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  • Web 2.0. Links to which is a Davos presentation from 2007.
  • How did we get here?
  • Where are they?
  • Look back in history. The world started with person to person communication, perhaps a few signals via drums and smoke. Then we started writing, then came letters and much later telegrams. The world started getting smaller with the invention of the airplane and people started traveling to different countries. The telephone enabled faster communications with other people and email even faster. Then came instant messenger and discussion boards. Now we ’re in the realm of social media where sharing is both instant and available to anyone who is interested. Self-publishing is commonplace. Everyone has a voice. The difference with social media is that it ’s a dialog and not a monolog. Conversations have been happening for centuries. Social media encourages staying in touch and forming communities.
  • It ’s ok to share articles you read online with your friends, fans and supporters as long as you credit the site. Do: tweet about your blog posts Don ’t: only tweet about your blog posts Do: Use variety, I.e. mix the serious and the fun Do: Be humorous and entertaining Do: Post video on YouTube and on your site and blog
  • Bma strategic thinking_for_social_media_marketing_success

    1. 1. Strategic Thinking forSocial Media Marketing Success with Suse Barnes of Susby Internet Solutions May 22, 2012 1
    2. 2. Introductions• Who is Susby?• Who are you? – Solopreneurs – Consultants – Marketing Managers – CMOs – Community Managers – Using Social Media – New to Social Media Strategic Thinking for Social Media Marketing Success
    3. 3. What is the web today? Strategic Thinking for 3 Social Media Marketing Success
    4. 4. The Funnel has ReversedWe (consumers) have a voice.I.e. Your customers have something to say,and, people are listening to each other Strategic Thinking for 4 Social Media Marketing Success
    5. 5. New Media Marketing?Traditional Marketing Social Media Marketing – Broadcast – Personal Conversations – Big Budget – Smaller Budget – Mass Media, – One to One, One to One to Many Many, Many to Many – Brand Equity – Brand Ambassadors – ROInvestment – ROInfluence Strategic Thinking for Social Media Marketing Success
    6. 6. Is content still king?Communication?Entertainment? Strategic Thinking for 6 Source: Hubspot Social Media Marketing Success
    7. 7. Social + Media = We are the media• Listening• Sharing• Participating• Voting• Communicating• Connecting• Collaborating Strategic Thinking for 7 Social Media Marketing Success
    8. 8. The 4 P-ShiftPRODUCTRICELACEROMOTION P EOPLE ROXIMITY ROMISES ARTNERSHIPS Strategic Thinking for 8 Social Media Marketing Success
    9. 9. Why do we need to participate? Strategic Thinking for Social Media Marketing Success
    10. 10. It’s not a sprint…Strategic Thinking forSocial Media Marketing Success
    11. 11. It’s a marathon Strategic Thinking for Social Media Marketing Success
    12. 12. “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” - Winston Churchill Strategic Thinking for Social Media Marketing Success
    13. 13. How to develop a winning social media strategy:• What is your goal? – Finishing, winning, beating your PR?• Who are you? – Fit, fast, slow, strong, weak, injured, confident?• How do you plan to accomplish the goal? – Strategy? Pre-race, in-race, post-race• Are you ready? – Resources: Shoes, food, training Strategic Thinking for Social Media Marketing Success
    14. 14. How to win (your marathon):1. Identify a clear and realistic goal.2. Know yourself, SWOT.3. Create a plan.4. Implement the plan and be flexible.5. Reflect and refine for next time. Strategic Thinking for Social Media Marketing Success
    15. 15. Strategic Thinking forSocial Media Marketing Success
    16. 16. 1. Define the goal• Is it attainable?• When will you achieve it?• How long will it take to accomplish?• What will success look like?• How will you measure that success? Strategic Thinking for Social Media Marketing Success
    17. 17. 2. SWOT• What are your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats?• Who is your competition?• What is the competition doing to accomplish their goals?• What can you learn from competitors?• Hint: Are you doing lots of LISTENING? Strategic Thinking for Social Media Marketing Success
    18. 18. 3. Create a plan1. Think LOVE2. Ask yourself the ABCD questions: A. Who is your Audience? B. What is the Business Benefit of the relationship? C. What is your Content plan? D. What Distribution channels will you use? Strategic Thinking for Social Media Marketing Success
    19. 19. Think first, then plan• What are you marketing?• Which social networks will you participate on and why?• How will you engage with your community?• What is your strategy including – Frequency – Voice – Measurement? Strategic Thinking for 19 Social Media Marketing Success
    20. 20. What are relationships made of? Strategic Thinking for 20 Social Media Marketing Success
    21. 21. Your Social Media PlanLOVEL - ListenO - OfferV - VisitE - Engage Strategic Thinking for 21 Social Media Marketing Success
    22. 22. Your Social Media PlanLISTEN (You’ll need some listening tools:, Google Alerts, Radian6?) to everything that is being said about your product/service and industry -> RESEARCH (who is your friend?) Your market, Your Competition, Potential Partners, Current Trends, Customers (Existing and Potential) Participate in conversation with questions, comments, likes, follows etc. (Participation is marketing)OFFER Share what interests your community (Content, Content, Content) Create good content, content worth sharing (Content, Content, Content) Value and ENTERTAINMENT (Content, Content, Content)VISIT Build your network so you have people to talk with and connect with Grow through learning about others and understanding what they likeENGAGE Nurture your community members, show that you care, because you do You want the answer to be “YES!” What would that take? (Content and Frequency) Strategic Thinking for 22 Social Media Marketing Success
    23. 23. Tools• Where will you participate?• What are your resources?• What networks/tools are best?• Why?• How do you know? Strategic Thinking for Social Media Marketing Success
    24. 24. Ideas for Campaigns• How will you implement the strategy?• What campaigns will facilitate it?• Strategy = Simple• Tactics = more complex Strategic Thinking for Social Media Marketing Success
    25. 25. Strategic Thinking forSocial Media Marketing Success
    26. 26. 4. Implement the plan and be flexibleReal-time A(B)CD:Be AuthenticBe HumanFocus on your CommunityBe Dedicated to your customers Strategic Thinking for Social Media Marketing Success
    27. 27. Be Human Strategic Thinking for Social Media Marketing Success
    28. 28. Success?• Were you successful?• What does the picture of success look like?• How do you measure your success?• What will you learn in the process of creating your strategy, implementing it and measuring the results? Strategic Thinking for Social Media Marketing Success
    29. 29. Social in the big picture? How does your social strategy fit into your overall marketing strategy?1. What is the goal?2. What is your overall marketing strategy?3. What tools are going to be most effective?4. Are you supporting an existing strategy or creating a new form of buzz?5. What works, what didn’t work and why? Strategic Thinking for Social Media Marketing Success
    30. 30. B2B Social Marketing TipsB2B Facebook Marketing Tips: Ways B2B companies can use FacebookTimeline: Strategic Thinking for Social Media Marketing Success
    31. 31. Top B2B Companies on Twitter(January 2011)1. Hubspot (@Hubspot)2. Forrester (@Forrester)3. eMarketer (@eMarketer)4. CME Group (@CMEGroup)5. comScore (@comScore)6. Cisco (@CiscoSystems)7. Gartner (@Gartner_Inc)8. Oracle (@Oracle)9. radian6 (@radian6)10. Intel (@Intel)Source: Strategic Thinking for Social Media Marketing Success
    32. 32. B2B Social Media StrategySource: Strategic Thinking for Social Media Marketing Success
    33. 33. Be Best-In-Class in B2BSource: Strategic Thinking for Social Media Marketing Success
    34. 34. Fish where the fish areFish where the fish are Strategic Thinking for 34 Social Media Marketing Success
    35. 35. Think Three R’s Reach Relevance Return Strategic Thinking for Social Media Marketing Success
    36. 36. Strategic Thinking for 36Social Media Marketing Success
    37. 37. Think Three R’s Return Relevance Reach Strategic Thinking for Social Media Marketing Success
    38. 38. Strategic Thinking for 38Social Media Marketing Success
    39. 39. Strategic Thinking for 39Social Media Marketing Success
    40. 40. Strategic Thinking for 40Social Media Marketing Success
    41. 41. Strategic Thinking for 41Social Media Marketing Success
    42. 42. Be Different, Be Remarkable Strategic Thinking for 42 Social Media Marketing Success
    43. 43. Who Are You Talking To Who Are You Talking With?1. Where does your audience spend most of their time online?2. Why do they spend their time there?3. Who are they?4. Who are your fans?5. Who are your enemies?6. How do you start conversations with both of these groups? Strategic Thinking for 43 Social Media Marketing Success
    44. 44. Distribution• There is a lot of noise out there• It’s ok to repeat (or retweet)• Sharing is good• Content is always king, frequency is queen and entertainment is the jack of all parades• Create an editorial (social media) calendar and ALWAYS offer value Strategic Thinking for 44 Social Media Marketing Success
    45. 45. Strategic Thinking for 45Social Media Marketing Success
    46. 46. Strategic Thinking for 46Social Media Marketing Success
    47. 47. Strategic Thinking for 47Social Media Marketing Success
    48. 48. Will it blend? Strategic Thinking for 48 Social Media Marketing Success
    49. 49. Did it blend?• $50 gets 6 million hits in 5 days• 650% traffic increase• 5x the amount of sales ‘ “a breakthrough in demographics“ for BlendTec’s brand awareness and image creation.’ -- ROI for BlendTec’s “Will it Blend?” Campaign March 13, 2009 by Joy-Fleur Brettschneider Strategic Thinking for 49 Social Media Marketing Success
    50. 50. Don’t• Write or say anything you wouldn’t do or say in front of your mother• Broadcast• SHOUT• Copy• Forget about the elephant! Strategic Thinking for 50 Social Media Marketing Success
    51. 51. Strategic Thinking for 51 Social Media Marketing Success
    52. 52. Strategic Thinking for 52Social Media Marketing Success
    53. 53. Strategic Thinking for 53Social Media Marketing Success
    54. 54. Strategic Thinking for 54Social Media Marketing Success
    55. 55. Are you offering Value?• Free Webinars• Infographics• Events• Free information• Fun• Quotes Strategic Thinking for 55 Social Media Marketing Success
    56. 56. Thinking for 56Social Media Marketing Success
    57. 57. distributes its social presence on all networks Strategic Thinking for 57 Social Media Marketing Success
    58. 58. distributes it’s social presence on all networks Strategic Thinking for 58 Social Media Marketing Success
    59. 59. Learn from Cisco•• - SuperFan Launch• Strategic Thinking for 59 Social Media Marketing Success
    60. 60. Cisco’s SuperFan Spotlight“together we are the human network” Strategic Thinking for 60 Social Media Marketing Success
    61. 61. Strategic Thinking for 61 Social Media Marketing Success
    62. 62. But First we Need to MeasureImplementing marketing campaigns isworthless unless you know how they performed.I.e. What is the ROI (return on investment)?AKA Return on Influence in social media circlesRemember, even if you’re not paying to promoteon social networks, you’re still spending time. Strategic Thinking for 62 Social Media Marketing Success
    63. 63. Measuring Marketing Campaigns Web = Digital Digital = Trackable Trackable = Analytics Analytics makes it super easy to measure performance of marketing campaigns Strategic Thinking for 63 Social Media Marketing Success
    64. 64. Measuring Marketing CampaignsTypes of campaigns and tools – Driving Visits to the Website • Google Analytics [FREE] • Webstat • Omniture – Facebook Fan Page/Advertising • Facebook Insights [FREE] – Twitter Engagement • [Free] • [Free] – Social Media Marketing Performance Tracking Strategic Thinking for 64 Social Media Marketing Success
    65. 65. Social Media Marketing Performance Tracking• Radian6 -• Biz360 -• Trendrr -• Infegy -• Lithium –• Unilyzer -• SocialMention –• Trackur – Strategic Thinking for 65 Social Media Marketing Success
    66. 66. Always More…• 20 Tools for Tracking Social Media• Viral, Social, Senitiment, Mobile: 4 Delightful Web Analy - blog post by Avinash Kaushik• Social Media Analytics: Twitter Quantative & Qualitative - another blog post by Avinash Kaushik Strategic Thinking for 66 Social Media Marketing Success
    67. 67. Remember the Secret? It’s not about marketing,it’s about relationships and trust.Build sustainable relationships. Strategic Thinking for 67 Social Media Marketing Success
    68. 68. Thank You BMA NorCalMarketing Roundtable!Connect with Suse (Susan) Barnes:Susan@susby.comhttp://www.susby.com Strategic Thinking for 68Phone/SMS: Media Marketing Success Social (415) 305-6403
    69. 69. Strategic Thinking for 69Social Media Marketing Success