Pilot public relations program

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  • Introduction, what you”ll be talking about – 1) why pr for mbas, 2) why prsa and nyu partnership is a good idea, 3) the content the nyu course will cover
  • The first thing I’m going to talk about is why MBA students need an MBA course
  • Public relations ties into all of these facets, which are integral parts of most businesses.
  • Next I’m going to talk about why PSRA should start a pilot pr program at NYU Stern School of Business
  • Overview and background of PRSA – it’s the world’s largest and foremost organization of public relations professionals. Mission – sounding a clear, consistent voice on important issues of our time.
  • Networking – 14 professional interest sections, Prof recognition – prsa awards ceremonies, learning – offer prof. dev. programs and conferences, Intelligence – award winning periodicals, news updates, blogs
  • Now I’m going to explain the details of our proposed course for our MBA students
  • Topics covered would include consumer product communications, non-profit pr, corporate social responsibility. Issues/ crisis management, integrated marketing, and digital/social media
  • Students will prepare press releases, fact sheets, ;pitch letters, e-mail pitches, media advisory/tip sheets, and undertsand how they fit into a comprehensive pr/communications campaign
  • Transition #3 – Last we’re going to talk about the PR Course Content, what will be covered week by week. The course consists of 11 classes. The following covers the topics covered in each class.
  • Intro to the course, define what pr is and different types of pr
  • Crucial to every business campaign. Explain how clear writing can affect whether a company wins or loses business
  • Undertsanding PR Plan elements – situation analysis, objectives, strategies, tactics, audiences, media targets. Creating successful pr programs that tie back to objective
  • Creating press releases, fact sheets, media advisory/ tip sheets, media pitches. Understanding media and pr relationship.
  • Creating basic digital/ social media communications using fb, twitter, foursquare, liknedin, blogging. Recognizing the value of customer feedback and interactivity.
  • Key crisis communications elements: issues, audiences, messages, media and evaluation. Understanding how social media shifts communications powers during a crisis.
  • Integrated Mrekting Communications – PR that sells
  • PR that sells – identifying target markets, the IMC mix, brand entertainment
  • The importance of brand entertainment and blogging in a pr campaign
  • How volunteers, donors, donor and staff affect the landscape. Pros and cons of fundraising, not for profit specific digital communications.
  • How solid pr plans will benefit business professionals in any industry
  • Mock pr campaign pitch to professor and class
  • Course readings carefully selected to supplement weekly lessons. 1) Reputation Management: The Key to Successful Public Relations and Corporate Communication by pr experts Doorley and Garcia , 2) The New Rules of Marketing and PR: How to Use Social Media, logs, News Releases, Online Video, and Viral marketing to Reach Buyers Directly by David Meerman Scott.
  • Experts in the pr and communications industry will come in as guest speakers, to give mba students a real life perspective on public relations and business


  • 1. Pilot Public Relations Program
  • 2. A Public Relations programfor MBA students?
  • 3. Why?
  • 4. Public Relations Means Business
  • 5. 9 in 10 { Business leaders admit their executives need better training in core communication disciplines
  • 6. 4 in 10 { Business leaders find the skill sets of recent MBA graduates to be extremely strong in….
  • 7. 4 in 10 building and protecting the { company’s reputation…
  • 8. 4 in 10  And credibility
  • 9. Two powerhouses convene
  • 10. Public RelationsSociety of America(PRSA) { Powerhouse #1
  • 11. PRSA Advancing the profession of the professional
  • 12.  PRSA provides professional development
  • 13.  Sets standards of… excellence
  • 14.  Upholds principles of ethics for its members and the public relations profession
  • 15.  PRSA accelerates careers
  • 16.  Provides Networking,professional recognition, learning, intelligence and jobs
  • 17. to
  • 18. More than 21,000 professionals
  • 19. NYU Stern Schoolof Business { Powerhouse #2
  • 20. Stern One of the nation’s premier management education schools
  • 21.  has shaped an environment that nurtures…
  • 22. Forward thinking leaders…
  • 23. Stern has a Global alumni community of 100,000+ members in more than 100 countries
  • 24. 500+ Stern alumni are CEOs in top firms worldwide
  • 25. The result of PRSA andNYU Stern joining forces?
  • 26. A top notch public relationscourse for MBA students
  • 27. The Course { Public Relations Functions and Practices
  • 28. Public Relations Functionsand Practices will help MBAstudents
  • 29. Understand basic activitiesand Real-Life Applications…
  • 30. Of public relations
  • 31. What will MBA students getout of this course?
  • 32. Exposure to the competenciesand technical skills in publicrelations
  • 33. Introduction to areas that makeup the “New PR”
  • 34. Students will hone their PRskills by…
  • 35. creating public relations strategies
  • 36. and developing the tools thatsupport them
  • 37. Public Relations MBA Course Content
  • 38. 1) Public Relations Overview
  • 39. 2) Clear Writing
  • 40. 3) PR Planning
  • 41. 4) Traditional PR & MediaRelations
  • 42. 5) Digital and Social MediaCommunications Tools
  • 43. 6) Crisis Communications
  • 44. 7) Integrated MarketingCommunications
  • 45. 8) Campaign Success, BE &PR & Blogging
  • 46. 9) Not for Profit PR &Communications
  • 47. 10) Integrating PR Programsinto business strategy
  • 48. 11) Final Project
  • 49. Required course readings
  • 50. Guest Speakers
  • 51. The PRSA pilot course atStern
  • 52. equals
  • 53. Well rounded MBA students
  • 54. Able to survive in…
  • 55. A competitive businessmarket
  • 56. Source Page Stock photos – google.com photo images PRSA facts –PRSA.org NYU facts – nyu.stern.edu Business Leader and Pilot program facts – prnewser.com Pilot course content fashioned after a current continuing education course at NYU – Public Relations Functions and Practices, taught by Eric Chandler