Windows server 8 and hyper v


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HYPER-V upcoming version 3.0 features overview. This presentation covers the information about new enhancement about Netwokring, Storage and VHDx format.

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  • Windows server 8 and hyper v

    1. 1. Hyper-V v3 in Windows Server 8Susantha SilvaConsulting EngineerEmail:
    2. 2. Enhancement in Hyper-V v3.0• Memory• Storage• Network
    3. 3. Windows Server 8 Hyper-V (v3.0)MEMORY
    4. 4. Windows Hardware Error Architecture (WHEA)• Adds support for WHEA• Detects errors in memory, and handles them to ensure that applications continue running.• Memory fault wont take down an entire server, just the one affected VM
    5. 5. How it works• When there is a memory problem – suspend all the VMs – determine if the error can be isolated to a single VM – terminate that VM, mark the memory page as bad – restart the affected VM while resuming the paused VMs
    6. 6. Others Memory Enhancements• No longer need to shutdown the Virtual Machine when you want to configure Min and Max Memory (Dynamic Memory)• Memory with Dynamic Memory is 2TB
    7. 7. Windows Server 8 Hyper-V (v3.0)STORAGE
    8. 8. Welcome VHDX !• Beyond 2TB limit in VHD• New limit at 16TB• Only usable in Windows Server 8• Improvement in term of: – performance – larger block size – more resilient to corruption
    9. 9. Playing Around with VHD(X) Mounting a VHD(X) - Access your VM data easily Ejecting a VHD(X) - Eject VHD(X) just like DVD Boot from a VHD(X) - Boot from anywhere
    10. 10. Live Storage Migration• Eliminate “Quick Storage Migration” in SCVMM 2008 R2 downtime requirement.• Moving VHD(X) while your users still using it.
    11. 11. Live Storage Migration Users using the applicationOnline Virtual Machine No Down Time while moving VHDs .BIN .VSV .XML .VHD Shared Storage Host with Internal Storage
    12. 12. Others Storage Enhancements• Offloaded Data Transfer (ODX) – similar to VAAI• Virtual Fibre Channel Support (4 vHBA, direct access to SAN LUNs using MPIO)• Data deduplication• BitLocker volume encryption for clustered disks,• Built-in replication• Hardware snapshotting• Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) networks for SMB storage
    13. 13. Windows Server 8 Hyper-V (v3.0)NETWORK
    14. 14. Wireless Network Support• Creating an external network switch is simple in current Hyper-V• Same steps but different ways
    15. 15. Networkingbetween VMand externalmachine usingwiredconnection
    16. 16. The Solution• Microsoft Bridging solution – ARP proxying (for IPv4) – Neighbor Discovery proxying (for IPv6)• The bridge maintains an internal mapping between the virtual NIC’s IP address and its MAC address to ensure that the packets coming from the external world are sent to the appropriate virtual NIC.
    17. 17. The Solution …cont.• Hyper-V integrates the bridge as part of creating the virtual switch such that when you create an external virtual switch using a WiFi adapter, Hyper- V will: – Create a single adapter bridge connected to the WiFi adapter – Create the external virtual switch – Bind the external virtual switch to use the bridge, instead of the WiFi adapter directly
    18. 18. NetworkingbetweenVM andexternalmachineusing WiFiconnection
    19. 19. Bandwidth Network Management• Manage the Network Bandwidth with a Maximum and a Minimum value• SLAs for hosted Virtual Machines• Control per VMs and not per HOST
    20. 20. Others Network Enhancements• SR-IOV• Native NIC teaming• Cisco VXLAN – Nexus
    21. 21. HYPER-V enhancement with CISCO
    22. 22. Q&AThank you!
    23. 23. Hyper-V Manager EnhancementScalability:- Support 160 logical processors per host- 512GB of memory per virtual machine- New virtual disk format (VHDX)Storage:- Virtual Fibre Channel for virtual guests- Clusters can connect to SAN fabrics through HBAs on the physical host, support 4virtual HBAs per virtual machine- New Storage Live Migration feature: move virtual disks between different types ofstorage (NAS, DAS, and SAN) - No downtimeNetworking:- Extensible Virtual Switch that allows third-party switches to work with the Windows 8Server network
    24. 24. Hyper-V Manager EnhancementVirtual migration:- Move a virtual machine from one server to another without using shared storage; use local storage of eachsystem (design for planned migration, not a replacement for HA)- Known as Share-Nothing Live MigrationMultiple Concurrent Live Migration:- No limit to the number of concurrent migrationsPerformance Improvements:- Hyper-V ODX (offload data transfer) engine can utilize back-end shared storage subsystem that supportsODX- Reduce the CPU usage during data transfers (processing power handle by the storage)- Allow mapping of a virtual machine to specific CPU cores (ensure dedicated resources always available)Virtual Machine Copy Recovery:- Hyper-V Replica feature allows replicate VMs to another Hyper-V host (good for DR site setup)
    25. 25. Virtual Hard Disk Enhancement (VHDX) • VHD = max 2TB (for > 2TB, need to use pass-through disk) • VHDX = max 16TB (may increase the limit at later time) • Conversion between • VDH to VHDX format • VHDX to VHD format • VHDX have great improvement in term of performance, larger block size and is more resilient to file corruption.
    26. 26. Hyper-V Replica • Hyper-V Replica is asynchronous, application consistent, virtual machine replication built-in to Windows Server 8. • With Hyper-V Replica, you can replicate a virtual machine from one location to another with Hyper-V and a network connection. • Unlimited VM replication in the box
    27. 27. Hyper-V Enhancement
    28. 28. Hyper-V Enhancement - SR-IOV Host Host Root Partition Virtual Root Partition Virtual Machine Machine Hyper-V Switch Hyper-V Switch Virtual NIC Virtual Function Routing Routing VLAN Filtering VLAN Filtering Data Copy Data Copy Physical NIC SR-IOV Physical NIC Network I/O path without SRIOV Network I/O path with SRIOV Windows Server 8 supports direct device assignment to virtual machines without compromising flexibility
    29. 29. Dynamic Virtual Machine Queue (D-VMQ) Root Partition Root Partition Root Partition CPU CPU CPU CPU CPU CPU CPU CPU CPU CPU CPU CPU 0 1 2 3 0 1 2 3 0 1 2 3 Physical NIC Physical NIC Physical NIC No VMQ Static VMQ Windows Server 8 Dynamic VMQ VMQ = Reduces the overhead of routing packets Adaptive network processing across CPU to provide optimal power and performance across changing workloads
    30. 30. NIC Teaming • For performance and redundancy, we install multiple • No need for 3rd-party network card and configure with NIC Teaming utility. utilities and driver kits to do • Different brand and model of NIC often cannot be this. mixed. Windows 8 Enhancement • Windows Server 8 NIC teaming provides reliability against hardware failures • Can mix different brand and model of network cards
    31. 31. NIC Teaming • NIC teaming works either in the root or the guest.
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