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Oriflame business opportunity in East Africa

Oriflame business opportunity in East Africa



Oriflame is the fastest growing homebased business in East Africa. This is the right time to get on board.

Oriflame is the fastest growing homebased business in East Africa. This is the right time to get on board.



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  • Our vision is a statement of our overall ultimate company goal. To be the #1 Beauty Company Selling Direct - in the world We have defined our market to be the direct selling beauty industry. We have said #1 because we want to foster an attitude and mentality of winning and of always reaching upwards and striving for continuous improvement. We want as many people as possible to choose to fulfil their dreams with Oriflame rather than with one of our competitors. We are in the business of attaracting people – our aim is to be #1. That means that we want to build a larger Sales Force than any other direct sales beauty company and consequently sell the most . That means that we will do also everything possible in our customer orientation to make the Oriflame brand strong and become a ”must have”. This will not happen overnight. We have to start with becoming #1 in the markets where we operate. The companies which today are larger than us have a presence in the US, Japan and China. We are at a start up phase in China and have no plans to enter the US or Japan within the coming years. Our attitude is nevertheless that we one day should be in a position to enter the most competitive markets in the world. Being #1 is the winning attitude that we have running through the company affecting everything we do. We develop products, catalogues, trainings, conferences, supply and R&D with an attitude that it will take us one step closer to one day becoming #1in the world.

Oriflame business opportunity in East Africa Oriflame business opportunity in East Africa Presentation Transcript

  • SusanRodrigues I work with people and together we Look Great, Make Money & Have Fun
  • WHAT IS NETWORK MARKETING?It is an opportunity for all where no priorqualifications are needed for success.Our industry does not care whichuniversity you went to, how much moneyyou make today, or what race or sex youare. It is truly one of the only businesseswhere everyday people can attain theirdreams of financial freedom.
  • NETWORK MARKETING is a system forselling goods or services through a network ofdistributors.The typical program works through recruitment. Youare invited to become a distributor, through anotherdistributor of the companys productsIf you choose to become a distributor with, youll earnmoney both through the sales of the products andthrough recruiting other distributors, by receiving aportion of the income these distributors generate.The distributors that you sign up with your plan arecalled your downline. The distributor that originallyrecruited you is called your upline. Often he or she willgive you some help getting started, including training.
  • LOOK GOODWhat makes Oriflame products unique?Natural Swedish Cosmetics• The Wisdom of Nature and the Best of Science• Over 45 years of skin care expertise• Innovative products of high quality at affordable prices• Environmental and animal friendly.• The catalogues capture the latest beauty and fashion trends
  • MAKE MONEYWhat is it like to be an Oriflame Consultant? • Extra income & career • Be your own boss • Meet new people and make new friends • Grow and develop • No financial risk – small registration fee • Enjoy unique cosmetic products • Learn about beauty and fashion trends • Travel to exotic destinations • Exclusive international events
  • Step 1: Sign up by paying Kshs 900/- thenshow the catalogue and take orders –collect 100 Business Points (BP) at cost4,650/- at selling price 6,000/- Customer orders YOU You earn: 30% retail profit Kshs 1,350/- Additional rewards: Welcome Program
  • Step 2: Invite 5 friends to do whatyou have done Customer orders You earn: 30% retail profit Kshs 1,350/- +the 6% Performance Discount (PD) on personal sales 6% +the 6% PD on group sales 1,440/-. Total earnings 2,790/- Additional rewards: 0% Welcome Program 6% PD differential
  • Step 3: Help your friends invite 5each Customer orders You earn: 30% retail +the 12% PD on 12% personal sales +the 6% PD on group sales. Total earnings Kshs 10,323/- Additional rewards: 6% PD differential 6% Welcome Program
  • Step 4 Support the New Consultants toalso sign up 5 & you become a Director Customer orders You earn: 30% retail +the 21% PD on personal sales 21% +the 9% PD on group sales. Total earnings Kshs 65,741/- Maintain this for 6/12 months & you get a 9% PD differential 12% one-time cash award 5X5X5 of USD 1,000
  • In Oriflame we help you realizeyour DREAMSWhat are your dreams?• Picture an additional monthly incomeof Kshs 15,000/-, 37,500/- or 75,000/-• What would you spend it on?• What would it mean for you and yourfamily?
  • Join Susan Rodrigues by Signing-up, pay the registration fee 900/- and receive your Starter Kit TAKE ACTION TODAY!The Oriflame Way
  • Why not be part of the SUCCESS? Contact me atsusanrodrigues@yahoo.co.uk