Use of Social Media Among Brands


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“How Technology innovation helps in growth And popularity of social media among brands.”

how various mediums help in

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  • How technology innovation catering to the growth and popularity of social media among brands.
  • Use of Social Media Among Brands

    1. 1. How Technology innovation helps in growthAnd popularity of social media among brands.
    2. 2. Prepared by Students of FY-MMS Batch (2012-2014) Sushant.A.Sonar Akshay Vyavhare Rujuta Patwardhan Tejaswini Narvekar Sayali Rege Vaibhav Mirge
    3. 3. Social Media• Social Media is a term which offer common ground for people to Publish, Converse and Share their Ideas and Views Online.• The tools include blogs, wikis, podcasts, and sites to share photos and bookmarks.• E.g.:facebook,twitter,youtube ,linkedin,blogspot,picassa,instagram..etc
    4. 4. “How Technology innovation helps in growth And popularity of social media among brands”The Technologies helped in Growing of Social Media are as follows  Social Gaming RFID QR codes Mobile apps Navigation System
    5. 5. SOCIAL GAMINGGamificationInApp adsCharity and Corporate Social ResponsibilityBuild Community
    6. 6. “Gamification”―Gamification‖ is the use of Game Design techniques, GameThinking and Game Mechanics to enhance non-game contexts.
    7. 7. Khan academy uses gamification to drive you throughlearning journeys, rewarding you as you complete classesBengali-AmericanEducator Salman Khan
    8. 8. Siemens created Plantville to educate aspiring plant managers what it is like to run their own manufacturing plant
    9. 9. “Charity and Corporate Social Responsibility “Social gaming is a useful way to raise funds for charity.There’s lot of potential cashflow for non-profits seeking newrevenue streams.Zynga, the game studio behind Farmville, CityVille andothers, recently partnered with Pizza Hut to fight worldhunger.Players could purchase specific in-game items for just $5 with all proceeds going to the World Food Programme.
    10. 10. “In-App Ads”Ads are pretty much everywhere you go — in your magazine, on yourbuses, on your favorite website — so why not in Social Games? In-App-Ads are useful for receiving product information via social games. Car Town
    11. 11. Till now 2.4$M have been received as charity
    12. 12. “Build Community” Giving away rewards to players increase loyalty and instantly create digital community and also helps in branding MasterCard, Expedia and the New York Public library have all created social media gaming experiences for their fans. While these games aren’t always core to the business’ mission, they are relatively inexpensive ways to get people engaged with a brand for a good period of time.
    13. 13. “Build Community”
    14. 14. RFID-(RADIO FREQUENCY IDENTIFICATION)What is RFID???? A tag which uses Radio Frequency waves to transfer data.Eg: Tags on automobiles, tags injected in pets, attached to clothes, objects or even humans.
    15. 15. RFID-(RADIO FREQUENCY IDENTIFICATION)The first thing that comes to my mind is "How can RFID possibly have anything to dowith social media?―Here are 3 brands linking RFID to social media:1) Vail Resorts, Epic Mix AppVail Resorts in Colorado has launched a new social gaming app which enables skiersand snowboarders to track their activities and share them with their friends and family.The app is powered by RF chips embedded in season passes and lift tickets.
    16. 16. 2) Izzy’s Ice Cream Cafe Jeff Sommers of Izzys Ice Cream in Saint Paul, Minnesota, explains a new subscription service that allows customers to subscribe to their favorite flavors of ice cream and then get an email notification when that flavor is currently being served in the ice cream shop. The service uses RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology to automatically update the inventory of ice cream currently being served simply by the act of an employee switching flavors in the dipping cabinet. Those inventory updates then automatically publish available flavors to Izzys Facebook and Twitter pages while also sending out email alters to people who have subscribed to their favorite flavors.
    17. 17. 3) Coca-Cola Village Amusement Park This summer in Israel, Coca-Cola hosted the first ever, real-life RFID event tied to Facebook. As teens engaged in activities, like waterslides, even sunbathing, they automatically updated their status by swiping an RFID wristband across strategically located readers. Judging from the updates, the event was wildly successful – ―there were more than 35,000 updates each day even though the village only hosts 650 teenagers at a time.‖ Coca-cola village
    18. 18. QR- CODES (Quick Response Codes) Qr codes are the quick response codes which are a type of barcode . first designed for the automotive industry to track vehicles during the manufacturing Toyota. QR code is a 2 dimensional code that can include text, links or other information that can be read by smartphones and some camera equipped cell phones.
    19. 19.  This means that a user can scan your code with their mobile device and be delivered straight to a specific page.. The QR code has tremendous potential for powering your business’s web traffic the QR code can be printed from just about anywhere, slapped onto just about anything, and turns into an instant and even permanent portal for people to visit your website.
    20. 20. Mobile Applications Rapid Development Of Mobile Apps. Brand Focused Apps. Benefits To Digital PR And Social Media Agency. Brand Updates Are Now Within The Reach Of Pockets Of Consumers.
    21. 21.  No more location restrictions to engagement within social media. The increase in mobile internet usage is a great opportunity for brands to engage consumers regardless of their location. Location oriented Brand Mobile Apps Opportunity for brands to make themselves relevant to consumers within their real environments. The app environment provides brands with opportunities unique to that platform; as well as location based services.Eg:Take a mobile game for example; users can either play on their own, or against friends via the internet. Apps can be a great way to complement an overarching marketing campaign if the budget allows it.Giving a campaign a mobile edge can be of huge benefit. As apps become more and more prevalent in consumers day-to-day lives, they are sure to become a core part of brands’ marketing campaigns. It’s only a matter of time before they enter the mainstream, if they haven’t done so already.
    22. 22. NAVIGATION SYSTEM W H A THow can Navigation System be a part of Social Media…..???
    23. 23. NAVIGATION SYSTEM Google Maps is one of the most popular ways that people find physical locations online To find geographic location of people. Company or business advertisements.Eg: Brightkite, Foursquare, Gowala and Yelp are examples of finding places of interest.
    24. 24. Us on :