messaging: XML / EDI Orders Changes Ship Notices Invoices Time Cards EFT/Check Statement Suppliers Banks Self-Service Requisitions Maintenance & Facilities Planning & Scheduling Demand Services Parts & Material Time Entry Time Mgmt Personnel Design & Engineering
  • 25. Evolution of Oracle Procurement … New with 11i.9… Current Differentiators…
    • Self-service enterprise requisitioning from suppliers or internal stock
    • Integrated asset and production planning
    • Self-service supplier inquiries and transactions, (e.g. VMI and self-invoicing)
    • Flexible invoice matching including match to receipt
    • Automatic invoice and debit memo generation
    • Project- and budgetary-based purchasing
    • Multi-attribute scoring for reverse auctions and RFQs
    • Open platform for demand, orders, receiving, invoices
    • Integrated spend and supplier intelligence
    • Workflow-driven automation
    … Coming in 11i.10
    • Global agreements
    • Supplier managed and consigned inventory
    • Requester and supplier change requests
    • Supplier registration and profile management
    • Collaborative sourcing
    • Requester “stores” for secure content zones
    • Patent-pending transparent punch-out
    • One-click renegotiation of blanket agreements
    • Expanded XML support including cXML for easing Ariba migrations
    • Time-phased pricing for direct materials
    • Commodity intelligence
    • Services procurement – contingent labor & bus services, negotiation through payment
    • Procurement contracts – global T&Cs standards, negotiation, doc & change mgmt, compliance
    • Formula-based pricing & tiered discounts (Advanced Pricing)
    • Retroactive pricing including automated invoice adjustments
    • Negotiate with subjective scoring & what-if analyses, Auto-award recommendations
    • Shared services procurement
    • Requisition “SmartForms”
    • Requisition lifecycle tracking with shipment track & trace
    • LPN & lot/serial receiving
    • Supplier managed banking
    Oracle confidential. This is not a commitment to deliver. Product directions are subject to change without notice.
  • 26. Contract Management Solution Contract Types
    • Sell-Side
    • Buy-Side
    Compliance & Entitlement Contracting Party Email Process Automation Negotiate & Author Activate & Support Bill & Deliver Enforce & Evaluate Renew & Terminate
    • Renewal Opportunities
    Online Negotiation Integrated Intelligence Phone
    • Performance Metrics
    Service Manufacturing Procurement Legal Marketing & Sales Finance & Accounting Secure Access Central Contracts Repository
    • Revenue Forecasts
  • 27. Evolution of Oracle Contracts
    • Contract Management
      • Global T&Cs library: manage standard articles & contract templates
    • Service Contracts
      • Automated service contract creation, renewals & approvals
      • Warranty, extended warranties
      • Usage-based / metered billing
      • Recurring billing and multiple payment methods
      • Real-time entitlement verification
      • Renewal consolidation
      • Integrated reporting & intelligence
    • Project Contracts
      • Deliverables tracking
      • Project funding & billing integration
      • Buy- and sell-side contracts
      • Change management
      • Contract flowdown
    • Service Contracts
      • Subscription processing, iReceivables integration, and tax calculation
      • Renewal enhancements: grace period, active thresholds and enforce payment methods
      • Header price adjustments
    • Project Contracts
      • Multi-dimensional funding inquiry
      • User-definable T&Cs
      • User-definable line styles
    … New with 11i.9… Current Differentiators… Oracle confidential. This is not a commitment to deliver. Product directions are subject to change without notice.
  • 28. Evolution of Oracle Contracts (cont’d) … Coming in 11i.10
    • Contract Management
      • Support for global and country specific articles and templates
      • Automated assistance for authoring complex contracts
      • Report on non-standard terms usage across the enterprise
      • Rules-based authoring for complex contracts
      • Flexible contract printing
      • Contracts documents repository
    • Service Contracts
      • Usage estimating, price break prorating and detailed billing
      • Install Base synchronization
      • Entitlement search by product
      • Coverage transfer management
    • Project Contracts
      • Deliverable automation workflows
      • Amount-based requisitions from deliverables
      • Flexible contract printing
    • Procurement Contracts
      • T&Cs negotiation
      • Change management
      • Deliverables tracking
      • Compliance management
    • Sales Contracts
      • T&Cs negotiation on quotes and sales orders
      • Print T&Cs with sales orders
      • Execution and compliance
      • Sales Agreements with price holds
    Oracle confidential. This is not a commitment to deliver. Product directions are subject to change without notice.
  • 29. Standardize. Streamline. Comply. Oracle Procurement Contracts This presentation is intended to outline our general product direction. It is intended for information purposes only, and may not be incorporated into any contract. It is not a commitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making a purchasing decision.
  • 30. Contract Terms Library Establish Organization-Wide Standards Contract Terms Library
    • Implement
    • Best Practices
    • Legal Requirements
    • Regulatory Policies
    • Standard Clauses
    • Contract Templates
    • Contract Policy Rules
    • Enforce
    • Adopt as-is
    • Localize
    Legal Procurement Organizations Government Regulations Business Units
  • 31. Complete Lifecycle Management Beyond Contract Authoring Administer & Monitor RFQ’s PO’s Bids Goods & Services $$ Invoices Payments
    • Single Procurement Platform
    • Rapid Implementation
    • Rapid ROI
    Standard Contract Terms Library Execute & Comply Author & Negotiate Establish Policies Review Performance Suppliers
  • 32. How do you achieve rapid ROI?
    • Standardize Contract Processes
    • Streamline Authoring and Negotiation
    • Improve Contract Compliance
  • 33. Pre-Approved Contract Clauses Standardize language, minimize risk
    • Rich text formatting capabilities
    • Support for managing global and country specific standards
    • Revision control and approval management
  • 34. Contract Templates Simplify authoring, improve productivity
    • Capture best practices as contract templates
    • Leverage best practices during contract authoring
    • Revision control and approval management
    Template Standard formatted terms and conditions Section Topical grouping of terms and conditions Clauses Legal terms and conditions text Fees & Taxes Non-payment Penalties International Shipping Damages & Recovery Limitation of Liability Standard Purchase Agreement for Electronic Parts Payment Terms Shipping . . .
  • 35. How do you achieve rapid ROI?
    • Standardize Contract Processes
    • Streamline Authoring and Negotiation
    • Improve Contract Compliance
  • 36. Embedded in Sourcing Process Eliminate ambiguity, shorten cycle time
    • Negotiate prices based on clearly documented T’s and C’s
    • Check for errors and verify deviations from standard
    • Streamline internal approval through workflow
  • 37. Contract Print and Communication Professional and consistent, no re-keying
    • Automatic substitution of negotiated terms in printed document
    • Tailor to company standard formats – logo, headers, layout
    • Signature block for contract binding
  • 38. Contract Binding Contract signing woven into PO process
    • Review contract details and sign contracts and amendments online through iSupplier Portal
  • 39. Formal Contract Change Management Workflow driven approval, full audit trail
    • Keep track of changes to terms and critical support documents
    • Review and compare changes between revisions online
    • Support in Oracle Sourcing and Oracle Purchasing
  • 40. How do you achieve rapid ROI?
    • Standardize Contract Processes
    • Streamline Authoring and Negotiation
    • Improve Contract Compliance
  • 41. Improved Contract Visibility Contract Admin Purchasing Supplier Legal
    • Attach signed images, contracts and other supporting documents
    • Track documents for each contract version or amendment
    • Provide global, secure access to contract documents across the enterprise
    Activate Manage/ Execute Negotiate & Author Global Contract Repository Close-Out Renew Scanned Images Contract Documents
  • 42. Define Deliverable Send Notification Manage Deliverable Escalate when Necessary
    • Based on contract T&Cs
    • User definable
    • Clear ownership
    • One-time and recurring
    • Internal or External
    • Notify individuals or groups
    • Notify trading partners
    • Track progress
    • Indicate completion or failure
    • Attach supporting documents
    • View status change history
    • Define criteria
    • Escalate to supervisor
    • Monthly milestone progress reports
    • Provide a Prototype within 3 months of contract signing
    • Perform site visit and inspection
    • Provide proof of compliance to industry standards
    Example Deliverables Contract Deliverables and Compliance Define, negotiate and monitor deliverables
  • 43. Real-Time Compliance Status Are both parties meeting expectations?
    • Deliverable status at a glance
    • Compliance tracking during negotiation and after award
  • 44. Enterprise Asset Management Solution Planning: Maintenance Planning: Predictive Usage Meter Readings Inspection Limits Production Schedules Engineering Specifications Maintenance Requirements Dynamic Plan Adjustments Complete Dispatch Approve Create W/O Self-Service Unplanned Planned Execution: Workflow Driven Estimated Life Maximize Safety & Compliance Benefits: Optimize Utilization Purchasing Inventory HR: Skills
  • 45. Evolution of Oracle Enterprise Asset Management … New with 11i.9… Current Differentiators…
    • Predictive, preventive, routine, and corrective maintenance
    • Maintenance forecasting and planning
    • Flexible asset definition
    • Asset data and history
    • Meter-based asset monitoring
    • Component mgmt & tracking
    • Asset costing & work history
    • Dynamic plan adjustment
    • Complete work management – forecasting, planning, scheduling, execution, and completion
    • Built-in quality & safety mgmt
    • Comprehensive request mgmt
    • Self-service maintenance
    • Out-of-the-box ERP integration
    • Workflow-driven automation
    … Coming in 11i.10
    • Asset activity workbench
    • Seasonal / production preventive maintenance plans
    • Preventive maintenance for rebuildables and spares
    • Enhanced support for rebuild hierarchy and configurations
    • Streamlined requisition for maintenance materials / MRO items to work order
    • Service request support
    • Work order billing and cost distribution
    • Integration of production & maintenance planning
    • Time entry integration
    • Enhanced cost estimation and cost drill down capabilities
    • Self-service work requests
    • Ability to view associated work orders in Service UIs
    • Work order relationships
    • iSupplier Portal to address outsourcing & 3 rd party logistics
    • Direct (one-off ) items on maintenance activity BOM and work order requirements
    • Usability enhancements for work execution: New HTML UIs
    • Maintenance engr workbench
    • Ability to drill down to property management application
    • Work flow driven work request: flexible work order association
    • Complete iSetup support for easy migration and configuration of eAM system
    • Integrated Maintenance Intelligence
    Oracle confidential. This is not a commitment to deliver. Product directions are subject to change without notice.
  • 46. Oracle’s Public Sector Capabilities Evolution of Oracle Applications in Public Sector Current Differentiators…
    • Full JFMIP Certification
    • Section 508 Standards
    • Grants Management
    • Budgetary Accounting
    • Multi-Channel Citizen Service Management
    • Business Classifications (Woman-Owned, Minority-Owned, Small Business)
    • Asset Maintenance
    • Spare Parts Management
    • Predictive Position Control
    • Procurement Contracts with Encumbrance Support
    • Services Procurement
    • Enhanced Scoring for Solicitations
    • Enhanced Citizen Interaction Ctr
    • Case Management Enhs.
    • Public Sector Performance Mgmt
    • Direct Donor to Recipient Position Budget Reallocation
    • Automated Grade - Step Progression based on Eligibility
    • Support for Personnel Actions in HR Manager Self-Service
    • High Volume Customer Service
    • Real-Time Duplicate Service Request Identification
    … Coming in 11i.10 … New with 11i.9…
    • Solicitation Support
    • Supplier Registration & Profile Management
    • Online, Real-time Funds Checking in iProcurement
    • Complex MRO
    • Procurement Support for Dual Budgetary Control
    • iProcurement Support for Grants Management
    • Enhanced Inflation Accounting of Fixed Assets
    • Car and Mileage Support
    • Payroll Exception Reporting
    • Rules Based Position Control w/ Labor Dist & Grants Mgmt
    Oracle confidential. This is not a commitment to deliver. Product directions are subject to change without notice.
  • 47. For additional Information
    • http://metalink.oracle.com
    • http://www.oracle.com/appsnet
  • 48.